Heist Writing Prompts and Mystery Story Ideas:
1. A series of cathedrals are being ransacked and robbed throughout New York. What are the criminals looking for?
2. Interpol is called in to investigate a museum robbery. When they get there, they’re shocked to see every painting has been stolen. And they need to figure out who did it and how did they get out without anybody noticing.
3. The series of well-executed robberies strike across the globe within a 24-hour period. Due to the distance of each of these crimes they would otherwise be considered unrelated, if not for the fact, that each robbery the items were stolen were priceless Leonardo da Vinci artifacts.
4. A database of potential cancer eradicating research is hacked, stolen, and erased.
5. The presidential journals from every president in history are stolen from the Library of Congress vault.
6. A potentially devastating piece of secret DNA evidence is stolen from the royal archives threatening the legitimacy of the British royal family.
7. Blood banks across America are robbed simultaneously. Creating an instant shortage.
8. A decommissioned nuclear ballistic missile was stolen while in transit somewhere in the defunct Soviet Union. Now American intelligence officers must gain cooperation from the Kremlin if they are to help recover it.
9. The World Climate Change organization has its computers wiped and all data stolen from its databases.
10. Every Crypto Currency exchange is hacked and wiped clean on the same day, leaving world markets in a panic.
Mystery Writing Prompts With Bank Robbers Involved:
1. A series of Middle Eastern banks are robbed however none of the cash taken. Instead, only select safe-deposit boxes are disturbed and emptied. When more enforcement looks into these boxes each was opened by a false identity.
2. When the national mint is broken into and robbed, and FBI behaviorist must recruit the nation’s most infamous bank robber to help him try and solve the robbery.
3. When an ex-CIA agents bank accounts and safe deposit boxes are emptied unexplainably, he is left with no choice but to try to track down the person responsible.
4. A series of bank vaults containing artifacts of some of the Renaissance Period greatest artists are robbed within hours of each other.
5. The Vatican City national Bank is robbed. None of the goals or cash is taken, only a series of ancient scrolls.
6. A cyber attack wipes out the World Bank. Now authorities must figure out who is behind it and how to recover the information before the world is thrown into utter chaos.
7. The largest bank in the Cayman Islands is robbed wiping out the fortunes of degenerates across the globe. Can the money be recovered before these miscreants unleash havoc trying to recover it themselves?
8. Fort Knox is thought of to be the most impenetrable gold reserve in the world. What happens when its contents inexplicably disappear overnight and all that’s left behind is a warning of more to come?
9. When the world’s biggest religious organizations side a historic treaty to acknowledge each other’s existence and store their greatest historical artifacts together in a world vault for preservation, the here heist to end all heists wipes it all away.
10. The first U.S. Bank to accept money from the newly legalized Cannabis Industry is robbed and 1% of the nations GDP is lost.

Murder-Mystery Writing Prompts and Story Ideas:
1. A retired New York police officer gets wrapped up in a series of murders occurring on the small Caribbean island when the first person that turns up dead as a woman he was seeing.
2. A rich aristocrat dies, when 10 family members are called in for the reading of the will their weekend in the Château turns darker still. One by one, they are being hunted and killed. Now a local detective needs to figure out what’s going on before they’re all gone.
3. A small-time private investigator that normally specializes in catching accident fidelity suddenly gets thrown into a murder case when the man he was hired to trail turns up dead and so is the wife who hired him.
4. A body washes up on the Jersey shore, upon further inspection the corner find symbols tattooed on the victim’s body. What do they mean?
5. A female forensic detective is shocked when she inspects a recent victim’s mutilated body. This is no random victim, but one of her old flames. When he becomes the first in a series of old boyfriends to be horribly murdered, she’s to find the connection and who is behind it.
6. Seven murders occur in a small town on the same night. To make things even stranger, seven children show up at the police station the following morning confessing to the crimes, but they all insist they worked alone.
7. A police detective gets the call of all calls one night. When he arrives at the murder scene he finds his ex-wife dead, with forensic evidence pointing to himself.
8. A local beauty queen wins the city pageant, when her body turns up dead it’s found within item from each of the other contestants on it.
9. Spring break travelers head to Fort Lauderdale. When they all turn up dead, local police are left trying to find the motive and suspect.
10. The world’s leading climate change authority is killed hours before he/she announces the groundbreaking discovery.
11. A foreign dignitary is killed on American Soil while visiting the White House.

Fiction Kidnapping Story Plots and Writing Prompts:
1. A European tour bus operator driving a group of tourists through France has his riders disappear one by one throughout the trip.
2. A group of teens has their parents disappear on the same night. When they get no help from the police, their only choice is to band together and find their parents.
3. An MIT engineer working on a new biological energy source disappears without a trace.
4. An orphanage with a great track record of finding children new homes gets a knock at the door when a local detective connects an otherwise unrelated series of child disappearances.
5. At a political fundraiser for an up-and-coming congressman, a jovial night turns sideways when he disappears.
6. A small town sheriff is left to clean up the pieces when a series of disappearances ravish it. What’s most odd is that the disappearances started exactly in parallel with the opening of a new government facility that was hailed as the very thing that would save it.
7. A local detective is left investigating a series of disappearances from a local psychiatric hospital. The patients in this hospital were all wards of the state with no known relatives.
8. A series of ransom notes hit Hollywood. The odd thing is in each of the kidnappings; the ransom notes came prior to the person actually disappearing.
9. The Olympic village is thrown into panic as a series of athletes disappear on the same night without warning.
10. A London campus is in frenzy as five of their top professors, along with each of their top students disappear without a trace.
11. A famous national park trail becomes the site of seven disappearances in seven days. The FBI must now figure out what’s going on.
12. A family vacation to the Grand Canyon is thrown into utter chaos when both parents disappear, leaving two team children behind.
13. The crew to a well-known ghost hunting show visits and abandoned Castle has long been rumored to be haunted. The Internet erupts during a live stream from the castle where each of the crewmembers and actors inexplicably vanished without a trace.
14. A wife and her child disappear 2 hours before their supposed to be reunited with her returning veteran husband.

Psychological Mystery Writing Prompts:
1. A series of break-ins terrorize a small town, but what makes these break-ins so scary is that nothing is stolen or moved. However, the intruders go out of their way to make it clear that they were there.
2. A Woman walks into a small town police station reporting that her husband has gone missing. The odd thing is, both her and her husband were reported missing 10 years ago to the day. Stranger still, their bodies had been found three months later.
3. A mysterious box shows up on the desk of a detective in Erie Pennsylvania. When he opens it he finds evidence that will reopen the case that had been shut over a decade ago.
4. An international flight vanishes without a trace. What’s even more unsettling is every record of the passengers on board that flight disappears along with it.
5. A small town psychic comes into a police station with information home where they can find a dead body. Upon further investigation, nobody is found. One day later, a woman disappears from her home and is found dead in the very spot Law enforcement searched the day before.
6. A series of murder-suicides hit a small town hard. There is no known link except for the proximity in which they occurred.
7. An orphan of foreign dissent shows up at a local church in the middle of the country. She doesn’t speak, has no papers, and there’s no trace of her family. But upon her arrival, children her age start to disappear throughout the town.

Amateur Sleuth Mystery Writing Prompts and Story Ideas:
1. A man that recently moved down to the Caribbean to start sea sidebar, is this tasked with helping beautiful local resort owner solve a series of mysterious happenings around her bread and breakfast.
2. A close-knit group of friends sets out on a wild adventure when one of their middle school classmates disappears on their way home despite only living one block away.
3. A woman moves to Arizona to be near her elderly mom when she notices unsettling coincidences among the deterioration of her mother and the other residents. With no proof, she’s left to investigate the matter herself.
4. A Brooklyn deli owner and neighborhood will do or is unsatisfied with the local police his answers when it comes to the disappearance of a young girl that worked in the shop. He’ll now take it upon himself, to solve this neighborhood mystery.
5. A young crime stoppers club who put on elaborate reenactments of real-life crimes the size to play out and act investigation, but when they uncover new evidence in the case they become the only people who can solve it.
6. A small-town magician gets more than he bargained for when his beautiful assistant and fiancé disappear for real in the middle of his magic act.
7. A Vegas showgirl refuses to sit by any longer as more and more of her friends turn up dead in local authorities continue to have no answers.
8. A chemistry high school teacher tries to solve a rash of student deaths when the latest victim turns out to be his niece.
9. A Parisian priest gets obsessed with a series of cult-like occurrences outside the small town of Fre’jus.
10. An amateur filmmaker’s horror thriller is unexpectedly entered into the Cannes Film Festival. When parts of his movie start happening in real life he’s compelled to figure out what’s going on.

Police Procedural Writing Plots and Prompts:
1. A member of the FBI’s behavioral unit investigates a new serial killer who uses well-known criminal profiles to throw law enforcement off their trail.
2. A homicide unit investigates a series of homeless murderers ravishing the city parks.
3. When the city counselor’s daughter turns up dead on the steps of Capitol Hill local officers race find the killer.
4. When a series of witness protection informants begin to turn up dead ahead of a high-profile case, the FBI agent who helped put the case together now help protect his final witnesses.
5. The narcotics division of the local Police Department these dealing with a new synthetic drug as they’d never seen before. Now they need to find out was bringing it into their neighborhood.
Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts:
A once forsaken land that had been laid waste to buy universes most reprehensible creatures was freed hundreds of years ago as the elders tell it. With each story, comes a warning of a time when the creatures would return. That time is now.
The Witch glazed over the prairie, with peace in her eyes as the remaining children burned.
His head rolled, as the executioner began to wipe his ax. Then it spoke.
The village people stared at her, some dismissively the rest in terror. She waved her hand and as promised…
The warrior stood over the corpse of the slain villain. The townspeople’s celebration was cut short as the demon exited the still warm body, multiplied, and inhabited the bodies of their fiercest soldiers.
Her eyes were gray, with a milky film. They had stopped providing the old woman with sight years ago but when you made the mistake of looking into them what they showed you was truly frightening.
The high priestess inserted the Ruby into the medallion, and that was the last time we saw the sun.
The protecting Dragon had lived in peace on its mountain perch for centuries after defending the village from attack. But tonight the mob approached in the dark intent on killing it.
The planet has rehabilitated countless deranged creatures but this one might be too evil…
The child had long personally removed and carried the pains of the realm, but this might just kill her.
The spell took hold and while I could still feel myself breathing, it felt like all the life had been taken out of me.
Modern Fantasy Stories have become very popular:
As you can imagine this is a huge part of the fantasy genre, so in this section, we are giving you 22 high or Epic -fantasy writing prompts and story ideas to get your imagination going.
In a land where beings without magic are considered second-class citizens and developmentally challenged, a dark power takes control of the Enchantment Crystal, which is the source of all the power in the realm. All the lands greatest wizards make the journey to try and retrieve it, however, the dark spell defends itself by turning the magic of its attacker back on them. Now, could the fate of this world lie at the hands of its most mistreated inhabitants?
A dwarf, which squires for the kingdoms greatest warrior is on a mission to rid the land of an imminent threat like they’ve done so many times before. When the Knight is corrupted and sent back to the kingdom to destroy it, the only one that may be able to stop him is his old diminutive sidekick.
When all the animals and fish in the kingdom morph back into their more dangerous ancestors, the realm is thrown into panic. Now a young girl who has the power to speak to the animals might be their only hope.
The kingdom has been in all-out war for centuries. All factions are pitted against each other. An orphan that was banished for not being a pure-breed may hold the key to ending the war once and for all.
A cast-system curse from the gods comes over the land. It enables any being to jump up into the cast-level of any man that he kills. The land is thrown into complete chaos as the race to be minted a god as brought out the evil in every creature. Now a lowly plebe may hold the key to stop the fighting before it’s too late and becomes a zero-sum game.
The evil royal family has ruled over the kingdom with an iron fist for centuries making life horrible for the enslaved Elvan population. But what happens when a young girl may hold the truth about rightful bloodlines to the throne.
Giants and Dragons formed an alliance centuries ago to enslave all other creatures in the realm. But when the alliance is broken, total destruction is at stake. Could it be a meager peasant girl that liberates the enslaved and reunites the realm?
In a world where good and evil exist simultaneously on parallel tracks. Never coming into contact but having direct repercussions for each other. What happens when a noble prince sets out to cross the realms and bring balance to the universe?
A group of castoffs must slay 4 distinct monsters and unite their essence stones to end a universal war.
Factions sign a momentous De-escalation of Magic Treaty, agreeing to systematically surrender their powers until there is no more magic in the kingdom. But what happens when the darkest evil on the planet welch on the agreement? Now someone must rise up to defend the powerless against the evil threat.
A princess and the only rightful heir to the throne trades her magic to ensure a better life for her people. But when she finds out, the power that granted her the wish is deeply seeded in evil and ultimately intends on enslaving the people she loves, she must figure out a way to save them despite not having her powers.
In a kingdom that is 100%, water-based has all of the fish disappear. Now a castoff that can’t swim may be their only chance of survival.
The kingdom has long been a place of peace and happiness thanks to the fairies that use their magic balance both for its people. But when the fairies begin to die off, balance is lost, threatening all their survival.
The ancient gods bless the land of abundance upon its inception. They promise to keep this abundance as long as the stewards of the land took care of it. When an evil force begins to ravage the land things are made worse by the God’s vengeance.
The land where the animals continuously crossbreed creating new and wonderful species, an evil wizard interferes with natural selection to create his own super breed of monster.
Every 10,000 years, the kingdom must race to find the Rebirth Stone to guarantee another 10,000 years and survival. But this time, a great evil is trying to keep them from reaching it in time. Ultimately the fate of the land may depend in the hands of an unseemly group of vagabonds.
When each of the seven elder sorcerers disappears on the same night, a group of teen apprentices must separate and try to find them before all the magic in the realm is gone forever.
Three ancient dragons have existed for thousands of years. They hold the key to the kingdoms power source while protecting it from outside threats. When two are killed mysteriously, a ragtag group of Orcs must find a way to the third before it’s too late.
A wily old castoff sorcerer takes a liking to an orphan peasant. The peasant has no idea about his true royal lineage, and in the end, it may be him in his Zany friend that is tasked with saving the leaders of the very kingdom that had forgotten them.
In a land where fraternizing between humans and the enchanted it is strictly forbidden, an unlikely love story between two people from each of these factions occurs. In the end, it may be their love I will ultimately save the entire kingdom the destruction.

Urban fantasy specific writing prompts:
In the latest iteration of human evolution, some people are born with magical powers, but when they live amongst normal humans LA quickly becomes a dangerous battleground.
When São Paulo Brazil has plant life and inanimate objects come alive, the people of São Paulo must try to survive while putting an end to the curse.
An old German ghetto that was once used for Nazi experiments is hidden in the countryside. When a group of backpackers passes through town they find a mystical element-controlling werewolf like half-breeds.
When a faraway realm chooses a young sorcerer to travel to earth to bestow upon them the power of magic, the newfound power threatens to eradicate the city.
London is suddenly overrun by the beloved creatures of fairy tales past, however, not all of them have come with good intentions.
A bounty hunter from another realm mysteriously appears inside a maximum-security prison to rescue one of the most dangerous men in the world.
A new augmented reality monitor opens a portal for missed creatures into Manhattan.
YA Fantasy Writing Prompts and Story Premises:
A Mystical Orc appears at the bedside the local teen insisting he must come with him immediately. The fate of both worlds depends on it.
A Group of teens playing Dungeons & Dragons unknowingly unleashes the monsters in their game on earth.
An Ice princess must follow an African warrior to the middle of the desert before the evil emanating from it threatens to destroy her kingdom.
A vampire bites a girl; now her and her friends must travel to the source to reverse the curse before it becomes permanent.
An evil puzzle master sets his eyes on enslaving earth, now a new girl in her geeky squad of friends mistake their gaming skills to a new level to save the earth.
The Full-Blood Witch has come to earth in disgust of all bloodlines mixing. Now a group of teens must find her and send her back to where she came from.
A young Autistic boy holds the secret to saving humanity from an evil curse.
Historical Romance Writing Prompts:
A southern lawyer secretly helps slaves escape to the north during the civil war. While harboring a family on their route through the underground railroad he falls in love with a young slave woman. Her escape to freedom could mean heartache for him.
The middle of the Vietnam war where an injured U.S. Soldier is recovering following surgery after being wounded in battle. Where he falls in love with his nurse while battling psychological demons due to his new impairments.
The movement for a woman’s right to vote is in full swing. A young activist in the movement gains more and more notoriety within the movement. Up until this point, she has hidden the fact that she is a lesbian to keep from detracting from the bigger movement. Now she will need to decide between the love of her life and the cause she has fought so hard for.
During the height of the cold war, and an American double agent based in Moscow risks making one of the cardinal sins, falling in love with one of a foreign agent. His loyalties to his country can’t be questioned, but unfortunately neither can his feelings for the Soviet spy.
During Pope Urban II first crusade a Christian Captain crusader falls in love with a Muslim while on foreign soil.
London during World War II bombings, a British woman in a relationship with German ex-pat is under intense pressure to turn in her love as a possible spy.
An Italian Immigrant comes to America via Ellis Island, ahead of his fiance, to earn enough money so he can send for her. While he’s here he meets a local Brooklyn woman that quickly earns his affections. He must now decide between his new love interest and his betroth.
Two interracial teens are suddenly thrown into the same school. The attraction is instant and mutual, but they need to navigate the racial tensions that are riding high during the early days of integration.
The Salem Witch Trials were a brutal time in history. One of the angles never told is the relationships and loved ones that were ripped apart by this persecution. Follow the story of a young woman and the love of her life, as they try to escape together after being wrongly accused of being a witch.
During the Depression, a young man leaves his small town to travel to a nearby city trying to find work to help support his family back home. He takes up free boarding in an older widows house by agreeing to take care of chores. They quickly start to feel a mutual attraction that sees well beyond their difference in ages.
A Prohibition-era moonshiner falls in love with a competing mob bosses daughter which not only threatens his business but also his life.

Fantasy Romance Writing Prompts:
What is Romantic Fantasy? Romantic Fantasy is a subgenre of the fantasy genre that focuses on elements of relationships and love over say Fantasy Romance which focuses more on the elements of fantasy. In the end, the worlds these stories occur in look and feel the same, it really comes down to the pay off of the story.
Is the payoff love between characters over more fantasy plot driven payoffs like a castoff with magic powers saving the kingdom. That’s not to say that both stories can’t have both elements, and actually, they probably should. Just make sure you know which audience you are writing for and what your ultimate goal is.
In this section, we are focusing on writing prompts that are more focused on you guessed it, the romance-driven story.
A group of late-blooming cast offs is sent to a home for children who fail to develop their psychic or magic powers. While in this home, two students find companionship for the first time in their lives. For the first time, they are accepted as normal. When one of them develops his powers, he must choose to join the realm or stay behind with one he loves.
In a realm of orcs, trolls, ogres, and humans; each faction is at war with the other. When a young woman befriends a young ogre in the woods, they keep their unlikely friendship a secret from everyone else. Eventually, their friendship materializes into something more, and when both factions find out, it puts them both at risk.
A young adult with developing psychic powers falls in love with a magical girl whose power grows strong every day. His love is put to the ultimate test when his visions show him a future in which the girl he loves destroys his village. Now he must try to change her path and the future before it happens or he risks losing everything.
In a world where some people can speak with nature, a woman’s bond with the earth gets so strong that she realizes her people are slowly destroying the earth. Now she must decide between the planet she loves and the people that love her.
A young magical princess suddenly becomes queen of the realm when the family she married into is killed by soldiers from her homeland. The insurgency is led by the man who had her heart before she was married off to the Prince. But now she must decide between her long lost love and the people she is charged with leading.
Teenage & High School Romance Writing Prompts
Young adult romance often is centered around characters that are in the same age range as the reader. So if you want to write some YA romance, here are 11 teenage/high school themed Romance Writing Prompts.
Two teens from very different social circles end up on the same senior trip to Europe. Despite their very different backgrounds, a very unlikely love affair springs up between both of them.
A closeted star football player is a struggling with being gay while he has feelings for an openly gay student. Now he must learn to love himself before he can acknowledge his love of anyone else.
A socially awkward teen struggles with terrets, leading to isolation. But one girl sees through that and makes an effort to get close to him. But he has trouble believing her feelings are real and that risks costing him a chance at love.
The homecoming king has feelings for a long time friend that pulled away years ago when it became clear their social spheres were heading in very different directions. Now he needs to look past the social pressures of school and fight for the girl he loves.
An attractive cheerleader has been in and out of abusive relationships. One guy has always been there to pick up the pieces. But can he break out of the friend zone and finally get her to break that vicious cycle of picking abusive guys.
A long-term couple starts to get in trouble when one of them starts abusing opiates. With one half of the couple spiraling out of control towards a dangerous end, can the other half’s love be enough to save him?
A teen gets pregnant by a guy who has no intentions of doing the right thing by her and the baby. But the only guy she’s ever been in love with before their break and her one night tryst steps up to help her when no one else will, but will his love be able to look past her indiscretions?
A nerdy freshman falls in love at first sight for a gorgeous senior that’s way out of his league, but he’s set on winning her over despite the long odds.
A Spanish exchange student is finding it hard to adjust to his new high school. One girl befriends him and their friendship quickly blossoms into something more, but there is one problem, her father doesn’t approve.
The teen daughter of a conservative pastor takes a liking to an atheist student. Now she must decide between her faith and her love interest.
An angst-filled drummer has trouble connecting with his peers. His only relief is through his music. That doesn’t stop a deaf teen from falling in love with him.

Vampire Romance Writing Prompts:
A young woman becomes count Dracula’s latest captive, but for some reason, he develops feelings for her and must choose between taking her life and having her join him in eternity, or letting her live without him. Which will prevail in his heart’s desire to destroy her or protect her?
A mysterious exchange student comes to a local small-town high school in Texas. He is a loner but one girl is determined to get past the rumors and get close to him. When she does, she gets something she finds out more than she ever expected. The town finds out and sets out to destroy the vampire, now she must decide between them and him.
In a world where Vampires and Werewolves are normally at odds, two of them come together unexpectedly and fall in love. Now they must try to convince the elders that such a relationship is possible before they decide to exterminate them both. A Vampire whose soulmate is immune to his bites. Is destined to live and die as a human, meaning the vampire must live eternity searching for her in every new incarnation only to be destined to repeat history each time.
In a world filled with three types of beings, humans, angels, and vampires. Vampires are ancient castoffs of angels, and humans are descendants of them both. A woman who holds the balance of the world in her future must choose between two potential love interests. Who will ultimately win her heart the Angel or Vampire?
Dark Romance Writing Prompts:
A coven of witches is set on making contact with the dark lord. When they do, something unexpected happens, one of them falls in love with the devil himself. As he lets her in on his plans to destroy the world, she regrets unleashing this fate on humanity, but the love spell is so strong she must decide who to side with.
A voodoo priestess is hiding in plain sight. When she is befriended by a local pastor. He generosity and good will begin to win her over. When their friendship grows into something more, she must decide between carrying out her mission of killing him or following her heart.

Paranormal Romance writing prompts:
A woman is left alone in a new house, while her husband travels constantly. She starts to hear noises in the house, at first she is scared out of her mind. But then she realizes the ghost’s gestures aren’t aggressive, instead they are caring. She falls in love with this spirt from the other side. She is even more aware of current loveless marriage and must decide her path forward as crazy as it is.
Two guardian angels meet protecting their humans in a direct altercation. The people they exist to protect are sworn enemies that will stop at nothing until they destroy the other person. Now the angels must navigate their individual mandates from God and their own feelings.
When a man dies unexpectedly his soul is trapped in limbo, as his love for his wife is so great that he simply can’t let go. He must now decide between a life in purgatory with his wife or a life of eternal peace.
A soldier befriends and falls in love with a small town middle eastern girl. When he is killed in action, his soul stays behind to look after his lost love.
A female shapeshifter takes the form of a beautiful girl and befriends the human of her dreams. But as their romance intensifies, she must decide to either reveal her true self or continue to live a lie that might ultimately tear them apart.
A teen boy falls in love with a girl in his class, there is one thing she doesn’t know- he is a Werewolf.
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Romance Short Story Ideas:
I always laugh at myself when I try to come up with writing prompts that are specifically crafted for short stories, because in reality any of these romance story ideas can be used in a short story or novella format.
But here are some story ideas with a smaller more manageable scope, you could keep them as is, or expand them into a longer novel, but then again you could do the reverse with any of the other writing prompts in this article as well. So as always, it’s really about the execution.
An Interacial couple gets caught in the middle of the Rodney King LA Riots, now they will need to depend on each other to survive.
A fledgling World Trade Center office romance is brought to a head during the 9/11 attacks. Trapped in the building they must make the most of their remaining time together.
A Gardner for an aristocratic family has admired the family’s oldest daughter for years when she flys back from college for the holidays her family is has left on holiday. Now he is the only familiar face she sees. Can love take hold during these few days together?
Two friends are stranded in an airport overnight during a snowstorm. Can will his normally unrequited love get a Christmas miracle?
Their relationship is in trouble, so a woman needs to travel from New York to South Carolina to try and save it. All flights are grounded due to the weather, so she decides to take a train. But during her trip, she meets a man and their spark is instant. Now she has 12 hours to see how far this meet-cute can go.
A woman is filling in for the usual maid, now she is left to spend the day with a charming romance writer struggling with writer’s block, (see what I did there), but her presence becomes an instant muse for him, and now he needs to figure out why.
An overnight business trip brings two career rivals together in a way that they never saw coming. Can they now put away their past differences and long enough to let love blossom?
Two college students meet over spring break. Neither is looking for anything serious, but what started off as a casual encounter on the first night continues to flourish as fate keeps bringing crossing their paths.
Two people meet in an overeaters anonymous meeting. But to both their surprise sparks fly during their meeting.
Two coffee shop regulars frequent the same store at the same time, one day they finally meet and share a table. What starts off as a casual conversation turns into much more.
Two students begin to fancy each other at school. The problem is that their families have already promised their hand to someone else through an arranged marriage.
Writing Prompts About Heartbreak:
Two young adults meet in an internment camp during world war II. The only peace they can find in their horrible situation is in the moments they share together. Their growing love for each other gives each of them the will to survive horrible conditions. When one of them gets too weak to work they are ushered to the gas chamber, crippling the other.
A Gold Rush-era wagon train heading west deals with the trials and tribulations of traveling through Indian lands. Despite being known enemies, a young woman finds herself being saved during a near-death experience by a young warrior out on the trail. A secret love connection ensues. But when tensions mount and the fighting escalates the young Native American warrior is killed by her own father.
Two cancer patients are neighbors in the oncology ward. They quickly become essential in lifting each other’s spirits during the most difficult times of their treatment. Their growing connection acts as a catalyst for improving health until one of them suddenly has a serious setback and passes away.
High School Sweethearts grow up and get married. He joins the military after high school. Their love endures multiple deployments and time apart, but love always seems to bring them back together. Until one deployment ends up being fatal leaving her without her soulmate.
Two people are linked by history. Two souls that are reincarnated time after time looking for each other until they can find love and eternal peace, but once again, unfortunately, their love is bested by circumstance and misfortune.
A married man takes care of his sick wife of 20 years, despite the fact that the love in their relationship had left far earlier than her health. When his long-lost high school sweetheart comes back to town, their spark is instantly rekindled. However, in the end, it’s a love he must deny both of them to stay true to his wife.
A woman is married to the man of her dreams for years. Their love is unquestionable. One day, her world is shattered when her husband tells her that he identifies as a woman and wants to have regendered surgery.
A young star college football athlete dates the girl of his dreams through high-school and college. When he gets drafted into the NFL, his career is derailed when he has a severe neck injury which leaves him paralyzed. Despite their long history together, the disability is too much for his girlfriend, and she eventually leaves him.
A young woman is left to take care of a disabled older brother when her parents passed away suddenly in a crash. She must put her own life on hold which includes pulling away from the first person she’s ever loved. Eventually, the stress on their relationship becomes too much and she is left choosing between doing the right thing for her brother or her own happiness.
A woman’s love is injured in a boating accident. She stays by his side the entire time while he is in a prolonged coma. When he finally wakes he has no memory of who she is. She tries to nurse him back to health, hoping his memory will come back. Unfortunately, while his health comes back, his love for her never does.
I hope you have enjoyed these 61 Romance Writing Prompts. More importantly, I hope they have stirred your creativity and inspired you to start writing your next romance best-seller.
Ghost, Supernatural, & Demon Horror Story Ideas and Writing Prompts:
1. A freelance photographer is in Brazil for Carnivale. When he checks into his economy rental his health inexplicably begins to go downhill very fast. The cause lies with the spirits of visitors past.
2. Foster parents take custody of a newborn, but when they open up their home to the baby a dark force takes over the house that threatens them all.
3. An archeologist studying Aztec Ruins in Mexico starts to have visions of ancient atrocities. They become ever more real and dangerous when they start to repeat themselves all around him.
4. A cemetery groundskeeper’s run-in with a mysterious woman unlocks an ability to see the future, the trouble is everything he sees entails the death of his loved ones.
5. A priest struggles to reconcile science and his faith, the trouble is as he gets closer and closer to leaving the church, the darker events get around him.
6. A family moves into an abandoned ranch that hasn’t been lived in for years. As they get settled their animals begin to get sick and die. What they don’t realize is that once all the animals are gone, they are next.
7. A man inherits a European chateau from a rich relative he never knew existed. When he and his wife get there it quickly becomes evident something in this house never intends to let them leave.
8. A real estate developer purchases a defunct insane asylum. But everyone that enters the new bed and breakfast begins to go mad, prompting the question was it the people who brought madness to Trumbull House or vice versa.
9. A young woman is dragged to a medium as part of a bachelor party. During the reading, the medium warns the women of impending doom right before she dies.
10. A plantation owner known for the brutality with which he treated his slaves beats a young man to death after catching him with his daughter. The slave’s spirit returns seeking revenge on the man and reunion with his lost love.
11. A young girl walks into her parent’s room one-morning without saying a word looking distant, calm, and pale. Finally, matter-of-factly she speaks, “We should make the most of today because it’s our last.”
12. A young couple begins to wake up every night, at the witching hour, starting on the 1 year anniversary of their child’s death.
13. Teenagers go deep into the woods for a weekend of drinking and debauchery on an ancient Indian burial ground. One by One they disappear.
14. An undercover police officer is tasked with infiltrating a fringe demonic cult suspected of kidnapping a child. As he lives among them he participates in rituals that are meant to bring about tragic events. Suddenly he realizes they’re actually happening to friends and family in the town.
15. A born-again Christian evangelical in New Orleans try to fight remaining voodoo fringe cultural elements. When he finds voodoo dolls representing everyone in the town strung up, he abruptly cuts them down, which sets off a series of tragedies disappearances.
16. A group of teens decides to spend the weekend at the site of a haunted urban legend. During their visit, they begin to realize the legend actually describes the exact events of their weekend blurring truth & legend.
Slasher Story Ideas and Writing Prompts:
17. Plane crash survivors must live in the wilderness until they are rescued. As they set up camp one of them is found murdered. They know someone amongst them is a killer, now they have to survive while being hunted from within the group.
18. Three friends wake up trapped in a room. An unidentified voice informs them that he has each of their spouses captive. He informs them they have 24 hours to decide who lives or dies, the trick is the last alive will be granted freedom along with their spouse.
19. Strangers are sent separate job offers from a small town company. When they relocate to the town, they quickly find out that a murderer is picking them off one by one.
20. He’s a surgeon who saves lives by day and a serial killer that brutally takes them by night.
21. Campers get snowed into their cabin during a bad storm. Now they are being hunted by the only other person on the mountain.
22. A spring break trip to Cancun turns deadly for a group of tourists as a rash of murders hit the resort.
23. A mysterious stranger appears and offers a down on their luck musician anything they desire. They can enjoy this life of riches and fortune with one catch, at every concert one person in the audience will die.
24. An RV park near Yosemite becomes the latest killing site of a national serial killer on the loose, but escaping isn’t as easy as driving away.
25. A rash of abductions and murders take a small town hostage when moms from the local school start to disappear and turn up brutally mutilated.
26. A schizophrenic killer fights the voices in his head, but the only way he can temporarily quiet them is to continue to sacrifice the innocents selected by those very same voices.
27. A pre-teen child struggles with sociopathic tendencies and through her counseling, the child begins to accept her behavior isn’t normal, the trouble is this causes her to fully embrace her sadistic behavior.
28. A downtrodden homeless man who lost everything during the financial crises snaps and decides to he has nothing to lose so he will rain furry on wall street himself.
29. A disturbed man enthralled with the horrific scientific experiments conducted by Nazi doctors decides he is going to advance the science and complete the work his deranged idols started.
30. A woman’s child was kidnapped and murdered and the loss was too much for her to come back from mentally. She is now determined to dole the same pain she felt on the other families.
Scary Horror Story Ideas With a Twist:
31. A woman wakes up from her coma in a strange dilapidated hospital after an accident she can’t remember. But in this hospital, the patients never seem to get better. The twist is that everyone in the hospital is already dead.
32. A small town sheriff tries to solve a series of murders before the killer takes his next victim, but the killer is always one step ahead. The Twist is that the sheriff and killer are one in the same.
33. A 1940’s psychiatric hospital performs experiments on the clinically insane. A young doctor takes umbrage at how the patients are being treated. She tries to find a way to take down the hospital and free the patients but her concerns go ignored. The twist is that the doctors are former patients that have long taken control of the hospital.
34. A vigilante killer determined to take the law into his own hands by killing society’s Degenerates. There is one thing that nobody knows, he framed each of his victims to watch their lives coming crashing down before ending them.
35. A father and his family are on the run being hunted by a drug cartel. They go off the grid and try to sneak out of the country. One by one they get separated from the group and then disappear for good. The twist is the father is the one killing them as they are the only witnesses to his crimes.
36. A woman travels to Haiti on a religious mission after being invited by a growing sect of Christians in the country that is trying to spread Christianity. As she there the missionary group realizes the dark forces in the village are very strong and have no plans of giving up there hold on the people. The twist is that the people who invited them to the town did so as part of a project to eradicate Christianity person by person and not to convert.
37. An environmental group is called into a small town to investigate environmental pollution in the water. As they begin their search members of the team get murdered. The horror plot twist is that the group isn’t being murdered by some corporate hired evildoers, in fact, the pollution in the water isn’t man-made at all, but a supernatural force that requires sacrifices to keep from wiping out the town. The environmental group of sacrifices offered by the townspeople.
38. A wife and her children begin to hear and experience weird occurrences in their home. The threats become more and more dangerous, and the mother struggles to keep her sanity and children safe. The plot twist in this horror writing prompt is that everything the mother is experiencing is a hoax meant to have her diagnosed as clinically insane so the husband could have custody of the children and all the money in a planned divorce.
39. Alien life forms come to earth creating mass hysteria. The large ships hover over random cities around the globe. Humanity tries to make contact with the ships but they aren’t able to. The only thing that can be heard is a high pitched frequency that seems to be jamming communications on earth. Humanity turns on itself, unleashing it’s worst on each other. The plot twist is that the ships were autonomous vehicles sent to earth to form a shield around the planet for an incoming meter strike that would have ended humanity.
40. A person is kidnapped and wakes up in a foreign town where each of the captives is hunted for sport. They must try to figure a way out before they are captured and killed. The plot twist in this horror story is that the people were actually never captured, just put into a VR simulation by the government to test the limits of peoples ability to deal with stress.
41. A big city family moves to a backwoods town due to career relocation. When they get to the town it becomes clear that something is very off with townspeople. Eventually, they figure out that the job offer was a hoax, and the town needed to call them there to harvest new DNA and organs for their population that experienced health issues due to a limited gene pool.
Monster Writing Prompts & Horror Story Ideas:
42. A military base closes down, leaving the remnants of a small town behind. When a group of children wanders onto the base they discover something still seems to be living in the underground tunnels.
43. Hikers discover an abandoned mine that seems to go on forever. As they descend into the mine they realize they’ve crossed through a portal to an alternate dimension filled with creatures they could have never imagined.
44. Animals and children start to disappear near a Florida swamp, the small group of townspeople enters the swamp to hunt alligators they suspect are causing the issue. What they find is hiding in the green mist is far more dangerous than any alligator.
45. A group of Dungeons and Dragons players invites a new student to join the group. He is considered off and weird by most of the school but to the D&D group, he fits right in. When he becomes the new game master something unexplainable happens, the monsters and happenings in the game begin to appear and occur in real life.
46. Biologists in the rainforest of central America are looking for a rare plant said to have cancer-fighting properties. The trip turns dark when it is clear that these woods are also home to a packed with a wild pack of Chupacabras. Now they must figure out what is hunting them and how to survive.
47. An online streaming video star and crew which focuses on debunking urban legends and ghost stories go deep into the pine barons of New Jersey to debunk the New Jersey Devil myth. The only trouble is there is more truth to this myth then they ever expected. (This one is a shout out to New Jersey, there really is more to this state than the turnpike and the Jersey Shore, but I digress)
48. Three young devil worshippers are determined to make contact with the hell. But in trying to make contact with the devil, they unleash the mythical 3 headed Cerberus onto earth.
49. An Incubus is unleashed inside a maximum security female prison. Preying on the inmates while they sleep, trying to impregnate to unleash a band of demonic babies onto earth.
50. Taking a trip of a lifetime, a family travels to Africa for a safari. Wanting the most authentic trip possible they decide to go it alone but when their camp is attacked by a fabled Nandi Bear they will need every inch of guile to survive.
51. A young team of Crab fisherman leave for their long crabbing season in the artic but on their journey, they encounter far more than they expected. Their ship has apparently been spotted by what one can only describe as a Cracken like creature.
52. A small town has a rash of new illnesses come over the town’s children. The diseases can’t be explained by physicians and threaten the lives of the entire town. A small group of teens is the only children unaffected. They search for a reason and find that the cause is actually the mythical Greek disease demon Aerico.
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Alien Story Ideas and Writing Prompts:
53. A horrible fog rolls in over a town, it will not dissipate. The townspeople aren’t allowed to leave when the rest of the country realizes any person that relocates from that town subjects their town to the same fate. The trouble is all the crops are dying, no one is allowed to enter or leave the town and the everytime someone disappears the fog gets a bit wider in diameter.
53. All the wildlife starts to die as weird weather patterns begin to occur. While this is going on new crop circles are starting to appear across the globe. Scientists point to climate change, but soon it becomes clear that the changing climate is due to Alien locust-type creatures that have tagged earth as their next stop.
54. A select group of people on the planet gain telekinetic powers. The new power is hailed as the next giant leap in human evolution. However, these new powers are actually being dictated by an alien super race that plans on using these human puppets to enslave civilization.
55. Seismic events occur around the globe in the deepest parts of the ocean. The world braces for the aftermath from the series of earthquakes, but in reality, it isn’t earthquakes at all, but an ancient alien civilization that has laid dormant in the earth’s crust that is rising up to complete its mission.
56. A series of unresolved missing person cases that have been opened for years around the United States are suddenly closed when the missing people reappear. Something has changed with these people but no one quite knows what it is. These are not the same people they were when they disappeared. They were alien abductees and now being sent back to earth to carry out their alien captures plans.
57. A small green gelatinous creature is found by a group of friends in the nearby swamp. They take the creature home as a secret pet. Within days the creature reveals itself for what it is a carnivorous alien set on feeding and multiplying.
58. A spaceship crashes into the desert. A group of people finds it and when they open it they are quickly trapped inside as the craft takes off. This is one of the multiple ships that crash landed. As the military studies them, aliens study the captives to find the easiest way to terminate the species.
59. A fleet of Alien ships come to planet earth. They speak perfect English and explain they are there to share technology and come in peace. However, the truth is they intend on harvesting and using the human race as carbon batteries.
60. One Alien child is found on the planet. Competing factions argue on what the course of action should be with her. Some want to invite her in and learn from her, others want to do experiments on her. As the planet tries to figure out just what course of action to take, the rest of the Alien species watches on, as the child was an Alien tester. Depending on how the humans treat her, will determine whether or not the aliens in search of a new planet come to live amongst us or simply exterminate us and take the planet for themselves.
61. Unexplained shadows in the sky engulf entire cities. As the occurrence continues to happen humanity becomes more and more frantic. Now the question is can the human race overcome the Alien psychological warfare and prepare for the real threat.
62. A group of townspeople begins to turn on each other in horrible ways. The first occurrence is cast aside as someone simply having a mental break down. However, when the occurrences spread, it becomes evident that something has come over the people of this once peaceful town. The cause is an Alien mental manipulation that embeds horrific visions into the people of the town of atrocities being committed by their own neighbors, friends, and family.
Zombie Horror Story Ideas and Writing Prompts:
63. A zombie plague takes over the world, but the most dangerous part of this plague is that the virus lays dormant for up to 6 months before a person changes. So now you are living amongst the confirmed zombies and possibly soon to be zombies that can change instantaneously without warning.
64. The zombie apocalypse happened years ago, but a cure is finally available. Now to bring your loved ones back you must catch them and bring them to the government determent camp for treatment. A small town pastor sets out to lead a group in his town through the red zone to find their loved ones.
65. The zombie apocalypse is in full swing, however, these undead creatures are mating with wildlife getting exponentially faster and stronger. Survival is the name of the game for this group of roaming survivors.
66. The zombie virus has taken out most of civilization, the remaining survivors are lucky to take it one day at a time. A select group of survivors has a genetic mutation that makes them impervious to the virus. However, they have to be concerned with not only the flesh-eating zombies but survivors hunting them for their blood.
67. What if the zombie virus had two paths it could take, one was to turn you into a member of the brainless undead destined to roam the world for eternity and the other was making you impervious to disease and death. The trick it the only way to know which way your body will take the mutation is to get bit.
68. There is one religious camp left in the world that the zombie plague has not yet infested. The trick is it’s on the other side of the country and a group of survivors needs to make its way there for hopes of survival, but in the meantime, it has to survive the journey.
69. In a twisted post, apocalyptic world zombies have been enslaved as pets to mock and torture. What happens when the notoriously dumb undead begins to think and figure a way out.
70. A man’s family has been compromised by the zombie plague, the government has strict rules that when anyone is infected they must be turned in for extermination immediately. The man must now hide his family while trying to get his hands on the rumored cure.
71. A zombie virus infects the U.S. Military, however, these zombies are intelligent and thus weaponized. Now society must band together to defeat them.
Writing Prompts & Horror Story Ideas with Dolls:
71. . A zombie virus infects the U.S. Military, however, these zombies are intelligent and thus weaponized. Now society must band together to defeat them.
72. A young child inherits an attic full of her grandmother’s creepy old dolls. The child is fully engrossed by her new imaginary friends, but as bad things start to happen around the house it becomes evident that these dolls are more than inanimate toys.
73. An old religious woman buys an old doll at a flea market. When strange things begin to happen to the religious artifacts in the home it becomes clear that this is no ordinary doll.
74. A group of Voodoo dolls has an animation curse placed on them that causes them to seek out and kill their real-life counterparts.
75. A hospital gift shop doll is possessed, causing it to comes alive every night and hunt patients in the pediatric ward.
76. A next generation sex doll equipped with Artificial intelligence seeks revenge on the men that abuse her.
77. There is something extra scary about this dolls dead eyes when you look into them your darkest subconscious thoughts are unleashed into the forefront of your mind’s eye where they will ultimately drive you insane unless you act them out.
78. A child’s clown doll is possessed but no one believes them. Now they need to protect their family from the clown despite being blamed for everything that is happening.
79. A daycare is overrun by demented dolls, now the teachers must protect the children until help can arrive.
80. Futuristic robot dolls are overtaken by a demonic AI software update and begin to terrorize humanity.
81. A doll comes alive and implants on their owner. Unwilling to share her with anyone else, its only focus is eliminating her family.
82. An old doll that belonged to a young slave girl that was murdered animates itself and seeks revenge on the slave owner’s future generations.
Short Horror Story Ideas and Writing Prompts:
83. A teen is visiting a boyfriend in another city when they have a fight and she can’t call her parents so she must spend the night in a park. The trouble is there is something hunting people in that park tonight.
84. A person is in an elevator with one other person when it gets stuck. The problem is the other person is a werewolf and will slowly change over soon if the elevator doors don’t open up soon.
85. A vampire that had gone into voluntary exile decides he no longer wants to live on animal blood alone, so one night out of the year he will revisit his hometown to dine on human blood. That night is tonight.
86. A woman is locked in her bathroom, but there is somebody in the mirror staring back at her.
87. A woman is home alone when her house is broken into, she must survive the break-in without being seen.
88. A restaurant purchased an old church building, but when the owner is putting the overnight final touches on his restaurant before grand opening tomorrow he realizes spirits that the supernatural may still own this building, not him.
89. A group of teen girls is in a broken down car in the middle of the night when a group of red necks tripping on Flaca come upon the car. Now with no way to call for help they need to survive.
90. A traveler is mistaken for the wrong identity and must survive a cartel hitman for the night.
91. New neighbors move next door and something strange is going on in that house. One night the disturbance spills onto the family’s property and their father must keep them alive until morning.
92. A cruise ship is run by a cult of crew members when the passengers realize they are there as a fresh crop of victims they need to survive until their next port.
93. A couple goes on a deep sea diving trip off the coast of Australia, but on one dive their crew disappears and they realize something otherworldly is in the water with them.
94. A homosexual couple is targeted in their own house by a psychopath.
95. A new family moves into a home when they start getting letters about being watched. The latest letter says all their worries will end this weekend along with their lives.
96. A woman works out overnight in a 24 hr gym. She is all alone or so she thinks, but now she needs to survive whoever is after her.
97. There is a group of newborns in the hospital, but one of them is possessed and now the question is can one nurse protect the rest of the babies until morning.
98. A late night runner hears something in the woods. She keeps running but whatever it is only getting closer. Can she survive being stalked in the night?
99. A group of kids playing with a Quiji board unlocks a nasty spirit. Now they need to survive the night until they can get help.
100. A family hears someone breaking in so they go into their panic room, but that was the plan all along, now they need to figure a way out to survive.
101. A sane person is locked in a room with other psychotic patients by accident. Now she has to survive the night until the next shift arrives.
Science Fiction Writing Prompts:
You find out you’re a DNA experiment combining as many recessive genes into one person as possible. That’s why you’ve always felt so different from everyone else.
A man takes a vacation to another dimension only to find that everything he was trying to get away from, he’s brought with him.
Couchsurfing on another planet goes wrong.
A marathon runner illegally trains on a planet with stonger-than-Earth gravity to gain an advantage over his competition in the inter-universe Olympics.
“It’s not really a fly. If you swat it, they’ll just fine you and send two more.”
You think you’re chasing the last vestige of a prehistoric Earth creature, but it turns out to be an alien.
A woman disappears for three years and returns with psychic powers.
“If I can’t save her from the creaux, then no one else matters.”
The solar system is an ecologically closed spacecraft hurtling makind toward its ultimate destiny.
“We’re headed to Madam Maxime’s at the edge of the universe.”
An existentially bored man who lives in a smart house—where everything is done for him—pines for the Wild West where men had to fend for themselves.
A corporate analyst who investigates failed colonization projects encounters the strangest case of his career. It’s a ghost colony with no record of anything catastrophic or any indication of what went wrong. The people are simply gone. Just when he’s about to write off the project into bureaucratic oblivion, he notices something else that’s missing. Can he reconstruct the past from the hole it left deleting itself?
“I learned to stop time traveling today. I was doing it just to hurt myself.”
An orphan girl, desperate to make anything last, snaps pictures with a camera she found among ship wreckage. She finds she can enter the still-life photos without aging.
“We were always on the same page, even when it came to splitting for separate planets.”
A social worker in an impoverished planetary colony discovers a cheap way to manufacture housing for the homeless, but the housing material is on a corporate reserve.
A hobo finds the secret to true love tonic.
An old woman, fed up with the alien soldiers she’s forced to house, kills one who puts his muddy boots on her coffee table for the last time.
Women on Calisto colony are legally permitted only two children each. One man decides that one wife and two children aren’t enough.
Tired of stalled space exploration advancements, a scientist convinces the public that a meteor is on a collision course with Earth. In designing the fake “evidence,” it turns out the meteor isn’t a hoax. But now no one believes him.
A neurologist discovers that the human brain is wired to learn planetary physics during infancy. Is this proof that humans weren’t always Earth-dwelling?
Everyone on Earth falls asleep at the same time, except one man.
“You can see my love from space.”
Each child a woman births is a vote for that world’s continuation.
A girl’s dead brother contacts her through dreams claiming the afterlife is just another dimension.
A failing physics student accidentally discovers faster-than-light-speed travel, but his professor doesn’t believe him.
“No man on the planet has the key to the galaxy that we do. Join us.”
“They say there’s worms in the black. I never seen no worm. But I ain’t going back out there all the same.”
“You got the credits, we got the crystal.”
A time-adept species will serve your prison sentence, but you have to exchange the favor in the afterlife. An atheist decides if it’s worth it.
“Turns out separate planets wasn’t far enough.”
“He flew in here on his government-issue cruiser and stole my heart.”
A man decides to climb Mars’s Olympus Mons. He’ll finish in three years, just in time for his wife to emerge from cryogenic freezing.
A man with writer’s block attends a hypnotic dream workshop where his dreams will be recorded for story premises. Except, when he awakens, one hundred years have passed, and all his story ideas are already classics with someone else’s name on them.
A boy from 1920s America learns he’s actually in the year 2020, where technology is advanced and he’s a social study.
“Why grieve when you can keep your loved one encased in Forever Glass™?”
The CEO of Living Doll Corp has a crisis of conscience when a child drowns trying to save a doll that fell in a lake.
Scientists discover the key to human origins trapped in the polar ice caps after they melt. The message it delivers is a second chance for mankind’s irresponsible treatment of their home.
Gold-fingered gods arrive in chariot-emblazoned space crafts claiming to be the Roman Pantheon back from vacation.
A diaspora of humans evacuate Earth before a catastrophic collision. When the collision date comes and goes without incident, those left behind must decide what to do with Earth and whether to let the evacuees get away with criminal abandonment.
A virus attacks humans. The survivors, now fused with the virus, begin to remember a time before Earth.
Scientists discover a fusion phenomena in deep space. Like a black hole, but in reverse. The material leaving it seems to be the building blocks for all life in the galaxy. Is this the great mother of all life in the universe?
When the last courtesan training house is threatened with obsolescence, the downtrodden women of the Athena belt unite to preserve the last vestige of female independence.
Cassandra, a time traveling police officer, pretends to read her customers’ futures through Tarot cards because it’s the only way to convince them of the truth.
A man shows up at the home of an infertile woman who is desperate to conceive. He claims to be her son from the future. He needs money and an egg from her ovary to help save her life.
Men in a secret society on Earth decide to transform the US into a third-world country to make it a more exciting vacation spot.
When the capitalist class of Pandora moves to a remote third-world country, a group of unemployed journalists investigate.
A man in a refugee camp for memory loss victims starts to remember his past—that he and the other refugees were freedom fighters with special abilities. But he can’t access his powers without help from his friends. Can he help the others remember?
Faced with Earth’s imminent destruction, two computer whizzes design Earth Memory—a hub containing art, internet content, knowledge, written history, human DNA, and the two boys’ memories. They wake up with 100k other humans on an Earth-like planet where they must work to find out what happened and who saved them.
A boy grows up amidst “lost technology” with his grandparent’s stories about “Earth that was.”
Five intrepid teens discover that the wizard class who rule the country are really just masters of a minor technology that one of the boys has accidentally stolen.
A girl discovers an additive in the food supply that keeps the population tired, sick, and foggy-headed. After she stops eating the additive and “wakes up,” her success and seemingly super-human abilities draws the attention of the authorities who offer compelling reasons why she should keep her silence.
“After eons and light years of travel, I’ve learned only one thing of any consequence: there’s nowhere far enough that her memory doesn’t follow.”
“Ikaria isn’t a religious retreat. It’s a science experiment. And you’re the mouse.”
“I don’t care about bioluminescent lakes, dad! I like my sparkle in a glow stick.”
A man driven mad by a ringing in his ears discovers it’s an alien signal. And he isn’t the only one who can hear it.
An abandoned shack turns out to be a door to another universe as a band of local hooligans is about to find out.
A group of intelligence-enhanced lab animals must find a way to communicate before their turn in the euthanization chamber.