Each morning, you kick off your day
glimmering in a decent night’s rest
Anticipating a fresh start predicted
A wonderful dawn loaded with another guarantee
you soon acknowledge what this all is
Not of another season or another month
Be that as it may, of another reason and an ordinary new sun
Reviving yourself and thinking back in yesterday’s discussions
hunting down another find
writing down your preferences, spilling out your heart and brain
Portraying yourself, interpreting your contemplations and unraveling your activities
Life is a journal and records consistently passed by
leaves vacant pages to be loaded with everything that is in you covets
Luxuriating in old recollections and new dreams
gleaming in your own particular sparkle and another shiny day
It’s clever the amusements your psyche plays
It’s on an all the more encouraging track each and every day
You maketh your musings and your days
swinging and influencing your own particular manner
Life is the thing that happens when you’re caught up with making different arrangements
and after that you comprehend why everything doesn’t work out and why something has

Of old stories that stay new
Of old fears that never blur
Of old gouges that never top off
Of old words that never delete
Of new dreams that anticipate to unfurl
Of new wishes that abide in your heart
Of new streets and rich green roads
Of new begins and new unfurls

A lovely adventure
Your own drops of dew
A sweet mixture of old and new Old and new