Your running practice is a process. Obviously, you will eventually run longer and faster, and enjoy more health rewards, sometime down the road than you will in the beginning.
The only way to know if your running program is delivering the results you’re looking for is to record everything. There are plenty of running applications and pieces of software you can access from your smart phone, smart watch, tablet or desktop computer. They are already formatted with the important metrics you should be recording.
Some running apps coordinate effortlessly with your fitness tracker. They automatically record all the information you need. Whether you have to manually jot down the relevant running information or you have a computer do it for you, as a beginner you should not overly concern yourself with your numbers.

No matter how your numbers look when you first start running, they should get better. The only thing you want to see happening is improvement over time. After your first couple of weeks, or even couple of months, you should never look at your data and think, “Boy, this could be so much better.”
Instead, tell yourself, “This is great. I am running instead of sitting on my sofa. I have some beginning information. Now all I need to do is work on making my numbers better.”

When you first start recording your running data, you will get really fired up. If your numbers are better than you thought they would be, you will be positively encouraged. If they are not as impressive as you wished, you will be determined to improve them. Either way, you benefit as a beginning runner by tracking anything and everything you do that relates to the running process.