Yet can’t keep New sister
your lady sits vulnerable with which rest
your stroke has been which horrific
should change the young lady cloths
bits of rice still sticks to it
your chaperons are normally accordingly neglectful
my accomplice and i loathe the thing
whom wishes your stench associated with went away toss?
your stuffy wind stream associated with developing elderly wards
your gazes on the more senior pitifuls
face vacant on the grounds that shed memories.
whom wishes your stench associated with went away pee?
most likely not you, without a doubt not myself.
your lady delight while i got
there could be joy at this sort of zones
sturdiness all around advesity
tender all around night
my accomplice and i vestige the young lady delicate palms
radiating my plastic-sort material giggle
your hopelessness around my center
all packaged set up
finding the young lady squandering, skeletal substance pieces; all
that sticks to that peeling paint around the dividers