“It’s destiny.” How often have you heard someone make that statement? What does destiny mean and more importantly; what does it mean to you?
Destiny, according to Webster’s dictionary is: “Something to which a person or thing is destined. A predetermined course of events; often held to be an irresistible power or agency felt, that would determine the future.”
Does that mean that your life is already destined? Does it mean that you have absolutely no control and whatever happens to you has already been written? Does it mean that you go aimlessly through life and whatever is to be will be? Do you have control of your destiny? What exactly does destiny mean to you and for you?

It has been stated there are three schools of thought regarding destiny, which are religious, spiritual, and scientific.
Religious: Ephesians 1:11 “In him, we have an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will.” If this is to be taken literally, it appears that your life is predestined, that your destiny was planned while in the womb. However, the words “counsel of his will” should elicit a question. Counsel’s definition is “advice given especially as a result of consultation.” Will’s definition is “used to express desire, choice or consent.” So, it appears that to have counsel there must be two or more engaged in a conversation and whatever the result of the conversation is the will or consent of those engaged in the conversation.
So, it appears; that while your life may be predestined, you still have the ability to counsel with your Creator and yet, with your will or consent, you are free to choose which road you take. Your agreement is always required as your Creator is open to your counsel.

Spiritual: According to the Spiritual Research Foundation “In the present times, 65% of our lives are ruled by destiny and 35% by willful action. However, willful action is that portion of your life which you do have control over.” Forever Consciousness states “Before you entered this physical time and space, your soul made an agreement. Before you came into human form, your soul had specific purpose or destiny that it had agreed to fulfill. This destiny was written and is your soul contract. You were sent to this dimension of Earth at a specific time, to a specific place and with a specific purpose. One thing that is not predetermined is your free will and choice.” Again, free will and choice are the cornerstones of the explanation. The same as with the religious explanation, regardless of the circumstances that were predestined for you; your destiny can be changed, if you agree and consent. It is your will to agree or change your destiny.

Scientific: Mahlon Reihman, Physicist, Harvard College, states in The Pursuit of Destiny, “The debate between predetermination and free-will has stretched over centuries, with little concrete evidence able to support either side. From the perspective of a physicist, who views the world in a statically and analytical view, the world tends to be more black and white. In this field, there is little room for predictions that fail to involve and utilize hard data. Revolutionary research on quantum physics has led many physicists to believe that, because of the sporadic and random nature of atomic particles, we cannot truly predict anything. Perhaps the argument as to whether or not human history is preordained is not isolated to the distinct options of free-will and determinism.

Conceivably, quantum physicists have unearthed a third possibility, where people’s futures are “fully determined but unpredictable.” Reihman continues further “under these circumstances, it appears that physicists do not overtly support one particular side of the determinism debate.”
It seems as if those who are religious or spiritual; believe that destiny is real; while within the world of science, it is still being debated. The scientific view is understandable, as scientists prefer “hard data” as opposed to “philosophical supposition.” “Prove it” is the normal of the 21st century. Harvey Cox states “No religion, new or old, is subject to empirical proof, so what we have is a contest between faiths.”
So, what does destiny mean to you after reading the above? Do you believe you are in control and whatever has been predestined shall come to pass? Is there anything that you are able to do about it or will you await your fate? Most likely, you want to be in control of your life. You want to be able to design your life as you choose and be the sole owner of the outcome. You’ve heard the quote “I am the master of my destiny and the captain of my soul.” Do you subscribe to this line of thinking? If so, what has caused you to have this thought? Is it predestined that you feel this way and if not, consider asking yourself why?

It is hoped that after reading and contemplating the above, you have two major takeaways that hopefully, will give you reason to pause. Those takeaways are the immense power of your choice and will! You have choice and with that choice, your will is present. What do you want to do at a critical moment? Do you stop to ask is this a moment of destiny or is it simply an opportunity to use your will and choice? This is your moment and your life.
Yes, maybe your life has been predestined; however, at each moment along the way, as you make decisions, it is your will and your choice that is determining future outcomes for your life. It is you that has the power to change your destiny. It is you that determines which way your will flows. It is up to you.

Take control right now! Forget what has happed in the past and wondering if your life is to remain as it is, if you are wishing to change. There is nothing you can do about the past as it is gone and quite literally dead! There are many who believe they have no choice in the affairs of their lives. Some believe, it’s just the way it is and until they die, this is the way, it will remain. Don’t ALLOW YOUR NOTIONS of destiny lead you down this road. It’s simply NOT TRUE! You have CHOICE and WILL. Use it!

Make no mistake; your destiny is up to you. As long as you have choice and free will to make decisions; that will allow you to have the life that you desire, the choice and the will is up to you. Make the right choices as best you can. If you make a decision that turns out to be incorrect, consider it a lesson learned. Try your best to not repeat the same mistake again. Try to learn the lesson the first time, so that you can trust your choices and your will. This is your life and you have the right to conduct your life in the manner you choose as long as your destiny, your choice and your will don’t impede someone else.
Yes, your destiny is changeable. If it isn’t the view you like; again, use your choice and your will to change it!