Write about the Past
Write a letter to your older self.
Write about your childhood.
Write about lost friendships.
Write about your school life, your grades, what you wish you had done differently.
Write about turning points in your life – what would be different now if you had made a different choice.
Write about regrets you may have.
Write about Yourself
What frightens you?
What brings you joy?
What makes you sad?
What worries you? Is there a pressing problem you need to work out?
Write a letter to someone that upset you, but you aren’t ready to confront in person.
Write down the things you wished you had said to your parents, or other loved ones before they passed away.
Write down confessions of your deep down secrets that you can’t tell anyone.
Write about the Future
Where do you want to be 5, 10, or 15 years from now?
What line of work do you plan on pursuing in the future?
Write down how you can improve your life.
Write about children you plan to have, and what you wish for them.
Write letters to your future children and grandchildren that you can give to them when they are older. These letters will help them understand the type of person you were at their age.
Write about places you wish to see, vacations you plan to have.
Write about home improvements you would like to make.
Make a bucket list.
Write about the Present
Write letters to friends and family members about things you can’t say to them in person.
Write letters to your boss or coworkers.
Write about your friends, coworkers and family members, describing what they are like, what you like and dislike about each one, etc.
Write about your job, pets, your home, etc.
Write about your daily activities so you can look back and remember each moment.
Add photos to your entries to make them more special.
Brainstorm a perfect day for yourself
-What foods does your perfect day include
-What activities does your perfect day include
-Which people are involved in your perfect day?
-What music plays on your perfect day?
Imagine a Not Good Day (whatever this means to you)
-What animal shows up to announce the news
-Where are you when the Bad News comes
Make a list of things you were embarrassed about when you were younger
Make a list of things you wish you had when you were younger
Make a list of things you inherited from your parents or elders
Make a list of things you rejected/tried not to…

Songs that you love
Quotes that you love
Songs you don’t like
The last 5 text…
Individuals or groups you consider your enemies (think from micro to macro: this could be individual people to institutions)
People who try to do right by…
I don’t mean to make you cry.
I mean nothing, but this has not kept you……………….
From peeling away my body, layer by layer….
Historic texts you associate with one or more of your countries
Songs you consider your own personal anthem
Texts that attempt to enforce laws or rules on you
People in your life you think are cool.
Groups of people in your…
Identities that you belong to or claim
Historic facts that outsiders associate with one or multiple of your identities
Things outsiders have found…
Furniture you use often
Personal landmarks (example: a specific tree where you and your friends met up)
Objects…(ufo) in your garden
People or things that have make you feel silenced
People or things that make you feel seen …
Games you/your family/friends like to play
Questions you attempt to answer in your poems/texts
People you hear in your head when you write …
Absurd questions you have been asked …..
Moments where you’ve wanted to treat yourself
Foods that make you feel loved
Clothing/accessories that make you feel loved
Gifts you have offered people…
Reasons why you are dope
Things you are good at doing
Things you are an expert in

Write about a time you realised you were mistaken.
Write about a lesson you learned the hard way.
Write about a time you were inappropriately dressed for the occasion.
Write about something you lost that you’ll never get back.
Write about a time when you knew you’d done the right thing.
Write about something you don’t remember.
Write about your darkest teacher.
Write about a memory of a physical injury.
Write about when you know when it was over.
Write about being loved.
Write about what you were really thinking.
Write about how you found your way back
Write about the kindness of strangers.
Write about why you could not do it.
Write about why you did.
And a few of my own…
Write about the woman who has had the greatest impact on your life.
Write about the man who has had the greatest impact on your life.
Write about a film or book that has stayed with you.
Write about the thing that keeps you up at night.
Write about your first job and what it taught you.
Write about the first person that ever believed in you.
Write an open letter to your 15-year-old self.
Write an open letter to your future self.
Write a letter to an old friend or lover that you’ll never send.
Write about a memorable interaction with a stranger.
Write about a childhood memory that changed your perspective.
Write the eulogy you’d love to be read at your funeral.
Write about the best boss you’ve ever had.
Write about the worst boss you’ve ever had.
Write about what you’d do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem.
Write about what you’d do if societal expectations didn’t exist.
Write a headline you’d love to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.
Write about what you do to stay inspired.
Write about the things you loved doing when you were a child.
Write about your time in high school and how it changed you.
Write about your role in your family.
Write about your parents and the learnt behaviours you’ve inherited from them.
Write about the bleakest thing you’ve done to make money.
Write about your relationship with money.
Write about your relationship with your body.
Write about the health tips that have worked for you.
Write about what motivates you and what scares you.
Write about why you write.
Write about a TV show or documentary you’d love to see get made.
Write about the assumptions people make about you.
Write about a challenge and how you overcame it.
Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.
Write a list of the things you love about yourself.
Write a thank you letter. (to yourself)
A world wherein employees work nonstop with no vacation—a riot ensues.
Books are printed in only gibberish, and the only man in the world who can read gibberish just died/is dying.
The world split in half—right down the middle—and no one knows why. The only scientist with answers has been kidnapped.

The president banned all national holidays.
America now has a king.
Someone found the cure for cancer, but the government won’t fund it and wants it kept a secret.
The world’s richest man is robbed by a 13-year-old girl, and no one can find her.
A nun is charged with infidelity and exiled.
A politician wins the hearts of millions, only for his secretary to find out he’s in the middle of an underground human trafficking organization.
A hunter discovers a new kind of precious stone, its value worth more than that of diamonds—but it has a secret toxin.
A plague takes over a small town and turns them into geniuses—with one fatal side effect…
A schizophrenic man gets Alzheimer’s and forgets his voices.
A woman receives her inheritance and loses it all in 24 hours.
At their annual family reunion, the elite Truetts learn they’ve been given truth serum.
The last man in the world goes on an adventure with his one-eyed cat.
A love note from her deceased husband forces Wanda to investigate further, especially since Waldo has been dead for thirty years.

Villains become heroes.
The door to another world is found by a young boy, only to be locked days later by a mysterious thief.
People live in a world without light.
The most detestable man and the most kind woman fall in love.
Someone infects all the animals in a zoo with a rabid-like disease and lets them loose.
A thief has one day to get rid of a cursed idol before the love of his life turns to dust.
Music is banned in the US.
A toxic perfume is sprayed onto the neck of a prime minister, thereby controlling him like a robot.
Cats are really aliens and have been watching us since the beginning of time. And when they find someone intelligent enough, they steal their souls and reincarnate them into alien cats.
Tree houses are really wormholes.
Monsters overtake London in a series of strange events and capture the queen for one purpose.
An archaeologist finds the remains of a new dinosaur.
The black market is no more, and people now legally sell off kidneys.
A deadly virus infiltrates American soil, “kills” others—but is believed to be a hoax created by the government.
World War I never happened.
A modern-day Hitler carries out his plan to murder every single person under the age of 22 in the world.
Rats take over New York City.
Religion is illegal in one state.
A killer recreates famous murders from Sherlock Holmes.
A man on death row holds the key to saving the world.
A freak accident at Disney World leaves hundreds dead—one sinister teenager is to blame.
A successful stock broker gives money to a poor man on the streets and eventually develops feelings for him.
A computer programmer sees information he isn’t supposed to.
A business executive gives up her millions to become a vagrant and live in the woods.
An ex-marine finds himself back in combat—twenty years later.
A dirty cop changes his ways after meeting a woman (who secretly is a dirty cop).
A wacky scientist creates a perfect clone of himself; the clone takes over his life until he is forced to consider suicide.
A superhero gives up his life of valor to become evil.
A blind man hires a chauffer to take him around the world.
An unexpected tornado hits Chicago.
An abused teen escapes her home and finds refuge in India.
Hundreds of men escape from a prison—but they all travel to the same place: Australia.
Antarctica is now a ridiculously wonderful place to live and has a population of 2.3 million.
A man falls in love with a woman at a funeral—her husband’s funeral.
An 11-year-old girl writes a romance novel and wins a writing contest—but she lied about her age.
Alice meets Willy Wonka, and they go to Wonderland.
A pharmacist switches around medication for weeks before anyone notices. But it was all part of her plan.
A young man masters lucid dreaming.
The world’s most beautiful woman marries the world’s ugliest man.
A lowly janitor is abducted.
A robot falls in love with his creator—but his maker tries to destroy him.
Tired of her mundane life, Jenny takes her life savings and spends it all on strangers.
An excavator befriends a mummy.
A spoiled but bored housewife orders her mansion to be destroyed and replaced by a theme park.
A basketball team is kidnapped and thrown into a house of horrors.
A curious man takes another look at Roswell, only to find overlooked evidence.
A poor family crash-lands onto an island that bestows upon them all of their wildest dreams.
An asthmatic woman hikes up a mountain to find her dog.
All illicit drugs are now legal, but people must pay for them with hard labor.
A pregnant woman goes to her appointment to be induced, only to find that the baby has completely disappeared from her bulbous tummy.
A cannibal seeks professional help from an ex-cannibal.
Grabbing the wrong briefcase, an elderly man inherits a rare jewel that belongs to the mafia.
Bored in her bed all day, a sick child entertains herself by writing stories about people—but the people are real and experience everything she writes.
A quadriplegic creates bionic limbs with the help of his mailman.
A faithful church member commits a heinous crime.
When their lodge is threatened by a snarky trust-fund kid, a group of elderly men retaliate.
War ensues, and six teenagers fight to stop it.
An assassin takes the day off.
A heroin-addicted teacher inherits a diary.
A widow adopts four orphans.
A young cop goes undercover and becomes part of an LA gang.
A deaf man falls in love with a famous singer.
After housesitting for a week, Lola feels there is more to her neighbors than she once thought, thanks to some strange utterings from their pet parrot.
A disfigured child saves a whole town.
A tax lawyer sells a corpse.
An investigative reporter falls in love with the criminal she’s investigating.
Some bored teenagers speed their time researching the moon landing, only to find an interesting secret.
A retired hit man is summoned for one last job he can’t resist.
Looking for excitement and maybe just a little bit of trouble, a young woman forms a street gang.
An explorer finds what he believes to be the remains of Amelia Earhart.
Going against his family’s wishes, an elderly gentleman goes on a hunt for his lost journal.
In the future, museums are quite the anomaly, until a certain kind of museum makes headlines with its featured piece: a Bible.
A nerdy teenager is the victim of blackmail.
A quiet store manager has three days to set off a bomb in his town, or his family dies.
A mysterious illness created by an introverted young girl affects an entire town.
A terminally ill boy saves a restaurant.
A sister and brother go on a mission trip to China.
The Internet is shut down for an entire year.
Someone creates a successful drug for obesity.
A goldfish with a wonderful memory and a forgetful elephant team up.
People now live on Mars, and it’s going great—until they aren’t allowed to leave.
A misunderstood old lady is accused of murder.
Mythical creatures aren’t so mythical anymore after a scientist creates them.
A grown man has an imaginary friend.