Did you already know that ‘giving AND receiving’ are same companions? They percentage the equal coronary heart, the same thoughts and the identical soul. both giving and receiving are companions within you and each of them deserve mutual respect. One with out the other doesn’t serve you properly. that may sound difficult particularly if we’ve heard all our lives: “it’s far better to provide than to obtain.”

it’s miles higher to present than to acquire, however, the ‘unstated gem’ within the declaration is “you are receiving” as you supply. Please apprehend whilst speaking of giving, it’s miles never to come at your cost. it’s no longer wise! Why? because the point in giving is to help alleviate the suffering of someone else. if you alleviate their suffering and create struggling for you, then you failed to alleviate something, you merely switched wherein struggling might reside.

when you give, you launch the generosity of spirit that is a boomerang waiting to return to you. it’s a feeling of goodness knowing which you gave for all of the right reasons. it is the pleasure of knowing that as you gave you have been also receiving.

What are you receiving you ask? you are activating one of the secrets and techniques of lifestyles. That secret’s the following: Being beneficiant of spirit opens the door to untold riches. The riches are: health, wealth and happiness. you are growing a bank of desirable so as to be to be had to you whilst you are in want and the generosity of spirit will come to you from a place unknown. but, rest assured generosity of spirit will go back!

So launch your generosity of spirit and take into account that the boomerang of the universe is always circulating. supply, watch and wait as the boomerang of spirit returns tenfold!