[] You are the oldest time traveler. You have seen things no man has ever seen before and have done things mortals could only dream about. Today, on your day off you get a visit from Time itself.
[] In this world, physical appearance depends entirely on personality. All babies are born identical. Beauty is achieved gradually through good thoughts and deeds, while the opposite is true for ugliness.
[] 100 words to make me hate a character. 100 words to make me come to love them. 100 words to crush my soul as you kill them.
[] God shares the cosmos with several other dieties. To pass the time they play Civilization like games for eons. God’s frustrated that his civilization, Earth, is several ages behind all his friends.
[] Everyone has powers locked within them. Each power is different, and the longer it takes for a power to manifest, the greater it is. A 100 year old man is being hunted by the government for still being powerless.
[] Hi! I’m the main character! Or so you would have me be. I want you to know that no matter what you write, I refuse to be the main character in your little game and will avoid any instance where you try to put me into a situation that does so.
[] Superman is mentally handicapped. That’s why he thinks nobody can pick up the Clark Kent=Superman thing, and everyone plays along in an effort to keep him from throwing a tantrum. The comics are his idea of what is going on. What does a day in Metropolis actually look like?
[] Each person experiences their own length of day. Although everyone wakes at the same time, your day only ends when you fall asleep. The longer you stay awake however, the more dangerous the world seems to get…
[] Every generation the five brightest are paired up with the five dumbest in the world for a mysterious test. You are one of the ten, but nobody knows from which group they came.
[] A genius has been cursed to only speak one syllable words. How does this affect their life?
[] A retired super villain is in the bank with his 6 year old daughter when a new crew of super villains comes in to rob the place.
[] In the future, humans are overflowing with information, so much so that they are incapable of maintaining attention for a long time. Clickbait phrases are the only way to have a coherent conversation. You are proposing.
[] In 20 words or less write the happiest scene you can.
[] Death is your best friend. Describe the conflict on the day you die.
[] You go on an extended vacation, but due to a series of miscommunications everyone thinks you died. You happen to return home just in time to attend your own funeral.
[] You start a religion as a scam, and your fake prophecies start coming true.
[] A superhero whose punches heal rather than harm. Their origin story is kicking the shit out of a kid with terminal cancer.
[] You applied for a job at google, everything goes well and only one interview remains: They’d just like an explanation for your search history.
[] You’re living in a fantasy due to a coma. But it’s actually really great and you don’t want to wake up. You try to ignore all of the increasingly obvious ‘Wake up’ hints being thrown at you so you can continue to live in your dream world.
[] You are a medieval knight that just ate a magic mushroom without knowing what would happen.
[] You are an archaeologist and have just dug up a dinosaur. That’s because you’ve dug up an entire museum.
[] In the case of Jimmy, a second-grade child with terminal leukemia, 1 Like really did = 1 Prayer. Now he is an unstoppable, superhuman killing machine.
[] “I’m sorry for your parents, Harry. But there’s no way to bring back the dead, I trust you know that. … except for the time turner, but we’re saving that for Buckbeak.”
[] Uncle Ben is never killed, and the lesson Peter Parker learns that night is that he can use his powers for personal gain and stick it to those who cross him. Because of this, Spider-Man becomes one of the most feared villains in the Marvel Universe.
[] Germany, 1909. All your life, strangers have been trying to murder you. Finally, one confesses why: they’re trying to stop Adolph Hitler from causing WW2. The only problem: your name is Adolph Hilter. Not Hitler, HILTER.
[] A man is transported into the universe of infomercials and his ability to complete everyday tasks causes people to love, worship and fear him
[] To cast magical spells, you’re required to perform rhyming incantations. This year’s wizard duelling tournament is about to get shaken up by its most fearsome and dangerous entry yet… a small town rapper.
[] I think Dumbledore once said that music was a powerful, but forgotten form of magic. What if this wasn’t so. Write about the Hogwarts School of Music and Witchcraft.
[] WritingPrompts are now sponsored by product placements, and your romantic short story has tons of them.
[] Every new planet that is discovered comes with Gods. You’re the one tasked with destroying them.
[] As Greg passes a girl on the street, she says, “Hey, Josh.” Josh was his twin brother who died when they were kids. Greg’s a middle-aged man now.
[] You are an alien on your way to the SuperMax prison known as Earth, where you will spend the rest of your life as someone’s pet.
[] Create a story where the characters live in a world where something is fundementally different with reality and leave the reader to guess what it is. For example: entropy is reversed, gravity goes sideways, all people can read minds, etc.
[] Humanity survives the robot uprising only because one of the developers hid a stupid easter egg in their programming.
[] Your Reddit username decides your profession. How is your first day at work?
[] A little girl suspects that there’s something not quite right about herself. Her parents enthusiastically tell her she’s normal. But her brother whispers, “It really isn’t normal to have to be plugged into a wall charger at night.”
[] I know why I’m in Hell. I know what I’ve done. What I don’t know is why my dog is there, waiting for me when I arrive.
[] In 2089, you are the World President. Human aging has been controlled down to a near halt. To prevent overpopulation, a popular law to end everyone’s life at 100 is sitting on your desk for final approval. Tomorrow is your 99th birthday.
[] A retired super villain is in the bank with his 6 year old daughter when a new crew of super villains comes in to rob the place.
[] You wake up in a house. It’s nice place, with all the comforts of home. However, the front door is cold steel, with a note on it. The note warns you never to leave the house. After years of compliance, you decide to go through the steel door…