She rubbed my arm and whispered to me that i should relax.
Her’s room sits in an area of her apartment in which the daylight enters the room from all sides, which means it’s not so gloomy in there as it is in my one-window bedroom.
The later elementary years I can remember much more vividly.
Bigglesworth had really made me happy, and i was looking forward to spending more time with Jared, Valerie, and maybe even some more friends.
The stress of being a top athlete, model straight A student, and popular, leader-like teenager was too much for me to handle.

God, she really cheered me up.
At the party I recall opening a gift that was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sleeping bag.
I had to fit it within two pages, grrrr, thus why I left so many of you out!
In just three short pages I will attempt to explain what I believe affected my life and made me the person I am today.
This time in my life is where I created two of my greatest friendships, which had a profound affect on my life.

However, what touched my life the most that year was the death of my closest cousin, Michael.
He pasted away from brain cancer at the tail end of my seventh grade academic year.
I would say that I had a very happy three years, but the drinking covered how I was truly feeling.
I was somewhat of a strange child and many kids shied away from me because of my differences to them.
In my opinion, this event was the testablished How mature am I at this point in my life?

Being able to live with this friend and start things over, giving Sarah, who has realized her mistakes, another chance, shows I have become the person I have strived towards from early elementary.
Jason, Greg, and I had known each other since the first grade, and after some strategic house moves, I lived very close.
I was a bit nerdy and had a hard time fitting in with the more popular peers that I tried so hard to belong with.
I believe in Love and value my Angel.
Darren and I both dated the most popular girls at the time, obviously not at the same time.

Obviously my mom had a huge impact on my life; and of course not only by joining the class for lunch one day nearly fifteen years ago.
This was absolutely the most impacting year of my life.
Many like to refer to themselves as someone who loves life and everything within it.
I began to drink obsessively until I made the move to the high school in tenth grade.
I not only made a huge transition from elementary school to junior high, but also from being the shy, nerdy type, to the popular, smart but in a cool way kid.

High school classes, responsibilities, sports, singing, and the transition was difficult enough in itself, so with this extra burden I began struggles with depression.
I remember hating learning to read/write, winning math games, and for some reason my first grade bumper bowling party.
There have been numerous events and situations that have guided me in my development, and I know I will be omitting the majority of them.
He had decided to dress his in military fatigues – camouflage uniform and dog tag.
Flowery Language Man ended up getting at the next stop.

Sarah and I took a break after extensive arguing, where she proceeded to date my closest friend and housemate from Miami.
However, I believe the most difficult thing in life is to hate something and love hating it.
Besides some traumatic fights with neighborhood kids, I dont remember anything to profound that happened until I moved to the junior high.
I joined the glee club and declared education as a major, but I have yet to feel as though I really fit in at Miami.
The three of us grew to be extremely close and sang together, this also began my more social life.
Thus bringing me to the third most difficult experience of my life.

I knew this was something I had to do, but the internal fighting began to wear down my upbeat attitude which changed to a negative, depressed personality.
For example, my first memory is of kindergarten and having my mother come in for lunch.
I stopped attending the popular parties, and in turn was left out of the loop.
My popularity had a lot to do with my reputation with girlfriends and a close friendship with the most popular student from another elementary school.
Would you forgive your partner if he/she called out your best friend’s name?

I always had the feeling that he was going to turn on me one day and that I was being set up for the kill, but the moment never came.
The rest of junior high, which continued to the ninth grade, was very typical: played lots of sport, dated lots of girls, partied and drank way too much.
Usually our first memories do not contain themselves.
Never the less, in my senior year I somehow emerged from the two year depression and created an acapella group of five guys who would sing for a variety of occasions around the area.
This continued for the duration of tenth grade and into my junior year where sports injuries, bad behavior, and lack of schoolwork concentration left me alone to the world.

I will also not be hungover the next morning.
All societies are evil, sorrowful, inequitable; and so they will always be.
I know part of it is just her working through stuff, working through grief – I’m sure this incident has brought back memories of her miscarriage and the ordeal that came along with that.
That support helps more than I’m able to express.
I will sit back and watch her do it all and just be grateful she is my dear dear friend.

Apparently, I am not as obscure as I think I am.
It is hard for me to have casual feelings for someone.
When I fall for guys, I fall for them hard.
After enough of it, I will be friends with just about anyone.
There is no way in hell I can call out everyone I spoke to, enjoyed, or wanted to have secret babies with this weekend..

Despite the revelation above, I should not just wander around introducing myself as Jen.
Even that guy in the corner back there.
They will run away and everyone will feel bad later.
I’m amazed this is the first time it’s happened between us, since I have such a tendency to forget to filter my words.
Otherwise your roommate just may sneak into the bathroom and toss cold water on you over the shower curtain.

This might completely annoy me if she also didnt make me almost pee my pants laughing in the process.
Click here to get rid of the whining again.
They will tell you things you dont know, and you will feel cool when you can discuss things that you do know.
I will happily list some of my stupider neuroses for a strangers amusement.
Maybe it’s wrong of me to not be able to offer unconditional love to everybody in my life… but that’s just how I am right now.

My sister appears to be pissed at me, for reasons I’m not sure of.
The first step to knowledge of the highest divine symbol of the wonder and mystery of life is in the recognition of the monstrous nature of life and its glory in that character: the realization that this is just how it is and that it cannot and will not be changed.
Always lock the door when taking a shower.
Meanwhile, I seem to be pissing people off left-right-center.
Chances are that will translate into your face-to-face conversations with them.

I tend to believe this makes me endearing.
As a result, when I let myself start having feelings for someone, it takes a long time for me to get over them.
But all of us, my whole family, we’re all just raw right now, and getting angry at each other doesn’t help.
I want to thank everyone for the kind words and sympathy.
She will steal things off the housekeeping cart, take random photos, and put the most awesome colors in her hair.

However, anyone who is going to recognize me will understand when I introduce myself as Rising.
This weekend I remembered again and again how much a part of me this community has become.
And if you don’t want someone in your life to be that honest with you, than I am not someone you want in your life.
A friend is pissed at me for telling him what I thought, which he disagreed with and apparently that’s a hanging offense in his world.
Online journalers are already letting it all hang out online.

So if you really want to help this world, what you will have to teach is how to live in it.
For at least a year now I have had a love/hate relationship with this human.
I promise I remember you and love you.
I have been afraid to post some things here, I have been unwilling to say others.
Unless otherwise noted.

Oh, God, it is finally over.
Probably won’t be the last.
For this, apparently I should go see Coleen.
I will also remember all of the dumb ass things I said to you.
After seven or eight months.

My definition of shy must be different from that of most people.
Luckily, free champagne and apple martinis will cure all.
But it is still very very cool.
I want people in my life who challenge me to reach my highest potential, and who want the same challenge from me.
There is one exception to the above rule.

I have also loved the connection it gives me and the outlet it provides.
Monday measly hiding funnie entice enough dreams church
You should know… that i watch you… everyday… i watch you eat.. sleep… not sleep… go potty… shower….
And when the change of music and the keys on the piano tapped with melodic rythm, he placed her arms around his neck and lift her into revolutions omg i almost teared.
Mark has a problem with her -.- thinks she’s ugly.

If no, how old were you when you lost your virginity?
Don’t you love watching Dogs dream?
I love to twirl on my tip toes and entice myself in the atmosphere.
If you are grown up, are you what you wanted to be?
Are you straight, gay, bi, selibate, etc…?

You can touch your nose with your tounge, you are secretly hiding neiborhood children under your bed and feeding them to your family…..
Walking along the see-through waters on a white sandy shore basking in the sun.
Ok, enough boring generic questions….
And with that i trust Him in everything i do, and who noes.
Tell me what I could do to make this a better survey!
White Chicks rocks hot yep jaw we’ll watch all the movies with ‘chick’ lolx i love youuu!

If yes, is it because you want to, or because your friends/family made you?
Mine is freakin out in her sleep right now, I almost want to wake her up, she’s tripping me out!
Da Vinci Code i’m left with only 2 measly chapters weeee jaw!
What would you NEVER do in the bedroom, even if your bf/gf/husband/wife/lover really wanted you to?
What are you listening to right now?

I’d be surrounded with tall BLONDE hunks and kiss hot dudes and dominate the screens of theatres and take my walk on the spotlight platform receiving the standing ovation.
People myself know saddness happened information imagination friendships backspacing don but saying really can still resentment maybe
My attention span is wearing short, and if I stay here any longer, I’ll be all extremely hyper, and I might blow off going to the gym.
If I hadn’t tried to make friends, this would have never happened and everyone would still be happy.
I know that if I let myself slip, I’ll take people I care about with me, and that’s not what I want to do.