Write a lie.
Write what it would be like to tell a lie to a loved one. Either write a lie or write about telling the truth, as long as it is out of character for you.
Write a juxtaposition. Write a juxtaposition of a person with a phoebe and the apex of that phoebe. For instance an agoraphobic in a meteor shower.
Write a story from the point of view of the opposite sex.
Turn up your favorite song as loud as you can take it and then start writing!
Write for 15 mins without stopping no matter if only gibberish comes out.
Rewrite one of your favorite poems or stories/ article
Write a story with only one adjective.
Write a news story about the death of your main character.
Got to a hotel lobby and write a story about where the people you see coming in, have come from.
Make a list of 10 curse words and then use them all in a poem or story.
Make a list of 10 street slang and then use them all in a poem or story.
Write a story about a ghost who is friendly but will not let you sleep because he or she is afraid of something.
Write a story about an alien who stinks and very ugly but he or she is very friendly and has the cure for all major diseases.
Write a story about falling off something very high and almost dying.
Write a story about a killer who is afraid of the dark.
Wire a poem or a story about falling our of an airplane and onto the top of a very high building, and then falling of the building to your death.
Write a poem or story about holding your breathe until you pass out.
Write a story about being friends with President Lincoln and telling him not to go to Ford’s theater.
Write a story about cheating someone you love.
Write a story about rain falling on a desert.
Write a story about killing something very small and felling bad about it.
Write story where you lie to the reader.
Write about something that made you cry.
Write about reading a story that you do not like.
Write about making love to someone you do not find attractive.
Write about breaking a bone.
Write a memory about the worst thing that ever happened to you.
Write about nothing happening and make sure there are no themes or motifs to tie it together.
Write about being lost in the jungle and finding a group of animals that no one knows exist.
Write a story about your worst fear coming true.
Write a story about an interaction you had a the story, write it as it happened.
Write a memory about when you laughed very hard. Write it as it really happened.
Write a memory about drinking too much and getting sick (if it ever happened). Write it as it really happened.
Write a memory of a phone conversation with a sales person who made you angry.
Write a letter to someone who died who was close to you.
Write about the weather destroying your how.
Write about an earthquake destroying your town.
Write about having a conversation with a zombie (you know the walking dead).
Write poem or a story that comes from a joke.
Write about what it would be like to be told you were dying.
Write a memory of being electrocuted (as it really happened).
Find an object in your house and write it’s history (shipped from China or Japan…on a boat, plane, ect…)
Write a story about climbing a tree in front of your house.
Write story about your house being on fire.
Write a story about winning the lottery.
Write a story about a lottery ticket that is a winning ticket but is cursed.
Write a story about a pirate or hit man who cannot stop crying is trying to tell you his story.
Write a memory about cutting your finger or foot, write it as it happened.
Write a description of a homeless man or woman you recently saw.
Write a story about asking someone for money.
Shannon is in the woods alone. Her car broke down. She got lost in the wood trying to take a simple short cut she knew as a child. It’s so dark. Then she hears people. She can smell smoke. She walks toward the voices. As she nears the top of the hill she yells for help. When she reaches the top of the hill, she see at least 20 hooded men, standing around in black robes. A women is tied in the center of their circle…..
The fireball hung in the air outside of the window. John was on his knees by his bed. He knew at any minute this demon would fly in the window and set him on fire. So he prayed.
You wake up in a completely dark room. The floor is concrete. It is chilly. You crawl slowly in one direction, hoping not to fall into a hole. Then you feel something wet and stick on the floor. You crawl more slowly, but then you find the body and hope it is not the body of your husband who was riding in the car with you….
You can feel yourself changing. This is what death feels like. The 2 bites on your neck are throbbing. IN a few minutes you will be inhuman forever…
Sarah didn’t know that a spider could be the size of her sofa. It danced in front of her keeping her from leaving lab…
I am dead. I have been dead for 17 minutes. Right now, my killer has finished stuffing my body into the outside trash can. No one is aware I’m gone. I hope that he is leaving, when I see him go back into the house. My wife and kids are sleeping upstairs….
You feel yourself being pushed deep down inside. There is nothing you can do now, and suddenly, you feel like your body has been pushed down into you shoe. It’s the oddest feeling, and you know for certain that the demon has taken complete control.
In 3 towns, over the last 3 nights, he has killed 15 people. Now he is standing in front of your house holding an axe, as you notice him and the news reports, lighting flashes and you see him standing on your front porch.
You are a demonologist. On your last blessing the house shook. You fell to the ground. This is the worst haunting you have ever seen. You feel very cold air on the back of your neck, and you realize it is just about to grab you.
You still have your hazmat suit on, but your boss is down from the virus. There are bodies everywhere in this hallway. The bodies were stacking up fast while you and the doctor were taking samples. This is ground zero. This is where it all started. 36 hours ago this was just a sleepy small town ER. Now it is filled with the dead, and emergencies are being routed to the next big city. You have been trained not to panic. Your boss and best friend is at your feet. You didn’t see what hit him, but now you realize, the piles of the dead are moving…..
1. Now that we’re halfway through the year, how are you feeling about 2014? What can you do to make the latter half of this year even greater
2. A diary entry as the coolest cat you’ve ever met in person. Or Maru.
3. List thirty ways to party every day.
4. Start a short story with “We were up all night…”
5. What aspects of living in your country are you grateful for?
6. List very specific events that could be used for greeting cards.
7. Describe the face of your best friend as if you were talking to one of those police sketch artists.
8. Write a letter to yourself in the past, letting yourself know that a situation you’ve found yourself in is going to work out okay.
9. Write an entry titled “The Rainbow Fan”.
10. What are things someone might be jealous of about your life?
11. Describe a time that you left your comfort zone and it didn’t work out well.
12. If you were to become famous for something, what would it be? Write about that hypothetical experience.
13. An acrostic for each of your best friends.
14. List ten cities you want to visit next, in order of priority.
15. You wake up and your legs are growing scales. What do you do next?
16. List ten new things you could call the color “red”.
17. A letter to your Congressman, complaining about how koalas have a stranglehold on the baby changing station industry.
18. Begin a short story with “He was stuck in the sewer, wearing nothing but a trench coat…”
19. Explain the process of taking the public transportation in your town.
20. What do honey badgers think of their YouTube videos?
21. List the weirdest things you’ve seen in public spaces.
22. How are you doing with your goals and resolutions for 2014 now that we’re halfway through the first month?
23. A diary entry as a colorblind clothes salesman.
24. List the things that Clifford The Big Red Dog could be a metaphor for.
25. What was the best concert you’ve ever been to? Think back to the experience in terms of all five senses.
26. Write an entry entitled “Sick On My Birthday”.
27. List phrases that could be written on hotel door knob hangers instead of “Do Not Disturb”.
28. A diary entry as someone who, at the time, suspected that Galileo was wrong about the Earth being the center of the universe.
29. A convincing article about why Creationism or Evolution is true (but use your opposing viewpoint).
30. What aspects of your life could be improved with the help of a A) Ninja B) Ghost C) Zombie and/or D) Pirate?
31. What are all the things you accomplished this year? Don’t hold back with “small” achievements!
32. What are your resolutions and goals for the new year?
33. List patterns you see in nature.
34. Your experiences with magical figures, such as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Toothy Fairy.
35. Begin a short story with “Our first snow…”
36. What would you like to know about photography?
37. A diary entry as a frustrated air line stewardess.
38. Describe what a card you’d send into PostSecret would look like.
39. Write an entry entitled “My High School Reunion”.
40. List all the places you might find glitter.
41. Explain how to improvise to someone who has never had to.
42. What do caterpillars in cocoons dream of?
43. List metaphors for not saving everything special for a “later date”.
44. If you could turn the Staples “Easy Button” into a button that let you do anything, what would you have it be?
45. A letter/e-mail to your favorite author or blogger. Bonus points for actually sending it!
46. Write a short story entitled “Miranda’s Week At Computer Camp”
47. What’s the thing in your life that needs the most cleaning and organizing? How can you fix that?
48. List all the animals that would have had a really difficult time on Noah’s Ark.
49. Begin an entry with “I woke up on my raft, but I couldn’t see anything but water…”
50. #XX Reasons To Use Balloons
51. Write a convincing article on body modification from your opposite point of view.
52. What goes on in a shoplifter’s mind during the crime?
53. Write a fictional tale entitled “The Worst Vacation I Ever Had”.
54. Describe the contents of an artist’s trash can.
55. How would life be different if you were Santa Claus?
56. Explain the internet as thoroughly as possible to someone who is seeing a computer for the first time.
57. List all the cars you’ve ever driven and/or been in.
58. What would you like to know about outer space?
59. What was the best interaction you’ve ever had with a stranger?
60. Incorporate all of these words into one entry: “broken” “patterned” “Ferris wheel” “pile” “sweaters”
61. What makes you grateful for being human?
62. Explain how the universe was created that is based neither in Creationism or The Big Bang Theory.
63. What would you want to be able to tell, or instill, in a large group of people?
64. List what would be in an alien’s (equivalent of a) purse.
65. Start an entry with “I woke up, wearing a tuxedo on top of a boulder, at the edge of a cliff. I don’t remember how I got here and I have no…”
66. Write a diary entry as Ke$ha.
67. List as many ways to use a water bottle cap as you can.
68. Write a story entitled “Gerald’s Day At The Button Factory”.
69. How would your week be different if you were temporarily transformed into a bid and couldn’t communicate with humans?
70. Write a list entitled “Ways To Eat A Bar Of Chocolate”.
71. What makes you different from the last person you had a conversation with?
72. Write the stream of consciousness of a dinosaur facing extinction.
73. What are foods you’ve tried but hated, and how much would you have to be paid to eat them again?
74. Describe the environment of your local library.
75. Write an entry entitled “A Cat And His Surfboard”.
76. A biography of someone who does anything and everything they can to collect bar-code labels.
77. A list of things that are neutral.
78. The day that all the traffic lights turned green and no one could change them back.
79. What it would be like to be a miniature person (like Thumbelina).
80. Describe the city of Lartenify.
81. Where have you noticed that there is a significant lack of _____?
82. An entry where every sentence starts with “My first…”
83. A list of the best three letter cat names.
84. A day in the life of a Subway worker.
85. A trip you took to a place you never want to return to.
86. A list of ways that stripes are more useful than polka dots.
87. In what ways would your life change if you could never send or receive a text message again?
88. One thing you assume or (think you) know about each of the 50 US states.
89. Decisions you have made that have drastically changed your life and a fictional parallel universe where you made different ones.
90. An entry entitled “Karl’s Stay At Springdale Medical Hospital”.
91. Write a five sentence recap of the show “Sex And The City”.
92. List amazing things about everyday life, like the fact that “End Road Work” signs look like mini protests on the side of the road.
93. What are all the lies you now realize your parents told you as a child?
94. List the strangest places you could possible make out or have sex.
95. Describe every American football team as if they were literally the name of their team. (Ex: Jaguars would be actual Jaguars, etc.)
96. Write the prologue to a TV show you never got closure on.
97. Make a list of the weirdest things you’ve heard of people collecting.
98. Rank the main characters of Anchorman and Bridesmaids in order of who you’d like to have sex with the most.
99. Make a list of illicit drugs that you’ve tried, the ones that intrigue you, and the ones that horrify you.
100. Catalog the most hilarious, bizarre, and horrifying first date stories you’ve ever heard.