collectively or alone
solitude is overrated
it’s great to interrupt away now and again
to quieten down from international temptations
but is not a everlasting solution
we crave the organization of others
we adore to percentage and brag approximately many of our reports
we leave out each other after a time
it’s comforting to recognize we are not alone
that we received’t ought to face matters completely on our personal
that’s precisely why loss of life scares us
will the aftermath encompass solitude, or a community spirit?
did you overlook about your roots as you commenced to shoot?
in case you need to live to tell the tale
you’ll need to remain grounded
real to your being
adapt whilst essential
but not for your own detriment
that has fatal effects
it blows the mild out of a glowing candle
or withers away a shining rose
preserve onto your thorns and flame
as weapons in opposition to folks who need to make you malleable
who will beat you into submission