Love is a ways from easy
one approached the other
cautiously and in a relaxed style.
there has been no want to rush
every secretly hoping
it’d be really worth the wait

It all started out
with simple chit chat together with
the climate and what the opposite did
telling jokes as they went alongside
waiting for the opposite’s cue to hold on

They walked at the beginning alongside the bank
capturing the attractions and sounds
or at least, as many as they might
to keep in mind this moment in its entirety
could be a wondrous mission to them each

Each attempt made all the distinction
flattery, observations, mimicries
the sharing of any minute
similarity or difference
would add to the consolation felt via the opposite

Aspect by means of aspect they walked along the bank
opting to waltz after a while
matters they’d now not dared to say earlier than
have been now floating inside the outdoor
not nervous, no longer an impediment

Love is an artwork which could have which means and originality
but some humans just press reproduction, and print
i pity those folks that will by no means realize what proper love is