Do you always feel tired? That’s a common complaint these days. Between poor eating habits and poor sleeping habits, most people allow stress to eat away at the little energy they do have. Work, school, and responsibilities at home can easily leave you feeling like there’s not enough time in the day, or enough fuel in the tank, to actually think about physical activity. But, everyone these days knows how important an active lifestyle is for health. So, how do you overcome your tiredness and get moving?

The number one thing to do is think about your lifestyle first. Pinpointing the reason for why you are always so tired is important. This will help you fix the problem, which in turn, will give you more energy all-around and support your wellbeing overall. Many people find that it is a poor diet that contributes to their feeling of tiredness. If you have a sugar crash due to a high-sugar meal, or if you find that you aren’t eating very nourishing foods in general, these are things that can definitely suck away your energy.

Think about eating a health diet that’s balanced. You can snack, but opt for portion control. Also, try to wean yourself off of caffeine dependencies. Instead, opt for fruit juices and, most importantly of all: lots of water. Stay away from junk food, processed food, and empty calories. Instead, try to get more fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will always leave you feeling full of energy and satiated.

You should also look to other parts of your lifestyle. For instance, do you get enough sleep at night? Do you wake up so early that it takes you a long time to get fully up and moving? Changing around your schedule is essential. Getting enough sleep is a critical part of your overall health, regardless of how little energy you have. Aim for 8-10 hours every night.

Finally, until you’re able to change around your habits to improve your energy, you’ll find that working out in itself will also give you an energy boost. So, if you’re still suffering from a sluggish feeling and lacking the energy to start your workout, try to time it during the most active and awake part of your day. That could be right when you wake up or after you get off work. Set yourself up for success by building a routine that will work for you.