• 1 cup fake cream cheese (vegan)
  • fresh garlic to taste (roasted is wonderful in this as well) minced
  • pepper (to taste)
  • red pepper (to taste)
  • fresh bazil finely chopped (again to taste)
  • soy mayo
  • tomato
  • onion
  • cucumber
  • other assorted fresh veggies
  • 1 loaf of the best “crusty” vegan bread you can find!


Begin by making “cheese” mixture. Let fake “cream” warm up some then combine with garlic, pepper,red pepper, basil,grate 1/4 of onion in to “cheese” so that the onion juice gets in there as well and enough soy mayo to make it spreadable. Let this mixture rest. Now slice tomato, cucumber, 1/2 onion, and the other veggies you have, very thinly. Slice you loaf of vegan bread in 1/2 horizontally (so that you will end up with one big sandwich). You will want to remove some of the soft vegan bread to make room for you fillings. Now spread your “cheese” mixture on both sides of your vegan bread so that the entire surface is covered. Layer veggies on bottom half and cover with top. Press the sandwich together lightly and wrap in foil or plastic wrap and place in refrigerator fo at least an hour.

Note: If you want to jazz it up some get a jar of marinated pepper and add to your veggie layer. Black olives are a plus as is the vegan cheese of your choice. Have fun with this, all of my non-veg friends love this, it is very filling, I will be interested to hear any sugestions you have.

Serves: 4