Brian sees a bill for $666.00, hands it quietly to another waiter to deliver.

In response to TM not telling a joke right. TM says, “I messed that up.” Brian says, “Yea… don’t worry, I got it. (after uncomfortable pause) You know, I’m actually pretty funny.” Cut to 10 sec Sasson in night club doing stand-up, killing it. “I asked a trainer to teach me to do the splits. He asked me if I’m flexible, I said I can’t do Tuesdays.” “I went to the zoo the other day and there was only one dog….it was a shit zoo.”

TM on a horse: TM shows up on his grandma’s horse because his car broke down

TM speaks Arabic or farcie, joke about book, “makes you wanna skip to the end” he flips to first page
Bock makes jokes about Iranians, Franklin scolds him, stating TM’s wife is from Iran. Bock says, no she’s Persian.

Franklin’s girlfriend brings in his dog to visit, fresh from petco with a sublime handkerchief around its neck. Franklin sees the sublime handkerchief and says, “fuck that, my dog is not chill!”

DJ BJ calls a woman’s erection a nub chub.
Bock always coming up with new names for TM(Sawyer in Lost for Hugo) uses 80’s movie references: falcore, ghostbusters, dusty bottoms, poindexter, spicolie, One-eyed willy, snuffleupagus, ect..

TM in cover bands until he becomes uke cowboy in retirement homes: Limp Bitzcuit non-profanity cover band. Cut to video, “it’s all about the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your butt, stick it up your whaaaaaat? Stick it up your buuuuuttt.
Hip hop crew: damn that girls’ got a big ole booty, touch it touch it touch it…
Martha F-U!: Asian couple enter restaurant. Name please. Fu. Excuse me? F-U. No f you sir, f you!

TM and racism: Franklin discussing going back to college for masters. TM can’t go to college, banned for life. TM’s high school yearbook, in track, is quoted. The yearbook was completed before the season ended, so they made up quotes from athletes. Obvious generic quotes, but TM’s says something really racist, and is therefore banned from college

TM- my cousin is running for local office, so I’m going out on the campaign trail, you know, kissing hands and shaking babies.
Franklin says slowly- you mean shaking hands….and kissing babies, don’t you?
TM- What? No, you hold up the baby and shake him, they’re so cute when they just jiggle all over.
Bock hung-over- arrives to work a drunken mess, goes to bathroom, comes out hair slicked back, looking pristine. Total drunken pro

Bock or which ever guy is gay, his favorite movie is Notting Hill. “Name your favorite movie on three; one, two, three.” All guys say manly movies except gay one. Later, gay one give Notting Hill dvd as an apology gift. He says, “Notting Hill…aaaaa.”