what is the cost of progress?
abhorrent interruption
assault of brain
getting to be distinctly prevalent
connoting nothing
all it takes for nothing
it comes to me
no venturing stone
temper consumes, loathe runs hard
quality of outrage streams quickly
picking up dissatisfaction
nosy and frosty
you keep running at the mouth until it swallows my clench hand
perhaps that will quiets you down
you continue running on until you trek and fall
perhaps that will make you stop
don’t know why i believe you over and over
all it takes is a touch of destiny
attack figure
makes me helpless
heartless soul, i rebuff my shortcomings
annihilating them gradually
reconstructing the divider and utilizing your detest against you
feeling the outrage sting the skinless tissue
that peeled itself back to discover you implanted there
just for nothing