We were nonetheless in high faculty
once I first met you
Even then you definately had been the prettiest woman
That I ever knew
And we carved our call on
the whole thing that we could discover
The way that all kids do
And despite the fact that time has handed
I still get amazed
at the pulling in my chest
after I recognise you’re coming by using
If this feeling’s proving something
it’s now not the entirety
Is gonna exchange with time
you’re nevertheless mine
Did you recognize when you’re round
My coronary heart might not it can not slow down
It beats so hard it makes it tough
To seize my breath, to capture my breath
do not ever question me if i’m sorry
Or that i am here with you
toddler you can wager
I do not regret the ladies I in no way knew
each day’s every other first
any other alternate for me
To fall in love with you
when you’re with me
I forestall seeing
Any manner to fail how do I give an explanation for
I strive to tell you what i’m feeling
however how do I whilst all phrases light