Welcome to Karlshamn, my wonderful, adopted city by the sea,
Where I discovered life, and new possibilities.
Until I came here, things were not going my way,
I knew I needed a place where I could just get away.

I needed a place where I could discover stability,
And Karlshamn, was just that place for me.
For 350 years, people have come here for healing,
Like me, many with their minds reeling.

Karlshamn, puts the “demons” to rest,
In this “Garden of Sweden,” my life is now blessed.
Located along the beautiful Baltic Sea,
This peaceful archipelago, has truly captured me.

My Dog and I love to hike the surrounding hills,
The beauty of this place gives my heart chills.
I feel so alive when I look all around,
My feet once again, fully planted on the ground.

I love life, I love my new home,
I love my new friends, I’m standing on my own.
I owe my life to the healing I have found here,
Karlshamn, I will call you home, the rest of my years!