• 1 package of shredded vegetables (such as cole slaw mix)
  • taco sized white corn tortillas
  • tamari


Ok, this is completely unauthentic mu shu. But it’s enormously satisfying with minimal prep work. (Don’t shoot me, ok?)

Saute the shredded veggies in oil over way high heat until wilted and smoky.

Boil some water in a seperate small pot and steam tortillas by balancing a rack above the boiling pot and placing the tortilla on the rack, then turning over. (I like to use the water from the pot for fresh brewed tea to drink with my mu shu.)

Add a few drops of tamari to the veggies and roll them in the steamed tortillas.

I personally just don’t like hoisen sauce and always request they don’t put any in mine at the chinese restaurant. But if you like it, buy some. I’ve seen it at the grocery store. Put a spoonful of the hoisen sauce in the tortilla before rolling.

I also enjoy how you can just “whip this up” really quickly as a side dish to any main dish you might be making. It’s especially nice with fried rice or lome