this is all the creations for the moments experience
do not forget the final time you started afresh
although nerve-wracking and that tightening to your chest
it proved to be worth the effort in the end
in every end there may be a brand new beginning
embrace and encompass the sails you’ll greet it with
every so often, some thing new is exactly what’s required
to retire or yield prevents you from all the ones opportunities round
possibility is wasting its time knocking at your door in case you don’t stand up to reply it
in no way allow time or money prevent you
if it’s supposed to be
some thing is viable
in case you spend a while moping approximately
feeling sorry for your self
you’re not paying attention to your role in the future’s fruitions
sufficient humans will knock you down, expand resilience
in case you stay down, they’ll live on pinnacle of you
climb as a ways as you could move, you’ve nothing to lose
as you know what it’s miles to be grounded
you need to sense no sense of disgrace if you fall backpedal once more
you attempted to realize your own dreams in a world able to creating the worst of nightmares.
you’re worth so much extra than you suspect
or this ink may be found culpable and in contempt