I miss you when you don’t keep in touch
Tell me your motive
I’m confused – where do I stand
Are you seeing someone else
Is it over? (let’s give it another chance)
What’s Going On? (I feel you slipping)
Games people play (tell your partner you don’t play games)
What Happened (you always yell and scream)

Is something wrong?
It’s your move
I don’t play games
Are You Taking Me For A Ride?
You Took Me For A Ride
What’s Bothering You
Missing Your Email
Pea’s Don”t Break My Heart
How much more do you expect from me
Baby I Need Your Loving

Please don”t let it be over between us*
Love and romance poems about missing someone after a break up
You’re hurting me (special effects versions)
My heart is confused
Tell someone who you are romantically interested in
that you miss them sending you email
Is it over? (let’s give it another chance)
Please don’t break my heart (cute ecard)
You lousy rat
I Need You In My Life

A funny way to tell someone they haven’t sent any emails lately
Romance on the rocks
Marriage on the rocks
Please don’t let it end (broken heart graphic)
Don’t Play Games With Me
When I speak, you don’t listen
Baby I Need You (sad love poem)
Let’s Talk Things Out (you don”t want a divorce)
If I get upset with you – it doesn’t mean I don’t care
Don’t let the distance get between us
We can”t cry over spilt milk