[] As teenagers, a boy and a girl agree to marry if neither have by their 35th birthday. Follow the boy as he attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then.
[] You’re a supergenius-level robotics expert. Your neighbor is a godlike magician. You use your abilities solely to prank each other.
[] You woke up in a bedroom and found a modern silenced pistol and an envelope. Inside the envelope there’s three photos and a letter. The letter writes “You are in Vienna, 1913. The pictures attached are Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. Kill them or we will kill your ancestors.”
[] Robot sex partners are common for both sexes. At a companion market meet a partner and leave together. After a night of wild abandon you get up to use the bathroom and your partner is already in there. You look at each other and both instantly realize you were with another human.
[] Canadians achieve their politeness and good nature by funneling all of their evil into the one animal who can hold it all: The Canada Goose
[] You are a world-class programmer who has died. God agrees to allow you in to Heaven on the condition that you work for him while he debugs the human body. Write the patch notes for the next version of humans.
[] You are a parent of a child attending hogwarts. Write a letter to the school administration expressing your dissatisfaction with a new professor who was obviously only hired as an excuse for crossover writing prompts, and is clearly not qualified to teach magic to anyone.
[] A newly-hired bartender is slowly realizing that he’s working at the bar from all of those “X walks into a bar” jokes.
[] While on a training mission in New Zealand, a special forces team unknowingly passes through a portal into Middle Earth.
[] No one in the galaxy ever assumed that Earth would amount to anything because of its extreme gravity for a life-bearing world – anything trying to escape the planet’s gravity well would need to BE 97% fuel weight, and the idea that they would try was a ludicrous concept.
[] Every thousand years the gods have to each choose a mortal to replace them. You have been chosen, but not for the reasons you expected.
[] You are a manipulative psychopath, but instead of serial killer, you are a serial helper. using your emotionless genius to make other people smile.
[] The genie maliciously misinterpreted your wish for a superpower, but you still use what he gave you, to a great advantage.
[] Magic is real but every spell ages you and takes years off your life. Magicians are a slave class, forced to prematurely age their body at their owner’s bidding. Write about a slave who looks 50 but is actually still a child.
[] Write two different stories. The second story comes from reading every third word of the first.
[] “It’s Always Sunni in Philadelphia” A show about five Muslim friends running a small business in Philly and their wacky hijinks.
[] You always save the day, but at the last minute and in the laziest way possible. You are…The Procrastinator.
[] You dream every night about the girl of your dreams. You and her connect on every level and you get excited about falling asleep. Then, one day, you and your SO run into her on the street and she instantly recognizes you too…
[] You stumble upon old home videos of you and your siblings as toddlers. Nostalgia fades when you realize something isn’t quite right…
[] There’s a box. Inside the box shows you what your life would have been had you never looked.
[] The only two (secret) telepaths in the world are introduced to each other at a party. On the surface they are cordial and polite… but mentally a battle rages on.
[] A demon who is really bad at his job keeps accidentally making the person he is possessing’s life better
[] You lay dying of heart failure, and God enters your mind. He informs you that you will be reincarnated upon death, losing all memory, but before that happens you are allowed to ask any one question. The answer to your question surprises you so much that your heart restarts and you survive.
[] You order a pizza.
[] You are suddenly able to see numbers above people’s heads which are counting down and you have no idea why. One person you meet reaches 0 and…
[] Write two sentences that (perfectly) describe your life right now.
[] Hogwarts gets a new Muggle Studies Professor – who is competent and actually knows what he is teaching.
[] The devil lost funding and must fire one of the seven deadly sins.
[] Hogwarts is funded by the ministry of magic. But you’re American, so you have to go to the local inner city, Detroit Public School of Sorcery
[] A group of explorers find the entrance to a massive bunker in the mountains. Inside they find a makeshift barricade and hundreds of skeletons. They then realize the barricade is facing deeper into the tunnels.
[] You live in a city full of people with powers (telekinesis, electro kinesis, sensors, etc) and everyone is ranked according to how powerful they but they can kill someone of higher rank and obtain their rank. You are rank #1 but no one knows what your power is
[] Chris Hansen steps down and names Arnold Schwarzeneggar as his successor on To Catch a Predator. Arnold misunderstands the type of Predator he’s hunting.
[] For generations, Hogwarts students have been divided into four houses. As you sit beneath the Sorting Hat, you become the first student chosen for a mysterious fifth house.
[] A supervillain and a superhero are roommates, but they don’t know. Every day, they go out and do battle, and then they come back and take care of each other while lying about how they got all beaten up.
[] One day a time portal opens in your backyard and a time traveler comes through. You quickly realize he just came back from making some change to the past and that, to him, our world is the terrifying alternative time line resulting from that change.
[] You are death row’s last meal chef. Today’s condemned prisoner killed your daughter.
[] It was only after they invaded that the aliens realized, to their horror, that humans had superior technology in all things, except inter-planetary spaceflight.
[] Once a day, you receive a text message from yourself, six minutes in the future.
[] You wear a watch that does not work.
[] Take us on a loooooong walk to a awesomely bad pun.
[] You have a massive reputation in the criminal underworld… and you have no idea why.
[] Humans are known in the galaxy for being a bit dim, but also for being the very best mechanics around, and inexplicably able to fix machines beyond their comprehension. You have broken down on Earth, and having the apes work on your craft is both fascinating and terrifying.
[] You decide to fight crime despite the fact that the only power a freak lab accident granted you is tremendous over-confidence.
[] Write a story where I know what everyone is thinking, except the main character.
[] Nine voices fill your head, one voice of each alignment, from good to evil, lawful to chaotic. One day, all but one stops talking.
[] You are sentenced to death. After entering the execution room, instead of being executed, you were instead given a new passport and a new identity. Turns out the death sentence had been abolished years ago, and now exists only as a deterrent to violent crime and not actually implemented.
[] Everyone is now born with only one feeling. It is possible to kill another person to obtain their feeling.
[] You’re practicing CPR on a fake dummy and you do a bit too well. The dummy starts gasping for air.
[] Toxoplasmosis has gone sentient and infects a hedge fund manager, who buys the rights to and effectively prices out the most effective medicine humanity has against it.
[] Blood donors in Sweden are sent a text every time their blood is used to save a life. Your phone is lighting up 24/7.
[] A “popular” girl falls in love with a “nerdy” boy, however he hates her and she spends all her time trying to impress him
[] Upon his death, Billy Mays wound up in Hell. In exchange for a lighter sentence, he was given the opportunity to use his skills in the employment of the devil, scamming the damned and convincing the living to give up their souls. Hi! Billy Mays here, and have I got a deal for YOU!
[] – 125 years ago, an ancestor of yours traded the next male in his bloodline’s soul to Lucifer for untold power. A son is yet to be born, and Lucifer is sick of waiting and wants your infant daughter.
[] You are a child who used to be afraid of the monsters hiding in your room. Now, you’re just a annoyed child who is tired of the monster under your bed arguing with the closet monster.
[] You were never able to make much sense of your life, how you fit in, what your purpose was etc. Eventually, you realise that you are here for Game Balance reasons.
[] A planet rotates once every 1,000 years so that each side is either tundra or desert; the poles are also frozen wastes, but there is a small area of ever moving habitable land. Two nomadic tribes isolated on each side of the planet begin to find the 500 year old relics of the other.
[] Write a five-paragraph story in which the story is coherent and compelling no matter what order you read the paragraphs
[] GLaDOS and the narrator from The Stanley Parable start narrating the same event simultaneously.
[] You work for a future non-profit organization. Your job is to travel through time, visit people on their deathbed, and tell them about the incredible impact they have on the future.
[] Today everyone woke up with price tags floating over their heads, indicating the value of their life. Your tag is $50Tn, the biggest by far, and you have no idea why.
[] In 2025, the mission Mars One is a full success. Upon arrival on the red planet, the astronauts notice some kind of cave, containing a single human skeleton – and four words, carved into a wall.
[] Rewrite a scene in any Star Wars movie from the perspective of a storm trooper.
[] Every time any character asks a question, switch genres.
[]every known sentient alien race has gathered and sent a representative to earth to discuss their terms for surrender. Why?
[] From birth, everybody has a word imprinted on their left arm. This is the last word they will ever say.
[] The legend of Tic-Tac-Joe, the world’s greatest Tic-Tac-Toe player. Though it defies logic and science, he can beat any competitor, human or computer.
[] The gods send their angels and demons down to Earth to fight the alien ghost zombies and robotic vampires being controlled by an AI overlord.
[] You and your worst enemy are immortal. You got into fights with each as kids, fought against each other in wars, even ran against each other for political offices. You run into him one day in a bar.
[] When a person turns 18. they get to pick a statistic. For the rest of their life, they will know this statistic about anyone they meet (lies told, days left alive, etc.)
[] A young FBI agent, fresh out of the academy, is sent on his first undercover assignment: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where he discovers the famous chocolatier’s nefarious secret.
[] Aliens establish first contact with the government of another country. The White House gets offended.
[] Half-Life 3 is released. World peace ensues.
[] The grittiest manliest cop in all of Chicago is about to storm the Mafia HQ and take out the Don. You must use the words Unicorns / Butterflies / Kitten Kisses four times each in your story.
[] A man lies on his deathbed, memories of his favorite videogames flashing before his eyes as he expires. Death watches, and intrigued, offers the man a deal if he can best him at his game of choice.
[] In a humanity’s most brutal war yet, staying alive for 1 hour in battle makes you a veteran, 4 hours an officer, but no man has ever been able to survive combat for a whole day, until now..