That we have their returned
because who are we?”
“we are the pride knights!!” the other knights bellowed, their horses rearing up.
“The king’s navy does not anticipate us to win
however we are able to never surrender!
weak spot isn’t always in our hearts!
we can take a look at our fellow queers who battle and fight day in and day trip
And we are able to draw electricity from them!
“in no way can we allow them to fall, never will we allow them to down
we are able to protect them
because who’re we?”
“It’s just the eight of us now, and it is probably the eight of us for all time
We can’t assume others to journey with us
however we keep to combat for them!
And welcome all people with open palms
So we are able to stroll with pride collectively!
because who are we?”
“we’re the satisfaction knights!”