Maybe it was the holidays, or travel, or work, or just a bunch of things that came up at once. Maybe you can’t think of an excuse at all. Whatever the case may be, most everyone will face a time in their lives when they go from doing well to eating poorly or perhaps not exercising as much as they should. It’s a fact that most people have extreme difficulty maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. So, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for making a mistake or bad choice.

Instead, you need to focus on getting back out there and getting back on the path to a healthier you as soon as possible. Because, the longer you wait to start again, the harder it’s going to be to get going again. Plus, taking a prolonged break can end up negatively impacting your health through weight gain, muscle loss, or decreased stamina. A sudden change in habits that go from good to bad can even cause you to get sick and begin feeling sluggish.

So, how do you get back on track after a period of inactivity? First, you need to find your inspiration again. While it’s true that making exercise and healthy eating a habit is key to long-term success, most people find that it’s easiest to re-start if they get a kick of inspiration to get them going.

After you get started again, you should focus on making healthy eating and regular exercise a habit. By doing so, these things will become ingrained in your daily lifestyle. That makes it much less likely for you to “fall off the wagon” again in the future because you’ll just be living your daily life without having to put too much thought into making healthy choices.

But, until you reach that point, you can motivate yourself to get going again by thinking about your goals and progress thus far. Are you get healthier to live longer? To live better? To look better? Whatever the case may be, you need to put your eyes back on the prize. Re-focus your mind on what matters to you. Then, start right away. Don’t put it off until later today or tomorrow. Go ahead and start making healthier choices right now. That’s the best way to get moving and re-commit to your health.