Introduction: we all realize with the aid of now that nhs is ready to move. our hire will quickly end and we have decided that now could be the time to move on and no longer renew. nhs has been at the flow earlier than. from a domestic, to a rented room, to this sanctuary, and now, to where, we are not sure, however we are hopeful approximately a place. we are believing god to have his way and for his will to be done. Shifting to any new area is quite a step. our passage this morning will show us a few dynamics of a humans of god at the move. Can also i ask these days – are we ready to move? however may additionally i in addition ask, are we geared up to move with god?

As god moved his children along in our passage, and as god is ready to transport us, let’s recall three key training.

  1. We want a experience of god’s presence
    in ex. 40:2, nearly a yr earlier than our passage, god led israel out of slavery, into what is known as the wilderness. from that factor, god might lead them by means of a manifestation of his presence, a cloud with the aid of day and a pillar of fireplace by night time (ex. thirteen:21-22). this manifestation changed into gift on the very first day/night time in their escape.

Israel couldn’t forget about a experience of god’s presence, particularly since it became so very obvious to them, proper before their very eyes. nor have to we forget about a experience of his presence to us.

We need to purposefully, intentionally, each day, as god’s youngsters location ourselves in a function to be in his presence! Even in a day wherein we’ve got technology at our disposal and professionals in every area of life, and a couple of sources… in no way need to we ever abandon the choice or replacement whatever for the presence of god.

How will we region ourselves in and flip our senses toward god’s presence? there are numerous way we will do this. -via now not denying that god is with us. “our god is a very present assist in time of hassle.” (playstation . forty six:1)

“Whither shall i am going from thy spirit? or whither shall i flee from thy presence? if i ascend up into heaven, thou artwork there: if i make my mattress in hell, behold, thou art there. if i take the wings of the morning, and dwell inside the uttermost elements of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. if isay, without a doubt the darknessshall cover me; even thenight shall be mild about me. yea, the darkness hideth no longer from thee; however the night time shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.” (psalm 139:7-12)

“And lo i’m with you alway (all of the way), even until the stop of the world.” (matthew 28:20)

-Via god’s phrase.
“thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my direction.” (ps. 119:one hundred and five
“i can pride myself in thy commandments, which i’ve loved.” (ps. 119:forty seven)
-by way of prayer

“He shall call upon me, and i’m able to solution him in trouble; i can deliver him, and honor him.” (ps. ninety one:15)
“and ye shall seek me, and discover me, while ye shall search for me with all your heart.” (jer. 29:thirteen)

  • praise and worship

“Input into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with reward: be thankful unto him, and bless his call.” (ps. one hundred:four)

Psalm 22:three tells us that god inhabits the praises of his humans.
“through him therefore allow us to offer the sacrifice of reward to god usually, this is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his call” (hebrews 13:15).
as we understand his presence, i like what psalm sixteen:11 tells us, “thou wilt shew me the direction of life: inside the presence is fullness of joy; at the proper hand there a pleasures evermore.”

  1. We want a sign indicating god’s direction (17)
    our textual content says that after the cloud lifted, the people set out and whilst the cloud settled, the human beings would camp.

This was divine steerage. we see a repeated phrase (18, 20 & 23). i inspire you to mark this for your bible… “on the lord’s command…”
what does this inform us? on the lord’s command they moved or they camped. god want us to be obedient!

God wants to manage every motion of our lives. where we live, who we marry/accomplice, in which we paintings, all that we do!
observe this… the cloud did now not follow the movement of the humans; the human beings followed the movement of god.

Three. we need a spirit of mobility
what is meant by way of this? while we comprehend that we are inside the desolate tract because the israelites have been, or something situation in life and the we’re on the pass, marching to another destination, the closing issue we ought to have is a spirit or attitude of permanence.

Israel at one point desired to go back to egypt, the region of slavery/oppression certainly due to the fact they felt that experience become less difficult, that they had a place to put their head, an area of permanence and provision despite the fact that had been at the arms of their captors.
in this revel in (their freedom) the needed to be ready to transport at a moment’s word. they in no way knew how long they would live in a single area. they just knew that they had to be equipped when the cloud/fireplace moved and when it settled. Likewise, we must be prepared as a human beings of god and as a neighborhood congregation.

What lessons ought to we see in having a spirit/attitude of mobility?

A. movement is inevitable.

  • God has the journey deliberate out. he does no longer count on us to stay in a single place. did you understand that the lack of motion is unhealthy? israel, every day looked at the cloud/fire and questioned if this will be the day to move or camp. if no longer, in the event that they had been complacent, they might be caught off defend.

b. It’s miles foolish to put our stakes in too deep.
-again, at any movement…

  • If our stakes are too deep or if we are too connected to wherein we’re, we may additionally by no means be capable of pass on in our journey. or… we may by no means need to.

c. Knowing the whole lot approximately the pass isn’t always vital.
-despite the fact that the people of israel knew they had been on their manner to canaan, they did not realize in which their path would lead them on the way.
-god doesn’t continually inform us the whole thing. he may take us on a detour like he did israel (ex. thirteen:17).

-Our steps may be rapid or they may be slow for some thing purpose. god’s timing won’t be our timing.
-he might also flow us via unexpected difficulties.

Wherein ever his presence is, this have to be sufficient and that is in which we must want to be. it’s miles a ways better to be in his presence than on my own in our journey. security!

Conclusion:-god wants to be gift and absolutely in charge.
-we want to be bendy.
-who’s in rate of the journey you are on? who’s in price of the adventure of nhs?
-if you study, you may locate that israel spent 39 extra years in the desert because they tried to run matters.
-may we (in my opinion and as a church) follow god’s presence.