Kettlebell Training and Nutrition:
As with any exercise program you need to watch what foods you put into your mouth to receive the best benefits. Too many people will begin a new exercise routine and then get discouraged because they did not see any results. Especially if the results they desired was to lose weight.
It really is true that you are what you put in your mouth. If you constantly eat a barrage of fatty foods and sweet foods, then this shows up as layers of added fat on your body. By choosing to start an exercise routine you obviously want to improve your body. Fueling your body from the inside will improve how the outside looks!

Yes, it is difficult to change your eating habits. The nice thing is that you don’t have to make all the changes at once. This is often way too difficult for people to handle and the main reason why people revert back to their old eating habits.
Breakfast is known as the fuelling meal of the day. So why not start there? Instead of grabbing a muffin or donut on the way to work or school why not make time for breakfast. Good examples of a healthy breakfast include a poached egg on toast with yogurt or a piece of fruit. Or try a bowl of oatmeal mixed with applesauce, flax seed and a little brown sugar or honey to add a touch of sweetness.
Shakes are another great alternative for breakfast or lunch and to use as a snack. You can make your own shake or smoothie by using milk, fruit such as a banana or strawberries and a couple of ice cubes to thicken it up.

Adding more protein to your diet can help improve your muscle mass and can actually help speed up weight loss. Many people do not eat enough protein with each meal and this one small addition can bring huge changes about in a small amount of time.
Using protein shakes can help you add more nutrition to your diet and can easily be added to your breakfast shake. Protein will boost your energy levels and give you more stamina to get through your Kettlebell workout.
Other easy changes you can make to your eating habits include adding more fruit and fresh vegetables. Aim for one serving of each every day to start with. You may find that you actually enjoy eating them and automatically start eating more. Many manufacturers now make pre-packaged vegetables that are ready to go. This includes packages of pre-washed lettuce and spinach all ready to serve with tomatoes, cucumber and a tasty low fat salad dressing.
If you really want to see and feel the best results from your Kettlebell training then think about the foods that you are currently eating. Try to add a few fresh fruits and vegetables in each day as this will help boost your weight loss efforts. Who doesn’t want to feel and look as good as possible?

Kettlebell Routines and Exercises:
There are all kinds of Kettlebell routines and exercises that you can use for your workout sessions. The best advice I can give you is to start with a simple routine and then work up to a more difficult one.
For total beginners and those who consider themselves out of shape you can perform Kettlebell exercises while sitting. This is also ideal for anyone who is dealing with any type of leg or back injury. If you prefer there are many exercises which can be done when lying down on a mat if you find this more manageable.
If you chose to sit while working out with your Kettlebells remember that only your upper body is being targeted. You can easily perform seated bicep, triceps and work your core muscles. Sitting on an exercise ball while doing your Kettlebell routine will also help improve and condition your abdominal muscles.

Some examples of exercises include:
* Seated press
* Single Arm Rows
* Seated Trunk Rotation
* Seated Abdominal Curls
* Seated Shaker

To see any of these exercises in action you can search YouTube or other video sites to see how they are performed. Many people simply use a chair or an exercise ball to perform these exercises while sitting down. An exercise ball will require you to use your legs and back to keep your balance and provides exercises for your leg and upper body muscle groups.
Many Kettlebell exercises are perfect for cross training with other sports. For example you can find specific recommended exercises for playing football, tennis, Karate, MMA and more. These exercises can help improve your performance in other sports as well.
As well as sports you can use Kettlebell training to target certain areas too, this could be for strengthening your arms, legs or your abdominal muscles. Of course a Kettlebell workout will target your entire body and is one of the reasons why this type of training is becoming so popular. It has even been incorporated into many Crossfit training programs.
Getting started with Kettlebells is easy you can purchase DVD’s that you can watch and learn from at home. Or if you prefer you can join your local gym where they are sure to have Kettlebells available. The nice thing about a Kettlebell workout is that it is short, sweet and extremely effective. For anyone in a rush or on a busy schedule working out with Kettlebells will take up less than 30 minutes of your day, from start to finish.
If you have been putting off exercising doing a Kettlebell program will really leave you with no excuses any more.

Advanced Kettlebell Exercises:
No doubt once you start training with Kettlebells you will be hooked. This type of workout is so quick and effective who wouldn’t love something that produces results so fast?
As you become more comfortable with using your Kettlebells you will want to start adding more advanced moves and exercises into your routine. Advanced moves in Kettlebell are also referred to as Extreme Kettlebell exercises.
The extreme or advanced Kettlebell exercises will also use different terminology. These exercises will include terms such as clean, snatch, jerk and swing. You may or may not be familiar with these.

If you want to search for videos of extreme Kettlebell exercises here are a few to look for:
* Upper Body Bell Buster
* Butt and Leg Burners
* Killer Kettlebell Abs
* Squat, Curl and Press
* Sit Up and Row

Some of these advanced moves will incorporate more than one movement in them, making them more difficult and of course more effective.
To add more intensity to almost any Kettlebell workout you can simply use two Kettlebells instead of one. This is often a great way to make any move more difficult but still perform a movement that you are comfortable with. When even this gets too easy for you then you are definitely ready for Extreme Kettlebell moves and exercises.
When increasing your intensity it is important that you pay attention to your body. You want to make sure you are performing your exercise in a safe manner. Now that you have come this far there is no need to injure yourself or anyone around you.
Most Kettlebell trainers will recommend that you perform the more basic moves and exercises for the first two months before advancing. This way you will be really comfortable with the movements and how the Kettlebell reacts.
As we mentioned using two Kettlebells is a fantastic way to make things more difficult for you. Another idea is to simply decrease the amount of time that you rest in between each exercise. By doing this you will increase your stamina and your strength. For example if you are using one Kettlebell then don’t stop when switching arms, just keep going and try to perform an additional set as well.
If using two Kettlebells is too difficult at first then make it your goal to do your entire routine without stopping at all! This will be a great challenge and one that will keep you motivated. When you can perform your entire routine with two Kettlebells without stopping for 20 minutes then you have truly arrived at the Extreme Kettlebell workout level!

Buying the Right Size Kettlebell:
Kettlebells look small but they sure do pack a punch. Most Kettlebells are made of metal and some are now coated with plastic. Understanding what size Kettlebell to purchase is your first step towards strengthening and toning your body. If your goal is to lose weight or to just become more active then beginning a Kettlebell training program is a fantastic start!
If you look back over the history of the Kettlebell you will see that Russian soldiers used them to condition and strengthen their bodies. They typically used heavy weights right from the beginning.

For someone who is not accustomed to being active lighter weights are recommended. If you have never done any form of resistance training then buy Kettlebells that are less than 10lbs. Using a lighter weight will allow you to perfect your techniques for each move and this is very important. If you do not use the correct form then you won’t receive as many benefits from your workout.
If you regularly workout then you can begin your Kettlebell training program with a heavier weight. It is recommended for experienced woman to use an 18lb Kettlebell and men a 35lb one.
When you find that you are not tired after your workout then it is time to increase the weight of your Kettlebell. A good goal is for woman to end up using 35lb Kettlebells and men 44lb. Kettlebells are available in many different weights with some going up to the 80 pound + range.

A Kettlebell workout really delivers a huge punch for your effort. This is a great workout to do if you are rushed for time. For the average person a 20 minute workout can burn as many as 250 calories or more.
Working out using Kettlebells really encourages your body to produce more lean muscle mass. This is turn helps you to burn more calories faster which is why it is a great method for anyone wanting to lose weight.
Your entire core muscles will become stronger and this helps strengthen your back muscles. If you currently suffer with back pain you should notice a huge difference in a relatively short amount of time.

When first starting out with your new Kettlebells concentrate on learning the basic movements and exercises first. This also helps you avoid injuring yourself by over using your muscles too quickly. Once you are comfortable with the basic Kettlebell swings and moves you can progress up to the more advanced exercises.
When buying your Kettlebells you may wish to look for a set of Kettlebells of varying weights. This can often save you money and some sets of Kettlebells do come with instructions and examples of exercises that you can start with.
While starting a Kettlebell routine is great don’t forget that you still need to eat a healthy diet in order to lose the most weight and to become healthier overall.

Kettlebell Workouts:
Did you know that the use of Kettlebells can be traced back to the 18th Century in Russia? Even then people could see the benefits of using a piece of heavy equipment to perform exercises. By performing a few basic movements individuals would increase their heart rate and use muscles throughout their body. This is in contrast to weight lifting which uses muscles to isolate specific muscles.