Who takes the trash out?
Who reminds the other to take care of themselves?
Who is happier when they are out in nature?
Do they like to go in the hot tub together?
Do either of them avidly follow a celebrity and/or fandom?
Who builds a pillow fort?
Who plans the romantic date?
Who likes to play with the other’s hair?
Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare?
Who wants their dog to sleep on the bed with them?
Who can’t sleep without the other?
Who is too nice and will listen to a sales person pitch?
Who makes the first move to cuddle?
Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters?
Who plans a romantic getaway
Who asks the other’s father/father figure to marry their son/daughter?
Who buys a goat because the goat loves them?
Who has a vast knowledge about random facts?
Who likes to clean?
Who sleeps on which side of the bed?
Who likes to stay up really late?
Who would be lovely dovey drunk?
Who do they ask to be their bridesmaid(s)/ best man/men?
What would their baby room look like?
Who can’t stop laughing at their own jokes?
Who distracts the driver by being a bit too provocative in the car?
Who is the competitive one? Dance/Music

I’m a pole dance teacher and you show me up on your first day?
How do they celebrate valentines day?
Do they like to go on double dates?
What is their go to fast food place?
We met at a workshop and next year I switch instruments to play and learn with you.
Turns out I’m terrible at it.

Your a street musician and everyday I pass by and pay you.
Now your playing my favorite songs and looking at me funny?
I hate any dance, but you love it and try to teach me.
You play football and it’s homecoming as you go to the bench you hear me and my friend complain about how the players are ruining the marching band field.
You agree?? (with me on?)
Our dance team has a losing streak,but you’re at every competition?
Dear GOD why do you cheer so LOUD?

We order too much after a big win and food isn’t allowed on the bus. So who’s bag is this going in?
“I’m a music student and you’re a stranger who occasionally hangs around the practice rooms and you’re so beautiful that I wrote a song about you and now I feel obligated to tell you about it so I don’t get in trouble when I post it online
Saw you needed help getting out of your carriage
You accidentally flung your dancing shoe across the ballroom and hit me in the back…or was it an accident?
Let me help you get your bonnet unstuck out of that tree
Scandalous ankles and/or unbound hair
You were signaling someone else with your fan to meet in the gardens and I thought you were looking at me…well this is awkward
Don’t mind me dumping water on you milord but your wig had caught fire, I think you got too close to the candles really why does this party need 5-hour candles,
Can I hang out with you all my friends are already drunk and there are four more hours left
You caught me without gloves! I’m practically naked!
Sorry wrong sedan chair
“You work the sound design and I work the lighting and we’re sitting next to each other and seeing who can press buttons more extravagantly”
“I don’t know why you’re in the forensics lab at 3 in the morning but hey you seem tired and you don’t have any weapons would you like some coffee”
I thought you were an intruder in my apartment and I started having a mental breakdown – wait what do you mean this is your apartment”
“I came into the classroom 20 mins early and here you are dancing to ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ with a yard ruler”
“We were pretending to be astronauts so that’s why we broke our neighbors window”
“I just sent a meme to a wrong number but the other person knew what it was we’re destined to be together”
“Hello your small child is crying and I’m a daycare worker luckily we are sitting next to each other on the plane don’t worry I got this”
I was sent to kill you but I got hurt and now you’re naively nursing me back to health and calling me cute pet names I cannot do this”
“You’re a total stranger that came up behind me with an object I dropped like five years ago on this exact street and you just shoved it into my pocket and ran and I have so many questions”
“You’re a bloodthirsty cryptid/ghost/mythical creature and I’m a skeptic so I’m starting to think you mean it sexually when you say you’re gonna tear me limb from limb”
“So you’re the little shit that beat me in sled racing on Club Penguin 7 times all those years ago”
“What do you mean we can’t buy ten turtles the landlord said small pets were okay”

Sweet OTP Things
Give me more sweet OTP things.
Give me more of Person A nuzzling into Person B’s neck because they’re cold and tired, and Person B m e l t i n g.
Give me more slow dancing with no music, arms wrapped tightly around each other, breaths mingling.
Give me more of Person A playing with Person B’s fingers because they’re bored, tracing the skin, examining the scars.
Give me more soft kisses, lips barely touching, just chaste little things that leave both parties irrationally breathless.
Give me more humming in the kitchen, making brownies at 3 AM for no reason at all.
Give me more holding hands, that simple act nearly overwhelming one or both of them, thumbs stroking over knuckles, fingers interlacing.
Give me more of Person A helping Person B with simple tasks, like brushing their hair, or putting on jewelry, where it’s obviously an excuse to be close to each other, but neither are complaining.
Give me more picking out baby names, painting nurseries, and cradling their children.
Angst can be fun, and of course, passionate make-outs have their place, but please, I beg of you, GIVE ME MORE

Because you all seemed to love it so much the first time, and a few of you asked for more. :)
Give me more huddling on a couch under a fuzzy blanket, hot cocoa in hand, watching cheesy movies.
ive me more of Person A stroking Person B’s hair absently, as B rests their head on A’s shoulder.
Give me more playing with puppies, smiling fondly as they lick and nip at the couple, snuggling up against them.
Give me more pressing their faces together sleepily, not even kissing, just resting their foreheads together, noses brushing, breathing each other in.
Give me more smiling shyly, cheeks tinging pink, because they were caught staring at each other.
Give me more hayrides, one borrowing the other’s coat because it’s chilly out, sipping hot cider, laughing as they go.
Give me more snowball fights, where they’re both giggling too much to really hit each other, and they end up collapsing together in the snow.
Give me more “I love you”s. Not the dramatic ones, but soft ones, murmured almost absently, because one brought the other coffee or found their missing shoe, soft but without doubt because it’s long been established that they love each other.
Give me more falling asleep together on the couch, halfway through the third Star Wars movie, curled around each other.
Please, I beg of you: Give me more sweet OTP moments.

The Softest™Suggestions/Prompts:
anything just remotely soft and cute like a picnic or flowers given from the right person and absolutely meLt a heart.
moving in together and while washing dishes, blowing bubbles out of sope.
them rubbing your hand with their thumb and booping your nose.
playing joyous and silly music to dance around the living room to
building a fort with them and hide under it, while having them read you stories while you rub their tummy, and not long after a tickle fight breaks out.
going out on a walk to a hill and watch the twinkling stars while wrapped in a blanket.
suddenly walking to a bakery and eating cheesecake before you smush some on their face.
going out for coffee one morning and them already knowing your order by heart
dancing round outside in the snow before tackling them and smothering them in kisses.
kissing them under the rain without an umbrella after a silly argument, proceeding to giggle it out.
laying in bed with them and they suddenly kiss you and whisper. “you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.”
them holding you gently while you’re upset like you could break if they held you too tight
you’d tell them you’d run your hands through their hair forever if you could.
them giving kisses at the corners of your mouth and on your temple.
butterfly kisses on your face before finally pressing their lips against your own.
the stares they give like you are everything.
finally noticing you stare at each other like you’ve hung the start in the sky yourselves.
and for a moment those small shy smiles will come back and you’ll feel like teenagers again.
y”all are never hesitant to say i love you with sincerity.\r\n- them falling in love with you all over again, even after they’ve seen every aspect of you, but deciding to stay because you’re simply WORTH IT.

You’re my arch nemesis but our best friends are dating…I guess I’ll play nice in civvies, for now
So what about a double date?
I will burn down this city and everyone in it
Good job I brought a fire extinguisher then-
I can’t believe I finally got into the superhero academy, this is the best day of my life and…
What are you doing here? You’re not a hero’\r\n-
My application was mostly ironic, I swear
I’m a superthief…is it too cliche if I make it my mission to steal your heart?
If you come anywhere near my heart I will cut your goddamn hands off. You are not selling my organs on the black market
My mail keeps getting switched with my neighbour’s, which would be fine if it wasn’t full of two-for-one offers on death rays
Why on earth do I keep getting coded letters asking me to join the League of Heroes? Is this a mistake or some kind of backhanded compliment?
I accidentally admitted that I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies and now you’re dragging me back to your place for a marathon and I have no idea what to do
I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you’re the bad guy is that you’ve never seen Harry Potter, because that’s some childhood deprivation right there
Every Tuesday I take the night off from committing crimes to go and sit in my favourite restaurant for a few hours.
I absolutely do not have a crush on the cute waitress
I was getting harassed by two dickheads and my favourite customer stepped in to protect me…aaaand he’s a supervillain. Great.
Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?
Are you seriously asking me to walk into a room filled to the brim with superheroes?
I can’t believe my archenemy is such a sad, friendless person. Of course I’ll come
Look after my dogs while I’m in jail, would you?
When I said I’d look after your dogs, I didn’t realise they were actual hellhounds!
I work in airport security for a city with one of the most famous heroes around. Villains frequently fly in to challenge her.
It’s my job to stop them getting out of the airport
‘Jesus Christ, I thought this place was an airport, not a death trap.
Who are you?
I am a minimum wage employee drugged up on caffeine and loathing. I have nothing left to lose.
sparking storyinspiration:
An apple, a sweater, a tube of lipstick that is not what it seems
A special rock, the color black, walking through clouds whilst on a mountain
A scarf, a present wrapped very poorly, a kiss
Fireworks, a broken clock, a toast
Ripped up paper strewn across the floor, a potion, a lost item
A pair of glasses held together by tape, a missing phone, a small, mean, dog
A very old letter, a wolf, a family heirloom
Raindrops, a singed teddybear, a photograph so worn it feels like fabric
Sleeping until midday, a stolen item of jewelry, a drug laced with poison
Lightning strikes, gunshots, roses

More Holiday:
I’ve been caroling in this neighborhood for years, and if you think I’m going to let some two-bit amateur and their friends take over my turf, they’ve got another thing coming
I found the perfect Xmas tree, let’s go. No. Don’t turn around. They’re not yelling at us. They’re not saying ‘we stole their tree” they’re saying they love our xmas tree. JUST PUT THE TREE IN THE TRUCK AND GO GO GO.
I work at the wrapping counter in the mall and you work as an elf at the santa photo place and our departments hate each other.
this is the third year in a row i’ve been in jail on Christmas. thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.
someone new moved into the house next door and they really take christmas decorating seriously but if they think their house is going to be better than mine than they’ve got another thing coming
I accidentally walked into the wrong holiday party and everyone is pretending they know me SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE”
my car is snowed in at my parents house and you’re the dumb plow driver that did the deed. come back here and get me out