[] Superman is mentally handicapped. That’s why he thinks nobody can pick up the Clark Kent=Superman thing, and everyone plays along in an effort to keep him from throwing a tantrum. The comics are his idea of what is going on. What does a day in Metropolis actually look like?
[] You are acing every class at the International Espionage Academy except one: Post Kill Puns.
[] In a world where everyone survives off of basic income, companies have to convince you to work for them.
[] A duel between two Wizards. Except they are not Archmages but apprentices who can barely cast spells.
[] Darth Vader survives killing the Emperor, but the Rebel Alliance puts him on trial for war crimes
[] It’s the coldest Christmas Eve in history, and a poor family is out of coal for the furnace. The only child in the family has 24 hours to get on the naughty list.
[] A “Death Note” is a magic notebook able to kill any human who’s name is written in it via your chosen method, provided you know their real name and face. You have not found one of these. You have found a Brown Note, which can make anyone crap their pants on command via the same method.
[] You discover that Earth is the “North Korea” of the galaxy
[] You have a disorder that only allows you to communicate in clichés. You just witnessed a crime. Report all the details.
[] Humans are a minuscule minority in the afterlife. Both heaven and hell are full of dinosaurs.
[] Everybody in the world has a superpower that compliments their soulmates superpower. When together, both their powers increase in strength exponentially. You have the most useless power ever, when one day……
[] your seventh son is fated to murder you. You laugh until you remember you used to donate sperm.
[] A young child summons a demon, but they only want a friend.
[] Instead of the oceans covering the earth, forests are in its place, making it possible to walk from continent to continent. Like oceans, it gets deeper and darker and creatures get more aggressive and rarer to see. You are tasked to document a trek through one of the oceans of your choice.
[] Chris Hansen steps down and names Arnold Schwarzeneggar as his successor on To Catch a Predator. Arnold misunderstands the type of Predator he’s hunting.
[] God shares the cosmos with several other dieties. To pass the time they play Civilization like games for eons. God’s frustrated that his civilization, Earth, is several ages behind all his friends.
[] Vampires are not the bloodthirsty monsters people believe them to be. For millennia their bite has been one of inoculation against the worst plagues and infections of history, humanity’s greatest disease outbreaks coinciding with periods we had hunted them to near extinction.
[] Technology has advanced to the point no one alive has seen or even heard of a naked flame; one day a fire starts.
[] A group of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons attempt to use the game to subtly stage an intervention for one of the players.
[] Reddit karma works exactly like mana in real life, the more you have of it allows increasingly greater spells and abilities you can wield. But nobody considered what the greatest negative karma holders might be able to do…
[] After dying, God asks you: “So, how was heaven?”
[] You die and are informed you’ll restart your life exactly as it was when you turned 6. All your memories are as they were the moment you died, everything else resets. You are told you are the only one like this.
[] You are a professional assassin for the CIA. But you are also a double agent. One day, you are assigned with killing a foreign agent. This foreign agent is your other alias.
[] Lucifer never fell, God just needed his most trusted archangel to claim the darkness so the real evil could not.
[] Instead of trying to get a man on the moon, every nation raced to be the first at the very bottom of the ocean
[] Aliens invade earth. To the surprise of humans, the alien’s weaponry is pitifully outdated.
[] After death, a text window pops up: Welcome to new game+. You will begin your life anew, but retain all knowledge, skills, currency and items you choose to carry over. The Challenges and Enemies will be adapted to your level accordingly.
[] The secret to lucid dreaming is out. Everyone now wants to spend as much time as possible asleep, in their own private utopia.
[] A shapeshifter deals with an existential crisis after realizing it no longer remembers its original shape.
[] As a child, you and your best friend made a pact to go on an real fantasy adventure. After growing up, starting your separate lives and families, and losing touch, one day he/she bursts into your office, throwing you a sword and insists you accompany them.
[] Nicolas Cage is completely unaware that he is an actor. All he knows is strange men with cameras follow him around while he gets into crazy situations and money shows up randomly in his bank account.
[] “Please” and “thank you” are magic words. They are used to start an incantation. Most people never follow up the spell.
[] A humble blacksmith finds Mjolnir. Being worthy he is able to pick it up but doesn’t recognize what it is and uses it at his forge occasionally resulting in enchanted Armor and weapons.
[] In the year 2075, American and Chinese astronauts race to be the first colonists on an earth-like exoplanet. Upon arrival, they discover that someone has beaten them there: the Amish.
[] The reason humans sleep is due to an ancient contract. We are rendered unconscious so we don’t have to remember the price we pay. One night you go to sleep, only you remain awake, and experience everything fully
[] You have the ability to reverse time by 6 hours whenever you’re about to die. You’re currently on a 10 hour flight on a plane that’s about to crash.
[] When someone’s heart breaks so does a piece of our world; this creates fissures, valleys, and even cracks in the pavement. Tell me the story behind the Grand Canyon.
[] 100 years in the future dank memes are precious artifacts. While scanning your grandpa’s PC, you stumble upon the rarest of all…
[] Scientists discovered that vegetables and fruit have a conscience. Vegetarians and Vegans go crazy.
[] You and some friends play the “wake up, you’re in a dream” prank on random stranger. They reply, “Thanks!” and disappear.
[] Tell the tale of Vault 69, which had 999 women and one man. Alternatively, tell the tale of Vault 68, which had 999 men and one woman.
[] Write a seemingly innocent story that could have been written for children. Then tell a different perspective on the same story that casts it in a totally different light.
[] The villain finally win and kills the protagonist. People around the world celebrate.
() Woman Claims ‘Frozen’ Is A Rip Off Of Her Life Story; Sues Disney For $250 Million. It is discovered that its 100% true
[] Hogwarts has a new Potions teacher and his name is Gordon Ramsay
[] A father and son sit down for a serious talk. The father is going to tell the son he is the last of an ancient race, and must carry on the bloodline. the son is coming out to the father. neither knows what the other has to say.
[] Nuclear Weapons don’t actually exist. You are to brief the president-elect on this fact.
[] Humanity has begun exploring the galaxy, we find many worlds filled with ruins of civilizations that had long died out, realizing soon that all of these civilizations chose to end themselves, committing mass suicide. No one could figure out why they did it, until now.
[] You’ve recently become president of the United States- unfortunately, life isn’t nearly as fun as you’d hoped. You begin doing crazy things to get out of office, but every thing you do seems to be the right thing at the right time.
[] The Antichrist finds himself in the wrong apocalypse.
[] A pair of twin brothers are seperated at birth. When they grow up, they marry a pair of twin sisters who were also separated at birth. One day, the brothers meet and agree to swaplives for the week…on the same day the sisters meet and do the exact same thing.
[] At the age of 18 you are permitted to redistribute your twenty skill points around into whatever skills you want permanently. You decided to put everything into LUCK and leave the rest at 0 points.
[] Kidnapped whilst on holiday you find that a lifetime of pointless jobs has miraculously prepared you with all the necessary skills to save the day.
[] Long ago, someone wished that all dragons would become housecats. Now, the magic of the wish is weakening and they are slowly starting to turn back.
[] When a wise man declared you The Chosen One, everyone poured their resources into training you. Now, you are prepared to face the Final Battle–which would be great, if you hadn’t discovered that the ‘wise man’ was a random guy who liked quoting epics.
[] Your computer-illiterate grandmother has somehow deleted the internet. Yes, all of it.
[] Adolf Hilter fakes his own death, survives the war, and gets a job verifying the authenticity of Nazi memorabilia at a pawn shop.
[] Humans are known in the galaxy for being a bit dim, but also for being the very best mechanics around, and inexplicably able to fix machines beyond their comprehension. You have broken down on Earth, and having the apes work on your craft is both fascinating and terrifying.
[] In the galaxy, humans are renowned for their affinity at problem solving. This leads to humans growing frustrated at aliens getting stuck with simple problems.
[] You’re a 12 year-old in a world domintated by magic. A small, feeble man appears on your doorstep claiming: “You’re a scientist, Henry”
[] Wrongly imprisoned individuals who are later found innocent are given a Crime-Credit equal to the number of years they were unjustly held. This non-transferable credit can be used to engage in any combination of criminal acts to the value of the time owed.
[] You have the ability to freeze time. When you do, everyone freezes as well. One day, you freeze time, and out the window, you see a girl moving around, astounded and confused. Then, she sees you..
[] A secretly immortal man is given a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit and now fears the discovery of his true nature is only a matter of time.
[] You are a patient in a psych ward. You decide to break out, but find that the entire place was abandoned long ago
[] how you die and the treatment of your body determines what happens to your soul, due to the bizarre circumstances of your death you find yourself in the jurisdiction of an ancient and obscure god.
[] You just got fired, you’re pretty sure your girlfriend is cheating on you, you’re 75k in student loans debt, rent was due last week, and to top it all off? You’re all out of beer. Oddly enough, you just got an email titled “Would you like to change the difficulty? Current setting: Very Hard.”
[] The evacuation of Earth is complete. You decide to do one final fly over of the world to see the monuments deserted. However, you slowly realize something about them that no one ever has.
[] “Well you managed to fucking do it. You slept through the apocalypse”
[] You live in the only city in the world. The average net worth inside of the city is $772,132,856.45. Outside of the city the average net worth is $5.94. You have never left the city until now.
[] One day, you find a note in your breakfast; one of the guards knows you’re innocent and is going to try to help you escape. You aren’t innocent.
[] You live in a city full of people with powers (telekinesis, electro kinesis, sensors, etc) and everyone is ranked according to how powerful they but they can kill someone of higher rank and obtain their rank. You are rank #1 but no one knows what your power is
[] You are the Avatar. Master of all elements. You are currently on element 19 of 98 currently known, and are learning from the feet of the Grand Potassium Bender.
[] Kanye West’s daughter, for her birthday, asks Kanye to show some modesty for once in his life. Follow Kanye’s subsequent quest to prove that since he’s the best at everything ever, he can become the most humble man in the world.
[] When a child is born, their parents may pick one skill that the child will be, without a doubt, talented in.
[] You have a secret. You have always seen a translucent number floating above everyones head. Most have a 0, few 1, but your girlfriend has a 37. You witness a murder on the way to propose to your girlfriend. As the assailant pulls the trigger, you watch the number above his head go from 1, to 0.
[] A ghost and a zombie meet. They’re from the same person.
[] Magic is discovered and it’s channeled with music. Modern nations dissolve and new countries rise in their place divided by the preferred music. In the frozen north lie the Metal kingdoms. Far to the south are the countries of Soul etc.
[] A child is born with a functioning Appendix, the first ever recorded in history and the purpose it serves shocks the scientific community/world.
[] The best demon slayers are those whose minds the demons want to stay out of.
[] Write a story that will make me question my morality.
[] As a joke God makes all the angels on the earth visible for a day, but doesn’t send them the memo. He then proceeds to give his daily commands as normal; “Go forth and protect, serve, deliver miracles, bring back those whose time is up, etc… And remember, don’t leave a trace!”
[] Life follows the physics of Super Smash Brothers; the closer you are to death, the more you bounce around until you get knocked into Space.
[] You are in a zombie apocalypse, and are attacked by a horde of zombies and bitten. As you panic, you notice the zombie turning into a human.
[] Torture was never invented. Countries instead spoil prisoners like kings to get information out of them. You are an instructor tasked with training spies to resist the enemy’s kindness.
[] A device has been invented that allows the user to gaze upon Heaven or Hell. Hell is terrifying, and those who see it often need counselling. But their terror pales compared to those who witness God’s domain.