An eminent man, that he was going to take up the doctrine of the resurrection, and just show the world what a fraud it was, while the man was going to take up the conversion of Saul, and just show the folly of it. These men were going to annihilate that doctrine and that incident of the gospel.

A Frenchman said it took twelve fishermen to build up Christ’s religion, but one Frenchman pulled it down. From Calvary this doctrine rolled along the stream of time, through the eighteen hundred years, down to us, and West got at it and began to look at the evidence; but instead of his being able to cope with it he found it perfectly overwhelming–the proof that Christ had risen, that He had come out of the sepulcher and ascended to heaven and led captivity captive.

The light dawned upon him, and he became an expounder of the word of God and a champion of Christianity; And A eminent man, that infidel and skeptic hadn’t been long at the conversion of Saul before the God of Saul broke upon his sight, and he too, began to preach.