We must all be persistent in our efforts, even when it appears as if all is against us. What we are experiencing is a test of how badly we want to achieve our goals.
Being persistent requires effort on our part. It demands that we not look at the obstacles that are in our path as a sign to let go of our dreams. The obstacles are mere reminders that nothing that is worth achieving is easy never has been and never will be. It’s just a part of the journey and nothing more. However, I do understand when those obstacles are in the way and it appears as if there is no means of getting around, you have a moment of uncertainty. You must remind yourself that it is nothing more than a test. A test of persistence

Anyone that has achieved anything in life has met with obstacles. Yet, they remained persistent in their words and actions. They were persistent in that they knew that each problem they faced was nothing more than the chance to solve a piece of the puzzle called their dreams. We are just like them. When we are faced with obstacles and issues to solve, we must be persistent in our words and actions to show ourselves that we mean business. We must show ourselves that we are intent on getting closer to our life’s purpose. We are strong in faith and will remain steadfast until the desired outcome has been achieved. Strong in your resolve, being resilient and allowing yourself to weather this storm.

This is being persistent. Remain persistent and remember that each obstacle is nothing more than a test to see if you truly want to be the very best that you can be and in actuality… already are! Remain persistent!!