There may be a lot one needs to do in lifestyles
sing,dance and have fun and jive
a few make it large
others say life stinks
plenty come to be cursing destiny
others feel its never too overdue
possibilities come knocking your door each day
you need to grab them and cause them to pass your manner
life might also or might not come up with a second chance
assume fantastic,take hold of it and deliver no second look
don’t anticipate others to push you
your existence is yours,don’t watch for others to delight and plead you
you understand whats exceptional for you
so lead your self and forestall following the many few
in case you suppose you’re accurate
you will come to be being the excellent
if you think you’re not anything but a huge looser
do not blame existence,you have been the chooser
take selections for your self
whats fine for you
grab every opportunity that comes knocking by using
for you’re one of the lucky few