Since I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour in 1975, I had to face severe opposition both from my family and from the Muslim community. After my conversion I was called by God to become a witness of the Lord Christ. At first I did not find any open door, however I know the Lord Jesus Christ had a purpose in my life and that I must fully dedicate my life to Him. Since I was a Muslim convert, it was my vision to share the Gospel among the Muslims and to find out the suffering of Muslim converts in order to console and encourage them so that they might be well built up in the Lord.

Islam is a rapidly Growing religion in the world. It began with three Muslims in A.D. 610, but in A.D. 1900 it grew up to 200,000,000. By again A.D. 1993 it increased to 800,000,000, And in A.D. 2000 this number will be over 1000 Millions. In India itself we find that the Muslim population is around 15% whereas Christians are only 3%??? One among five persons that we come across is a Muslim.
Muslim population in Kerala also supersedes that of Christians; Muslims 22%.. Christians 21%. In Malabar regions which comprises of six Districts Palghat, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanadu, Kannoor and Kasergod, we find that the majority of the people are Muslims. Practically very little evangelization was done among them. Sad to say the missionary activity has been very meager.

Reasons why evangelization does not progress:
1. The evangelization among Muslims does not bear fruit immediately. It is very hard to convince them. The convinced Muslims also do not take a stern step for the Lord Jesus Christ due to fear of excommunication and opposition from the family and community. Moreover those who take a strong stand for the Lord also do not get proper encouragement from other Christians. So they do not get into active faith.
2. Missionaries who minister among the Muslims expect to get people converted to their assemblies, for want of financial support. So ministers are more interested to work among the non-Muslims, so that they might get churches established. As a result 99% work is concentrated among the Christians and the Hindus.
3. In spite of all these problems those who work among the Muslim community are criticized, despised and neglected by the so-called Syrian Christians.
Now we are fortunate to have a wide door opened before us and hence we must make use of the opportunity prudently so that many Muslims may be converted to Christ.

Literature ministry is more fruitful in evangelization among Muslims, than mere preaching. You may ask whether a booklet or a tract is better than gospel preaching. The answer is yes. Most of the Muslim converts were convinced through literatures. Thus 90% of the evangelization among Muslims is done through literature. Many turn to Christ through Bible correspondence Course and serious follow-up work. Some times we may not find immediate result of our work here on earth. Yet we can hope to meet them in heaven. During the last few years, over one million tracts have been distributed through Nur Ul Alam Ministry and as a result we could come across several seekers. Over 80,000 underwent Bible Correspondence Course. 8000 Bibles, 50,000 New testaments and a large number of other books and devotional books were distributed among them. Since 1990, we send 8000 copies of Daily Devotional Books every year. We also get encouraging response from the readers. More than 500 letters come to the office daily. Due to financial shortage we cannot continue this work smoothly. We trust the Lord to supply our needs so that this work may not be hindered.
God is encouraging us even in the midst of these difficulties and problems. “Let us go up at once and posses it; for we are well able to overcome it” Ten out of Twelve persons who went up to spy out the land of Cannan were turned out being discouraged, two men stood firm and said we should overcome the land for God is with us. They encouraged the Israelities saying God is able to subdue their enemies however big they are. And God in His faithfulness helped them go. We are also ready to face Anakian giants in the gospel field. Fruitlessness unbelief, preconceived notion, misunderstanding, religions egoism etc. are the many obstacles that we need to overcome.

Traditional Christians, the Syrians, think that they are the ones who should take Christian leadership. They neglect and discourage others so we need dedicated Christians who can really encourage and sponsor the work among the Muslims. Islamic missionary activity is revived in the world in time with the Christian missionary activity and I am very sorry to say that even Christians are also turning to Islam. So it is high time we have a concern for the world evangelization, especially among the Muslims. As you pray and support this ministry from your own place in the words of Dr. Oswald smith you will become our co – workers. So pray for the following.

1. For those who study Bible Correspondence Course that they may be saved.
2. For the Muslim converts who are persecuted that they may be delivered and become members in the assemblies.
3. For those who are engaged in follow up work that they may be equipped financially.
4. For more seekers to turn up and that every month at least one lakh tracts and other literatures may be produced.
5. For more Bibles and New testaments.
6. For recent converts and seekers.
7. For a special library for the seekers.
8. For a computer to discharge heavy office tasks.

9. For a New Diesel Van so that village evangelization and open air meeting be carried on. Your kind consideration and support are expected greatly in this regard.
When you pray, you will find happiness in giving; When you give, you will have responsibility to pray. There are millions of gospel workers who are engaged among non Muslims whereas among the 850 millions of Muslims there are only below 3000 missionaries in the world. The condition in India is especially pathetic with only a few workers. While the field is vast and ripe unto harvest, we need to be alert Let us join in the battlefield quickly. The time is running on fast, May the Lord bless you.