I omit you
i want you knew that
but you never did or ever will
your hearty snicker strikes a chord in my memory of better days
of a carefree love that we concept might virtually remaining
we shared the identical wavelength
you and i
you knew me earlier than i did
the depth of our feelings
ought to have reached risky heights
whilst apart, we have been driven to inferior lows
our fusion polarised our very being
we nonetheless face every other
but one cannot attain the opposite
it has emerge as a magnetic discipline
we should re-set up the waves
and re-create our imagined perfection
of a global we in no way favored to allow pass
till then the anxiety lies
like a volcano with a desire to erupt
until then nothing will appear proper
our frustration will infect some thing surrounds us
the sector will in no way rest clean again
we gained’t relent
our ardour will force it through to its quit
we can take finite out, of our love, that’s limitless