the stool around the nook
he sat on his stool, the usual one
at the nook of the bar counter
all of us regarded to apprehend
the precept of possession
it appeared like bar one

one unique day
he sat
rigid in his ritual
he scoured the daily paper
taking a swig

and so after a time
he were given up
to frequent the guys’s
and in his temporary absence
a stranger got here in

the stranger
reasserted himself
with a gin
the stranger commenced to read the every day
barely glanced on the empty glass in front of him

he gathered himself
and back to the fold
most effective to locate
all became no longer
as it were earlier than

the sudden surprise
and intense agitation
became a few blow
to this man of vintage
he might not stand for this

even in his youngsters
he had olden ways
handed down from instances long gone by
his pedigree
could no longer be putrefied

he approached from the side
the stranger grew to become
searching him in the attention
to throttle could be to
provide into temptation

he spoke in words so few
this like this
the presence right here
is both me or you
the stranger rose,
he knew and understood