Nordic walking is a special way of moving that actually involves 90% of the muscles in your body. And as one of the few products with a nearly perfect customer rating on Amazon, the Real Nordic Walking Poles can effectively help strengthen your legs, arms and core, while improving your heart health, regulating safe blood pressure levels and helping you lose fat and weight as you walk. Let’s slip into the hand straps on these fitness-friendly walking poles and see just what you can expect.

Key benefits of the actual Nordic on walking Poles:
* will increase calorie use with the aid of up to forty% over everyday walking
* sixteen one-of-a-kind sizes to be had
* custom made in Lillehammer, Norway
* long lasting and easy to use one-piece creation
* Carbide metal suggestions and rubber recommendations both provided for extraordinary forms of terrain

Are Real Nordic Walking Poles a Smart Buy?

The Nordic style of walking was developed in the 1930’s by competitive cross-country skiers in Finland. They started to use their poles in off-season training when there was no snow on the ground, and found immediate benefits.

The Real Nordic Walking Poles provide an easy to perform whole body workout, and are much more durably designed than two and three piece collapsible poles.

Since the new walking motion may be unfamiliar to you, your purchase includes an instructional Nordic walking DVD and printed instructions to get you started, as well as two poles.

The company smartly delivers two sets of pole tips. The rubber tips are perfect for hard, flat surfaces like pavement, sidewalks and indoor and outdoor tracks. And the carbide metal tips are better used on grass, hiking trails, at the beach and on snow and ice.

Simply include your height when ordering, and the company’s Perfect Length Guarantee and years of experience in the fitness industry will ensure the perfect poles for your body.

One side benefit to the Real Nordic Walking Poles is improved posture. When you strap on the attached hand straps and walk the way that is instructed, you cannot help but have a stride with a straight back.

This cuts down on injuries, and even improves your posture when you are not walking. This low impact but extremely effective workout burns more calories and works more muscle groups than any other style of walking.

Also, this specific style of walking reduces stress that can occur with normal walking to your shins, hips, knees and back.

If you are looking to burn more calories and work out nearly every muscle in your body the next time you go for a walk, you can guarantee success with a smart purchase of these Real Nordic Walking Poles, a simple to use and affordably priced walking booster.