Begun in better places
Distinctive lives and diverse countenances
In favor of affection and trust
Keeping to the fantasies we know
Hunting down an existence satisfied
Catching the power of until
We’re sans breaking from restricting ties
Free of thought and free of psyche
Dialing down of uncertainty
Producing power of vision
Working with an unmistakable expectation
Discharging all the apprehension and pressure
Setting objectives cooperating
Connecting for one until the end of time
Trustworthiness stays right in politeness
Forward strides on grounded tracks
Searching for the approach
Requiring some serious energy to stop and moderate
The way we take to hit the nail on the head
Concentrate on the course in sight
Keeping up earnest force
Living for future goals
Looking for better approaches to live with
Expressions of genuineness in music
Where there’s a will there’s a way