in pursuit of a concealed message no longer a genie in a bottle
powerless to the day that unfolded
problems and challenges abound
sleep deprivation made it appear an awful lot greater profound
i continue to be proud
that i did not surrender
to this precise day inside the calendar
easy crusing leads to productivity
regression follows my sensitivity
to the culprits
i should take a seat and sulk approximately it
or scatter insults
in a derogatory fashion
however, instead i can be aware it
and after my shut eye i can just need to move on
getting caught up in rivers of the past
will no longer construct the sails of that excessive mast
that you will cast
when you return to the ocean of lyrics
to search for that message inside the bottle
that became buried for safekeeping lengthy ago
let your pursuit of happiness follow
in the journey this is to return
forget about that genie
that gives no a laugh

secret ocean and you understand it’s miles there but now not what it incorporates in pursuit
you ring a bell in me of the sea
a significant intensity of emotion
complete of lifestyles
amusing simplest with delivered warning
threatening with your tidal waves
i skim the floor
wanting to explore you
for your entirety
why won’t you allow me?
why do you select to deprive me of this ocean i crave?
i’d as a substitute drown to your waves
then to go on feeling
like a rock
although sturdy
your waves contact me and then move on
to their vacation spot
the shore
till they recede again
i am part of the journey
but i choice to be your vacation spot
please let me in to your sails
and allow me live there all the time in pursuit