• 1/4 package Italian baked tofu (I use White Wave Brand)
  • 1 tablespoon black olive spread
  • 1-2 tablespoons vegan mayonnaise
  • roasted red peppers (the kind you get in a small jar)
  • romaine, spinach,or some nice green leaf lettuce leaves
  • whole grain hoagie roll


I tried a variation of this cold sandwich, made by my local co-op, The Common Market, and was instantly hooked. They make it with black olive vegan bread, but I don’t usually have that handy, so I use whole grain hoagie rolls and black olive spread to achieve the same effect. This sandwich has some slightly unusual ingredients, but once you’ve tried black olive spread, believe me, you’ll find plenty of other uses for it! Now, let’s make a sandwich!

The baked tofu by White Wave has four pieces in the package. Take one piece and cut it in half, then slice it in half again lengthwise so that it’s half as thick; now you have four pieces of roughly 2″ by 2″. If you have a hearty appetite you might want to double up and use twice as much of the tofu. I slice up the whole package and keep it handy for quick sandwiches.

Slice the hoagie roll if you need to. On each half spread first about 1 1/2 teaspoons (a little goes a long way) of the olive spread, then the mayonnaise on top of that. On one half of the roll add the spinach or lettuce leaves. On the other half, put your baked tofu and roasted red peppers (drain the peppers on a paper towel first if you aren’t going to eat the sandwich right away, or they’ll make your roll soggy). Put the two sides together, slice the hoagie in two, and start munching.

Serves: 1

Preparation time: 2 or less