Once upon a time lived the little Soul

Once upon a time, beyond any time, lived the little Soul, who one day said to God:
– I know who I am!
– Well, – said God, – and who are you?
And a small Soul loudly said:
– I am the Light!
God smiled his big smile and said:
– Right! You are the Light!
Little Soul was so happy because it had understood that sooner or later mean all souls in God’s Kingdom.
– Wow, – said little Soul, – But it really is cool!
Soon, however, they are no longer satisfied with only the knowledge of who she is. Little Soul felt awaken a new desire. Now she wanted to be on who she is. And then the little Soul went back to God (which in itself is not a bad idea for all souls who want to be on what she actually is) and said:
– Hey, God! Now that I know who I am, can I have on it?
And God answered:
– Do you mean that you want to be that which you have already?
– Look, – said little Soul, – one thing is to know who I am, and quite another to be really on it. I want to feel and enjoy as it is to be the Light!
– But you already are the Light – God is repeated, smiling again.
– Yes, but I want to know the feeling! – Cried the little Soul.
– Well, – God laugh – I have already supposed to provide. You always did not correspond with the desire for adventure – but then God’s expression changed – only, here is one thing …
– What does such a thing? – Asked the little Soul.
– Can not do nothing other than light. You see, I created just what you have already, and meet the kind of easy to get to know yourself as what you have already you did not occur. You see, there is nothing other than what you have already.
– O o o …, – pulled off a little Soul, which was now in doubt.
– Think about it, here it, – said God – You’re like a candle in sunlight. You will shine with the Millions, Billions and Quadrillions another candle, which collectively is the sun. Sun and Sunlight would not be without you. Even if she try and be a sun without one of your candles … she just would not be a full sun for no shining no longer so bright. And, behold, the task of getting to know ourselves as light, if you are in the same light heart? Since no task, right?
– But you are already in God, – a small Soul his eyes, – but he invents something!
And then God smiled again and said:
– I already thought up. Once you can not see yourself as the Light when you are in the Light, we’ll put you in darkness.
– But what is this darkness? – Asked the little Soul.
– This is what you do not, – said God.
– But I have become afraid of the dark? – Little Soul began to cry.
– Only if you choose to get frightened, – said God – in fact, nothing does not exist, as they should be afraid of. And only if you will decide that, you start to fear. You see, we still make up the whole. We pretend.
– O, – said little Soul, and as soon as it started to feel much better.
Then God explained that to understand and enjoy the feelings no matter what, you need to show something completely contrary. Or, in other words, if you want to feel something – you give something to cause the exact opposite.
– And it is a great gift – said God, – because without it you do not know and feel. You can not know which is the heat without cold, without a Top bottom, Fast without Slow. You never know who is left without Right, Here without There, Now without Then. So, – continued to God – when you’re surrounded darkness, do not be angry and point out finger against the sky, and without raising your voice to a scream, and Do not charge the darkness. But instead you’re a light into the darkness and do not go crazy in mind on the subject. Then you also get to know who you are fact, and also everyone else figure it out. Allows your light shine so brightly for all and everyone would know how unusual you are!
– Do you mean that this is normal – to allow others to see how strange am I? – Asked the little Soul.
– Well, of course! – God laugh – it is even very good! But remember that the “unusual” mean “better”. Each is an unusual and special in its own way! In addition, many have managed to forget. And also, they realize that this is normal – to be special and unusual, only when you will see that it belongs to things – be specific.
– Wow, – said little Soul and started to dance, laugh and jump with happiness – I can be so unusual and special, as I want!
– Yes, and you can start right away, – said God, and start to dance, laugh and cavort with little soul, – which is part of a special and unusual you want to be?
– As it is, what part of the special and unusual? – Repeated small Soul – I do not understand.
– You see, God began, – be light – it means to be special, but have a special includes many different parts. Being good-natured – it means to be special. Be gentle – it means to be special. Being specific also means to be creative, enterprising. Be patient – it means to be special. Can you figure out another way to be special?
Little Soul just sat in silence.
– I can think of many ways to be special! – She finally exclaimed, – to be a support – it means to be special. Be willing to give – has to be special. Be specific – it is also to be friendly. And care for one – it also has to be special.
– Yes! – Agreed to God – and you can have it all, or any other special parts, of just what you want at any time. It also is what it means to be a light.
– I know what I want to be, I know what I want to be! – Pleased to announced a small Soul – I want to be part of a special called ‘forgiving’. Is it true that to be a forgiving – it means to be special?
– O, yes, – said God with confidence – this is very special.
– Well, – said little Soul, – this is what I want to be. I want to be forgiving. I want to get to know ourselves as to who forgives.
– Well, – said God, – but there is one thing for which you need to know.
Little Soul became a little impatient. Now she felt that every step forward to new challenges.
– What’s the matter? – She asked with a sigh.
– There is no one who could do something to forgive.
– Nobody? – She could not believe what you just heard.
– No! – Answered God – everything I have created is perfect. In all, I’ve created, no other soul, that would be less complete, as you are. Look around.
And direct it at a small covered the Soul, that turned around a big crowd of other souls. These souls meeting in the Kingdom of God from the side edges, because all knew that the little soul is an unusual conversation with God, and all and each wanted to know what it is.
Looking at the around parked countless souls, the little soul had no choice than to agree. Not one of the souls did not look less great, less great or less complete than his own. It was so amazing and so strong was the light radiated by the souls of the little soul had to blink a bit, to look at them.
– Which, then, to forgive? – Asked God.
– Mm-yes, – said little Soul – have fun, it looks like that will fail. But I so wanted to get to know ourselves as to who I’m sorry. I wanted to know what is the feeling when you’re a big deal.
Soul and small ask about how you feel when you are sad. But just then came up to her by another Good for the soul.
– Not worth the worry, the little soul, – said the Friendly Soul – I’ll help you.
– Really? – Haply smile little Soul, – but for me it made?
– Nothing – I just may establish one for you, which you will be able to forgive!
– You can it?
– Of course! – Smiled at the Friendly Soul, – the next time I will born, in my next life I will do something about what you can forgive me.
– But why? Why would you suddenly do that? – Asked the little Soul, – you – the same creatures perfection! You, who vibrate with such a speed that from the Light that is so bright that it is difficult for you to watch! What can cause you to lower your vibration, that your bright Light would become dark and heavy? What may be a reason that you, who have light, you who are dancing with the stars and move through the realm of thought speed will like to enter my life and make yourself so hard to do something bad?
– The answer is very simple, – said the Friendly Soul, – I do this because I love you.
Little Soul was surprised by the response.
– Do not be so surprised – said the Friendly Soul, – once you already did the same for me. Do you remember? O, we have so many times that we danced together, you and me. Era of so many through the centuries-long and we danced this dance with you. All the times and times and a lot in many places we played alone with you.

We both already had about all this. We were on top and the bottom, and left and right. We had both there and here, now and then. We had It All. We were both male and female, both good and bad, we both have already passed through both the victims and transgressors.
Since we did for each other many times, you and I and every other created for accurate and complete opportunity for it to develop and learn, who are we to reality.
– That way – explained on the Friendly Soul, – this time in our next life, I will stand in front of you as ‘bad’. And I will do something really terrible and then you will be able to get to know ourselves as to who I’m sorry.
– But what do you do it? – Asked the little Soul, a little shaking in heart – which it will be terrible, what do you do it?
– O – friendly soul smiled – we certainly something we can think of.
But the friendly soul suddenly became more serious and quiet voice said:
– You know, in one case and you are right.
– What? – Wanted to know little Soul.
– I really have to slow down your vibration and become very hard to meet the not very pleasant thing for you. I need to pretend to be something definitely different than I am. And now I want to ask you a small service, which you could do me.
– All what you want! Whatever you want! – Cried the little Soul and started dancing and singing – I’ll be forgiving! – But here she saw that the Friendly Soul remain silent.
– What do you want? – Small asked me – what can I do for you? You’re just an angel, that I agreed to the following to help!
– Well, of course, this Friendly Soul is truly an angel! – God stopped their conversation, – each is an angel. Always remember: I am sending you only the Angels and any other reporting them.
Little Soul burned anxious to do something to meet the soul The friendly request:
– What can I do for you? – She asked again.
– When I start you beat and hurt you and gibe you pain – suggests that the Friendly Soul, – at the moment when I shall make you the worst of it, which only you can imagine … At the same time …
– Yes? – Little Soul interrupted him, – what if …?
Friendly soul silently looked at the little soul and then argued:
– Remember that I am reality.
– O, well, of course! – Cried the little Soul – I promise! I will always remember you as someone see you here and now.
– Well, – said the Friendly Soul, – because the sight of the thing: I very much try to pretend, and most likely I will forget who I am In fact, I can forget about it for a very long time. And if I forget who I am – you can also forget who you are and we both will be lost. And then we will need another soul who can come and remind us of who we are.
– No! That we do not need! – Again promised little Soul, – I will remember who you are! And I’ll be very grateful to you for this gift, which you will give me – an opportunity to know and experience what I am!
And the agreement was made, and small doses of Soul in his new life, being very happy about it, there will be light (which in itself is a very particular), and doubly glad that it will become a special part of it is called Forgiveness.
Soul and small eagerly waited for her there will be an opportunity to feel and know ourselves as forgiven and to thank the soul, which will make this opportunity possible.
And each new case of this new life when a new soul appeared on the scene, to which this new soul bring small soul in life – joy or sorrow, and especially if it was the sorrow, the little Soul thought of what she said God:
– Always remember – God is smiling, – I always send you only the Angels and noons else except Them …

Fairy-tale by Neale Donald Walsch www.nealedonaldwalsch.com
We are so sorry for so weak language. This story was translated by someone from English to Russian, then to Latvia, then by google.com translation to English. If anyone can give us original text in English, please do so. Thank You so much.