Apart from uplifting events personally, this has been a rubbish year.

Riots, burning, thieving, national political gloom, lies and garbage from those who should know better.

Credibility sold for a cent.

National pride and a country’s good name kicked in the teeth by those who run it.

Good, then not so good news in what was an Arab Spring.

Bloody media tycoons selling themselves and the industry roughshod.

Rude nasty kids stabbing each other and the public.

Unemployment ever upwards, interest rates jammed in a wedge.

Depravation blamed for everything and politicians in twisted knickers running round in circles going nowhere and without a thread of credibility.

2011 will only be remembered for the joy, happiness and love in our little life.

The smile, the glow, the warmth behind our own closed door.

While the world outside is bashing its head in a dark and dangerous hole.

While nations, even continents go ever more bankrupt most of us can close the door and whisper under our regulated, heavily censored and downtrodden breath ‘at least I got through another year – just’.