love is a lie
and you only discovered when it become too past due
it is comforting to suppose love will final for all time
however it’s far a mere country of mind
an infatuation
the rage dies down after a time
like a track on constant replay

it can subsequently pressure you from your mind
till you reach a factor where you increase a exclusive attitude
falling inside and outside of affection occurs at some point of lifestyles
that overly obsessive track can be rekindled again
as absence makes the coronary heart develop fonder
in any other case irritation can set in

the belongings you not noted earlier than at some point of your blinded bliss
are starting to creep in and reason you dissatisfaction
making you examine the choices you’ve made so far or never did all all over again
there is not anything which you should experience responsible about in relation to like
it’s far our herbal inclination, this urge, to love and be cherished
all of it attracts all the way down to a struggle among common sense and feelin,
in our minds we are hoping our love will develop with depth, with feeling

however the reality is humans forget about, we do no longer have the capability to don’t forget a lot of these glad thoughts and emotions
there are the ones that stand out in our minds
we spotlight and vicinity emphasis on these ones
however we’re deceiving ourselves thru this very notion
but if it comforts us to know that every 2nd of every minute of every day a person loves us
then this loving lie has empowered notion within the very advent we discover ourselves in
with out a perception in love, we’ll die lots earlier than we ever will
the lie catches up with us finally, and unravels with such forceful destruction
but if we believe that the lie is in truth very real and is the fact
then our minds will never shift from this timeless love
it’s better to lie for and die for, or in love

than reveal or get to the bottom of the truth of such an emotion
don’t question it just discover it, embrace it, and never allow it pass
even when it checks you, just know, you’re a part of a lie that’s manner larger and more potent than you
you may battle with it however simply know it will suck the lifestyles, mind and happiness out of you
the touring of its architectural achilles heel
will in truth annihilate the whole thing you have believed you ever stood for
the perception of love has pushed and created all of us
and when we die, love will ensure that we’re remembered

however no longer forever
but that’s no longer what subjects
lived moments are greater than unlived ones due to the fact you have been scared to take a chance
a threat concerning what you believed changed into love
don’t overanalyse it, just feel it
the affection is all round us