the incessant high pitched tone
has numbed me
my mind
and the noise and voices
that surround me
the discoloured patches
are proof of give up
to the one who drew
this once naive youngster
into submission
i refuse to stick
to the practical mutterings
they don’t surely recognize
this man like i do
who may want to change i believe
and reanticipate the persona
i was as soon as enamoured with the aid of
given the best circumstances
he misplaced his supply of income
some time ago and
fell off the wagon
i refuse to yield
even though i’m torn
the affection we as soon as shared
or a real vicinity to name home
i fear for the children’s lifestyles
whatever about my personal
in this torrid, turbulent torrent
lies a long lost dream
a seed of tranquillity
so that after the water
runs its path
we may additionally locate the shimmer
on the give up of the flow
between the branches
of the moonlit bushes