I thought I knew you.
Yet gradually we were going to pieces
When I see you,
I just look with a large portion of a heart
Our mothers say to overlook one another,
I giggle so hard I holler
What you did what indefensible
Yet whatever I don´t need you
Truth be told, certain didn´t appear as though you required me
Albeit cant you see? What you did harm me!
You punched me in the nose
You abandoned me for handball
Appears as though you have a ton of growing up to do
Since Junior high wont have your percious handball
I was so harmed I couldn´t flee,
I just stayed and viewed you play your amusement
Until one say I chose,
No more! Im not your pupet
On the other hand did you consider me a sorry muppet?
I strolled away, I yelled on the swings
Until my future plot
Showed up at my side
I concealed my face, all I needed was to cover up
She welcomed me to play with her and her companion
I will dependably be everlastingly greatful that she discovered me
After the fun we had that break,
I knew I would never shed an alternate tear for you
The months past,
more my new companions help fix the gap inside
Still it damages to ponder the fun you and I had
Since kindergarden, it was us against the world
We were the outcasts, you the brilliant one
Me the orginal
Nobody truly acknowledged us, we just had one another
We grew up together
I don´t feel an opening in my heart, yet my heart still stings
My new companions and I were strolling
Our gatherings strolled past one another
We investigated one another eyes,
I quit laughing with my companions and demonstrated no feeling
You did likewise, possibly my look transformed into a glare
Your eyes were frosty
Cold…that´s the main word to depict it
Anyway hey, I am not going to battle for you
At that point as though right on prompt
Our gatherings stuck one another and somebody in yours said,
“What happed between both of you?”
The words stung, it harm
The accompanying year we wound up in the same homeroom
When we stroll by one another its similar to the next doesn´t exist
One day we chanced upon one another in class
Taking a gander at you is similar to taking a gander at sharp glass
We investigated every others eyes once more
I demonstrated no feeling, not once did I glare
Gracious yes I still wouldn´t challenge to converse with you,
My eyes simply had nothing to say,
You eyes weren´t cool any longer,
however they deffidently had something to say
You were attempting to advoid my eyes yet I can read you like an open book
Our guardians run into one another over a long period of time,
That´s how I know they say the same things to you about forgivness
In any case I nibble my lip to keep from snickering when they attempt to let me know that
The thinking is so dumb its clever
One day in the auto ride to class my father began asking,
About what happend with us
When they discuss you I turn my head to the side
I block out their words and look forward as though im viewing t.v.
Appears as though you haven´t educated your folks regarding it either
My father however said he wasn´t requesting that me pardon you,
That stood out just enough to be noticed
He said imagine a scenario in which I ever saw you yelling on the grounds that your gathering forsake you.
As you did to me
He said possibly I could in any event inquire as to whether I ever,
Saw you like that
I thought he was loaded with it until I thought it over
That day hasn´t come yet, yet I have an inclination it will
I am not anticipating it
Possibly in the event that I see you like that, i’ll ask whats off base
Likely not however, yet I would provide for it some more thought
You truly harm me Ashley.i thought I knew you.
I was off base.