What does exhibiting kindness say about you? Does it say you are weak? Strong? Considerate? What statement does it make about you?

I believe that kindness is so important. I really do. Kindness sometimes is what can make someone’s day. That moment of you being kind to a fellow traveler on our spiritual journey doesn’t go unnoticed by the Creator. It really doesn’t. It may not be returned from the individual that was shown kindness by you; however, you are continuing to add to your Universal Bank of Good.

I enjoy being kind. I don’t feel weak. I don’t feel strong. I simply feel good that I won’t allow my own issues to overshadow my encounters with others. One never knows if your simple act of kindness can save a life. Have you ever considered that? I’m not stating that someone would create a situation to prematurely remove themselves from their journey; no, what I’m saying is your simple act of kindness may propel someone to do greater things with their life and in essence you are saving someone from a slow decline into years of mental limitation or self-destruction.

Be kind to others. It doesn’t cost anything but your time. Be kind and know that even if the kindness isn’t returned immediately: You know it came from your heart and what is most important is so does the Creator.