Master of seriousness
became wannabe
beginner comic
can barely get a knock-knock together
no longer to say if beneath pressure
recognising humour is nothing
if you can’t create or capture it
and transfer it in an powerful manner
whilst others make humans snicker
i cause them to stare
i normally don’t care
but it’d be excellent to make human beings snicker
a mystery preference
a category clown in preference to
a version pupil is to be discovered
deep down someplace
come-backs are more important in lifestyles
than following the herd
they don’t encourage this in college even though
we all favored the lessons in which we laughed
instead of those wherein we had been
drowned out with subject
uniformity discourages creativity whereas
humour encourages fond recollections
satisfied instances,
wherein life is really worth living
optimistically in the darkest hour
someone will reason the room to
light up with laughter
the electricity of a grin or amusing
can consolation people who are
engulfed by using the deepest of fears
chuckle as plenty as you could
until your humorous bone spasms
surround yourself with the positive contagious vibes
of a real hard-core comic
they really need to make humour
obligatory at the curriculum