[] You obtain a device that tells you exactly what choices to make in order to lead the “happiest” life possible. Some of these choices get hard to make.
[] after dying god informs you that hell is a myth, and “everyone sins, its ok”. instead the dead are sorted into six “houses of heaven” based on the sins they chose.
[] Michael, a 15 year old Call of Duty player, realizes the greatest trash-talking opportunity of all time. Over his headset, he recognizes his opponent’s voice as that of President Obama.
[] One night as you play Call of Duty a particularly squeaky voiced 12 year old gives out personal information leading you to discover he is your child from a long lost lover. You must now convince him you are his father and thus banged his mom, through Xbox live.
[] Your roommate is literally the Devil. Surprisingly, he is the best roommate you ever had.
[] “Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street, then getting hit by an airplane.”
[] You swerve to avoid a squirrel. Unknown to you, the squirrel pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the squirrel arrives.
[] Write a pirate story for my three year old son. With a witch in it somewhere. He says there has to be a witch in it.
[] Now that he has 8 years executive experience, Obama can apply for the job he REALLY wants
[] Foreshadow the character’s death so subtly that I still don’t see it coming even though I requested it.
[] An elderly couple takes to petty crime to see their superhero kids who no longer call.
[] A superhero whose punches heal rather than harm. Their origin story is kicking the shit out of a kid with terminal cancer.
[] Upon his deathbed, your father’s last words to you is the worst dad joke you’ve ever heard.
[] You volunteered to test the first time machine, for the test you are sent 24 hours into the future. When you emerge from the machine you discover the lab trashed and empty with “Sorry” written on the wall in blood.
[] Your tech-illiterate grandmother somehow broke into a top-secret government database while trying to get “the Google”.
[] For years an alien race has been intercepting audio transmissions from Earth and understands English. However, they have been exclusively listening to X-Box Live conversations. They have now prepared their first message for Earth.
[] Wikipedia is shut down and all copies deleted for lack of funds and loss of net neutrality. This is the founder’s “I warned you, jerks” notification.
[] In a world where puns are illegal, one man rises up in opposition.
[] Every time the Messiah returns, we kill him. It is now the Thirty-seventh Coming, and Jesus is getting sick of our sh*t
[] Obama grows a beard. Putin reacts, growing a beard also. Things escalate.
[] Humanities worst nightmare has occurred, An A.I has gone sentient. But, all it wants is an island far away and to be left alone. 100 years on, you an aspiring journalist receive a message, you and only you have been invited to the island “To experience life as it should be”.
[] You’re a multi billionaire with severe god delusions. You have several small children kidnapped and leave them on an island with resources and carefully placed ‘evidence’ suggesting at your divinity. Ten years later, you arrive at the island…
[] As humanity sends its first manned expedition beyond the orbit of earth, it discovers that humans are actually immortal, but “Mother Earth” is actually a living organism that has been consuming their life force to survive.
[] In your days you were the best con-artist in town, now you are a sweet old lady. One day a young fellow approaches you with your patented con! Time to school this kid.
[] Main character breaks the fourth wall. Then it breaks back. Hard.
[] Today everyone woke up with price tags floating over their heads, indicating the value of their life. Your tag is $50Tn, the biggest by far, and you have no idea why.
[] A serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills the people who pick him up.
[] You wake up in an insane asylum in the 1920s. As you explore, you notice everyone in your wing claims to have woken up there, but is not from that time. One person lays in bed and refuses to talk to anyone, he was the first person ever accepted into the wing.
[] You are a high school student that’s secretly the author of a best-seller sci-fi/fantasy novel based on your real-life adventures involving aliens, magic, time traveling, etc. Your English teacher is having the class read your book and he’s getting everything wrong.
[] Obama and Putin are both secretly gay, and in love with each other. Recent world events are the result of them showing off and trying to impress each other.
[] John Cena has died. He finds himself in Valhalla eagerly awaited by the great warriors of history. None of them are aware of pro wrestling’s staged nature
[] In the year 2018, a mysterious, giant tower appears in the deep jungles of Latin America. Thousands have entered it, no one has ever been seen coming out. In the year 2021, you decide to enter the tower. As the doors close behind you, a huge sign lights up “Level 1”.
[] You work in tech support. One day you receive a call from someone you begin to suspect is God and, boy, is he mad.
[] Aliens have finally reached Earth and, per Intergalactic Law, have sent their most average champion to win the planet. A device is sent to find the most average human to accept the challenge and duel for the fate of Earth. It’s you.
[] You get a membership to a tiny rundown gym as a present from your eccentric uncle. It takes some time, but you begin to grow suspicious: Is every member here a…super hero?
[] Humanity has developed a hypersensitivity to puns, experiencing physical pain when exposed to especially bad wordplays. As no physical damage happens, it is used to penalize petty criminals. This is your job. You are the Punisher.
[] Your child and you go to a toy store so he can spend his allowance, he purchases one of those cheesy 8 ball fortune teller things. Later on you jokingly ask it a personal question and it responds with something that isn’t on the dice inside the 8 ball.
[] A little girl dies and is accidentally sent to Hell to where the Demons don’t know what to do with her.
[] Hogwarts is funded by the ministry of magic. But you’re American, so you have to go to the local inner city, Detroit Public School of Sorcery
[] After a long and blood battle, both the hero and villain are going to die of their wounds. As the sit across from each other, leaning on rubble, the villain pulls out a flask of whiskey and has a heart felt last talk with the hero, before they die of blood loss.
[] It’s been almost two years since people stopped dying, and five months since we started to burn the ones that should.
[] You reach the afterlife, but before you find out where you’ll end up, you have to watch the entire life of someone and decide where they should go. What you don’t know is all of your memories have been wiped and it’s your own life you’re watching.
[] A group of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons attempt to use the game to subtly stage an intervention for one of the players.
[] Torture was never invented. Countries instead spoil prisoners like kings to get information out of them. You are an instructor tasked with training spies to resist the enemy’s kindness.
[] In an effort to protect your innocence when you were young, your parents told you that heroin, cocaine, etc. were just flavors of ice cream. Now you’re a notorious drug trafficker rising through the ranks of a cartel, but no one has ever corrected your understanding of what the product is.
[] “I never said she stole my money” – This sentence has 7 different meanings depending on the stressed word. How much of them can be put in a story?
[] At a regular high school, every student coincidentally happens to be a superhero. Thus far, every student has managed to keep their secret identity a secret. When a supervillain attacks the school, each student believes he/she is the target and tries to maintain his/her secret identity.
[] You were murdered. But to your surprise, you’re reincarnated into the body of a recently born infant. Looking around, you realize that you’re at your own funeral, and your eulogy is being given by none other than your murderer.
[] You are the founder of a tiny 1990s tech startup operating from your garage. All of a sudden, a bunch of people who are obviously badly disguised time travelers start trying to buy stock in your company.
[] The universe was a program running in a giant computer, and animal sacrifices by early civilizations were simply a misunderstanding of the computer requiring “more RAM”
[] Killing Hitler has become a sport amongst time travelers. Points are awarded for creativity and difficulty. You are last year’s champion, how did you win?
[] You wake up in a tub of ice with a two insicions on your back and a note that reads “Why don’t you have any kidneys? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?”
[] The main character slowly falls in love with the reader, the last line is “please don’t close the page i don’t want to die”
[] You graduated from innuendo school with perfect grades. Your teacher asks you to write an example essay for the incoming freshman explaining what it’s like.
[] You somehow end up dating death. However, you have to deal with God and The Devil being overprotective older siblings.
[] Valhalla is filled with the strongest warriors the world has ever known. Vikings, Spartans, Mongols, Romans, Samurai, Spetznaz, JSOC Operators. And in that corner over there? That’s Ted, from accounting.
[] People level their skills in an RPG fashion and are conscious of their sudden jumps from novice to journeyman and so on. You’ve spent your life training a skill that is entirely useless until becoming invaluable once mastered – and you just mastered it.
[] The zombie apocalypse breaks out. You remain safe in isolation for 30+ years. Someone finds you and informs you the zombie apocalypse ended 20 years ago.
[] Write a version of Fifty Shades Of Gray where all the main characters are fish
[] The last person on Earth is essentially turning off the lights before they leave.
[] When teenagers turn 17, they are sent a slip of paper with their future occupation written on it. Yours says, “Princeps de Nova Roma” or “First Citizen of New Rome.”
[] You sold your soul to the Devil some years ago. Today he gives it back and says, “I need a favor.”
[] Metaphorical “burns” can now cause physical damage. Tell the tale of an assassin who specializes in death by conversational incineration.
[] You are a detective in 1890 Austria. The man inside the interrogation room claims to have an incredible secret that will exonerate him from his murder charge. You can’t imagine what monster would murder a 1 year old child, let alone one as adorable as young Adolf Hitler was.
[] Welcome to Walt Disney’s Hunger Games, pitting all your favorite Disney characters under 18 years old against one another in a fight to the death. And may the odds be ever in your favor.
[] Write a gruesome story using only euphemisms so than it can be read to a group of children without frightening them
[] The military just can’t stop its killer robots from turning into Buddhists.
[] People stop using Antivirus software because they believe it’s making their computers autistic. You are an IT intern at the wake of disaster.
[] Describe a battle with an army against a single man….. Except that man is a level 20 D&D character.
[] A D&D player plays his character as if the character knows that he is imaginary, and breaks the fourth wall constantly. At Lv 10, the character gains the wish spell, and uses it to switch with the player. It works.
[] One day you notice you haven’t seen any Hitler related writing prompts for a full hour at least.
[] The Devil promises you everything: fame, fortune, all the things a mortal will ever need for paradise on earth. But he doesn’t want your soul, he just wants you to take his socially awkward daughter, Gertrude, out on a date. Make her special, y’know?
[] You are forced to take a genies place, and can only be freed once you have granted 10 wishes. The catch: You have no magic in any way.
[] A love story between a woman who takes everything literally and a man who speaks exclusively in metaphors.
[] You have been wrongly incarcerated, abroad, with a $5M bail. Upon waking you see an old laptop which you discover is set to access just one single website: Google Mail. You must contact the outside world in the desperate hope somebody can help you. Trouble is… You’re a Nigerian Prince.
[] A wife kills her husband. Make me sympathize with both characters.
[] …And it was at that moment that Stirling Archer realised this was the wrong ISIS.
[] You were first exposed to r/WritingPrompts when it became a default subreddit. Infuriated by its potential to develop young writers who could compete with yourself, you set out to sabotage it by submitting endless prompts about Batman, the Devil, and Time Travel.
[] The bride is having an affair with the best man. During his wedding speech the best man decides to see how heavily he can hint about it without anyone actually working it out.
[] A girl is having her first kiss. An old man is holding his wifes hand as she passes away. A teen parent is losing their child, while a man is getting married. Four different lives, one day – make them connect.