[] You’re on a special forces team about to rescue a hostage. Your team sniper is an AI, your pointman is a medieval knight, and your gun is possessed by the ghost of a little girl. Oh, and your squad leader is a cowboy. Working together, you’ve never lost a mission
[] The four horsemen of the apocalypse are white, upper-middle class suburban soccer moms.
[] The world has moved on from nature documentaries, leaving many narrators out of a job. These men and women turn to a new field; narrating pornography.
[] Forget prose, poetry, diary entries, etc. Tell a horror story using a numbered list.
[] Einstein: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Write a battle scene from World War IV.
[] You make a wish on a shooting star to be what your crush considers perfect. You wake up the opposite gender because it turns out your crush is gay.
[] If George R. R. Martin wrote Harry Potter
[] It’s the year 5016. Archaeologists have a skewed and inaccurate view of what life was like in the 21st century.
[] The last direct descendant of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang finds him/herself in mortal danger. The Terracotta army awakens in response.
[] In place of mountains, the Earth is pockmarked with deep depressions and caves filled with wonders and lifeforms never seen by common men. Today, you are leading the first expedition to the floor of Everest Valley.
[] In the 1700s, an eternally young avatar of the Greek god of the wilds kidnaps dozens of children from their beds, taking them to his distant island to become a vessel for fey magicks like himself. There is only one man brave enough to take the children back: Captain Hook, the pirate.
[] A wealthy business man believes in reincarnation. He leaves his massive wealth… to himself. Anyone born after his death that figures out his riddles will inherit his fortune.
[] Wikipedia entries for living notable individuals are mysteriously being edited to include a future date of death. Nobody takes these seriously, that is until the first few deaths start to occur as predicted.
[] A drunk moves into a Haunted House that is desperately trying to scare him out…but he doesn’t notice because he’s always drunk.
[] Due to an address mix-up, an elementary school class sends their Pen Pal letters to an elite unit of Space Marines. Today, the Space Marines are sending a response.
[] A permanent storm rages across a planet. The only inhabitants are nomads who constantly travel inside the eye of the storm.
[] DC Comics introduces its newest superhero. This character was seemingly created for the sole purpose of offending as many readers as possible.
[] The Devil sells his soul to you.
[] Pain is discovered to be the most efficient form of energy. It is ruled illegal, but secret human pain factories have already begun. You are the owner of one of these factories.
[] Your company jokingly offered apocalypse insurance. After the fall of mankind, you are the last surviving member of your company, dedicated to making sure the company pays up.
[] After years of gentile persuasion your best friend since childhood finally agrees to seek professional help for serious mental problems. Much to your dismay, as she begins to improve you slowly start to realize that you are her imaginary friend.
[] A dyslexic child accidentally sends their Christmas list to Satan, surprisingly they get what they wanted but there is a catch.
[] Choose an idiom (e.g. “stone-cold killer”). Write the story that caused the phrase to be used literally and therefore introduced it into the language.
[] Science has found the key to immortality, but there’s a catch: it can only be administered at birth. You are a member of the last mortal generation.
[] You are an immortal and have been alive for millions of years without anyone finding out. However, Human kind has been evolving, and you have stayed the same.
[] God created thousands of worlds in thousands of galaxies. A major crisis in another galaxy has taken his entire focus, and for the first time in 750 years, he just glanced in our direction.
[] You can see the darkest secret of everyone you meet. As you enter your house, expecting to see the usual abusive father story of your spouse, you stop; it has changed.
[] a shy, socially awkward teen desperately seeks to hide the fact that she can read people’s minds. Unknown to her, the most popular boy in her school has the same ability.
[] Humanity is capable of living thousands of years, provided they can get past the larva stage, which ends at 150 years old.
[] A man wakes up after death, realizing that his life was nothing more then a virtual reality which temporarily clears your memories beforehand. It is nothing more then a everyday leisure activity done by the people in the future.
[] You are an angel of heaven. Angels are tasked with creating animals to populate the earth. You are called into God’s office to discuss your finished project – the platypus.
[] A serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills the people who pick him up.
[] All your life, you have been able to tell the name of a person’s soulmate just by looking at them. Your parents’ names don’t match. One day, you meet the man who is the soulmate of your father.
[] Tired of abducting humans, the aliens are publicly offering free spaceship rides to anyone willing to undergo their experiments.
[] President Donald Trump delivers his final State of the Union address at the end of his second term
[] 50% of the world’s population has the ability to fly, 50% does not. The only way to find out is to jump from a height that will surely kill you.
[] Two strangers on a bus are reading a newspaper article on superheroes and begin to argue who the best superhero is, pointing out the flaws of the others favourite and defending their own. Unbeknownst to each other, they each are secretly the hero they are defending. It gets personal.
[] A man dies and goes to Heaven, only to find that every day there is a mandatory viewing of everyone in hell, where he sees his mom and wife burning
[] The Disney Princesses and Princes find themselves in the Hunger Games. Write about the teams, their districts, and ultimately, who ends up victorious.
[] The world’s population receives a message that in 10 hours their minds will be ‘shuffled’, with everyone’s mind being transported to another random body anywhere else on earth, of roughly the same age but with no other defined characteristics. What happens?
[] A peaceful alien race is besieged by another race in the same galaxy. As their last planets fall and their home-world comes under threat they do the unthinkable. They ask for aid from the only known creatures more brutal than their foes in exchange for FTL technology. Humans accept the deal.
[] A person dies in the first sentence. Build a character we mourn for in the story, but make me hate them with the last sentence.
[] In the year 2066, aliens invade Earth. Thanks to a few brave individuals, we steal the secret to time travel, and send back one intrepid person to spark a war so vicious that human weapons technology will be advanced enough in 2066 to take on the alien threat. His name: Adolph Hitler.
[] A homeless man robs a bank intentionally to get caught and have a free meal in jail. He ends up becoming one of the most famous bank robbers in history.
[] Write me a story where I can’t tell who’s the villain and who’s the hero.