Lonely heart, make my dream come true
Lonely,lonely so lonely
Distance is so long way to home
please make me a friend to talk with

Lonely,long long years gone
I´m so lonely, make me love someone
I miss love, lonely heart cries all night
I cry in the morning and all day long
I cry all night long

Distance is a  long way to you
please call me, I`II wait all day
lonely so lonely so alone
Lonely heart of mine cries a river
long way home to my love,so lonely without you
(ooh) what a lonely night again

Skriven: 870605, blues typ; John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues, sista versen chorus.
Tyvärr har slarvat bort noterna, men jag har låten på kassett ,så ska se om jag kan få till den igen, vi spelade denna under punk gruppen Apple på 70-talet.