Many think that assurance is not to be had while traveling through this world–they must wait till they get before the terrible judgment seat to know whether they are accepted or not. And I find some ministers preach this precious doctrine from their pulpits. I heard of a minister who, while on his way to the burial of a man, began to talk upon the subject of assurance. “Why,” said he, “if I knew for a certainty that I was saved the carriage couldn’t hold me. I would have to jump out with joy.”

A man should be convinced that he has the gospel, before he preaches it to anyone else. Why, a man need not try to pull a man out of the river if he is in it himself. A man need not try to lift a man out of a pit if he is there too. No man can preach salvation till he knows he is saved.

The man of God who has fixed his feet on the rock of salvation can say with certainty, “I know.” If you have not got assurance and want it, just believe God’s Word. If you go down South and ask those three million colored people how they think they are free, they won’t talk about their feelings; they just believe that Abraham Lincoln made them free. They believe the proclamation, and so we must believe the proclamation God has made in the Bible. “One thing thou teachest,” that is salvation.

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