female role models/teamwork
taking an experience and writing about it (the “Medium” effect)
on drinking
sndmakes: moving pictures that are less shitty than GIFs
the perpetual feeling of “being behind”
what would you change about yourself?
my parents’ immigrant experience
on keeping in touch
what’s wrong with “chill”
describe, in detail, your morning routine
feeling overwhelmed
write about a scar
answering the question “where are you from?”
write about a song that you associate closely with a specific moment
three things you want in a relationship
cut the garbage out of your life
a place you enjoyed visiting
urgent vs. important
write about your favorite article of clothing
types of friendships
Leslie Knope vs. Liz Lemon
thoughts on imposter syndrome
airports and travel
accepting your body
where are you right now?
on bookstores
my parents’ relationship
why i love television
in retrospect
what we learned building a student media startup
on activism
family recipes
what was your favorite toy?
on running
my relationship with my mother
on Chipotle
advice you’d give your high school self
write about one of your most-visited websites
on politeness/niceness
your biggest fears
coffee or tea
my relationship with my sister
a book that you reread
on concerts
on the language of social media
a movie you rewatch
what’s the dominant emotion in your life right now?
what’s the dominant emotion in your life right now?
the great outdoors
on undergraduate research
write about your first week in college
picking a box (inspired by the New York Magazine article “Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?”)
transitional objects
on meditation
combatting imposter syndrome with community
a time you were drunk
write an email you will never send
on student journalism
on milestones
a private prompt
do you miss anyone?
what’s delivered to my inbox
as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
your favorite museum
on mental health
on perseverance
the end of the school year
write about a game you played as a child
family time
your summer plans
what makes you nervous
why i read
waiting at the DMV
on snake people (aka millennials)
on suburbia
how do you pack?
write about an imagined connection between random people
my relationship with my father
what are you more comfortable with — routine or spontaneity?
describe your relationship with your phone
five pet peeves
if you could erase one incident from you past, what would it be?
on history
a rainy day
things that can always make you laugh
early bird or night owl
write about your favorite quote
casual life goals
define adulthood
why i write
being alone
what was the last book you read?
things i learned in college that i didn’t earn a degree for
how do you stay organized?
describe your teenage hangout spot
something that makes you uncomfortable
what have you changed your mind about?
what have you learned about process?
what i learned writing 750 words every day for 100 days

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